A War Chest in Paradise

Session 1:
310 pokeyen, 2 oran berries, rope, and two pokeballs

Withdrawal: Getter - Two oran berries.

Session 2:
2 weighted nets, 2 oran berries, one rawst berry (cure burn), a super potion, 3 great balls, and 500 poke

Kunai and Chain: (Novice Combat) Vine whip at DB 5 as a normal type attack, and gives threaded. Can also be used to trip.

Withdrawal: Getter - A super potion.

Session 3:
Two trail rations, 1 red shard, 2 orange shards, 1 yellow shard, and 2 blue shards.

Withdrawal: Alma - Two trail rations

Session 4:
Shards: 1 red, 1 blue, 1 orange, 3 purple
700 poke in scrap from electronics and stuff like radios, gps's, and other appliances, half-spent super potion and two unused road flares.

1 rope, 3great balls, 1 super potion, 1 rawst berry, 1 pecha berry, 1 enigma berry, 5000 PYU

Razor Fang: Evolve Gligar

Session 5:
700 py, 4 pokeballs, 2 cool visors (head slot, just looks cool), 2 knives (one handed weapon, grants scratch with untrained combat and slash with adept combat), 2 pokedexes, trail rations x 10, 2 sleeping bag, and 2 pokeball crafting kits

Shards: Six orange shards, two yellow shards, three green shards, and two blue shards

Session 7:
Shards: 2 red shards, 3 orange shards, 4 yellow shards, 1 green shard, 4 blue shards, 1 violet shard

Session 8:
4k cash, strange sheet of metal (metal coat/type change).

Session 9:
1 standard issue pistol (simple short ranged weapon, gives the Bullseye weapon move), 3 pokeballs, 2 water filters, two laptops, about 500 in food, a radio

Session 10:
2000 pyu in clothing/fanshion/accessory scrap, nice [ color] cape, dominion laptop,

Session 11:
3 pokeballs, 1 potion, 1 sparkling water, a now turned off radio, and a flashlight, 2500 P

Session 12:
2000p. two super potions, as well as a set of strange spoons that work as simple long range arcane weapons

Dozle inventory dump: Books, first aid kit, and x-defend.

Session 14?:
"15000 actually! inside, along with a pair of Sunglasses and a HP up"

Total Cash: 660+500+5000 = 6660 5660 +4000 -4000 -1500 = 3410 +2500 +2000 = 7910 6310 +15000 - 200 = 21110 +1k in food scrap

Total Shards: 4 red, 9 blue, 12 orange, 4 green, 7 yellow, 4 purple.

Withdrawal: Arthur - 1000 Pokeuros (turned into snacks)
Scabbard - 4000 Poke (Used to buy a Fine Weapon)
Arthur - 1500 Pokeyen (Used to buy a Reflect TM)
Ship Rent - 750 Poke
Arthur - -360 food scrap (2x Super Soda Pop left)
Arthur: -200 Cash (3 Super Potion Patches)
Arthur: -1600 (7x Super Potions, 1x Revive)

Once per day, you can put a medicine in it, and get either a full restore or a revive

When used, these items automatically remove 1 injury from the target. A revive made this way returns the user to 50% health instead of 20 hp and of course, if the target is suffering a disease or similar condition, they're cured of it. But again, it only functions once per day. And before you ask, no, you can't sell the medicines for increased mark up.

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