Acantha NPCs

For: Down Under

Enlil.png Enlil Strøm
Title: Wildwattle Rest Gym Leader - Bird Type
Age: 18
Info: The youngest acting Gym Leader in the region, Enlil has been in the position for less than a year, following the departure of his father and all his gym trainers. By all accounts a friendly, energetic, and dedicated Gym Leader.
Felcity.jpg Felicity Moonstone
Title: Bottlebrush City Gym Leader - Hippie Type
Age: 25
Info: The loving, gentle-hearted Gym Leader of Bottlebrush City. Runs a Berry-growing Commune. Tends to stay out of League drama. Rumored to have strange healing powers.
Zax.jpg Carter Zax
Title: Teatree Hollow Gym Leader - Cultist Type
Age: 28
Info: The elusive Teatree Hollow Gym Leader. His Gym is often closed, as he's out investigating rumors of powerful ghosts. Tends to be rather flamboyant in his presentation. Brother to Eliza Zax.
Ruddy.jpg Jack Ruddy
Title: Geebung Port Gym Leader - Hot Type
Age: 34
Info: The hot-tempered Gym Leader of Geebung Port. Rumored to have quite a lot of involvement with criminal activities, though nothing has been proven … though people that snoop around too much tend to disappear.
Storm.jpg Sirena Phatom
Title: Waratah City Gym Leader - Wet Type
Age: 36
Info: The pretentious Gym Leader of Waratah City. A internationally famous modern-Opera singer and stage actress, she's known to be difficult and demanding.
DcrIUow.jpg Palla Altea - AKA Violet's Mum
Title: Orchidia City Gym Leader - COME AT ME, DAUGHTER type
Age: 45
Info: Moved back to the Acantha Region after spending time abroad to become Gym Leader in a startling upset. Her gym focuses as much on Trainer performance as Pokemon performance, and those with frail bodies should reconsider submitting themselves to her trials.
Hemlock.jpg Acid Rain
Title: Heath's Hill Gym Leader - Gross Type
Age: 20
Info: The eccentric Gym Leader of Heath's Hill. A reclusive millionaire from a prestigious family, she's also famous for the invention of several more efficient antidotes and potions. Said to have odd mannerisms and fashion sense.
Ice.png Janus de Boreas
Title: Bluebell City Gym Leader - HOLY FUCKNIPPLES ITS COLD Type
Age: 28
Info: The aloof Gym Leader of Bluebell City. A dedicated Trainer with little on his mind besides Pokemon Battles. Only accepts challenges from Trainers who manage to beat his assistants first.
Slate.jpeg Hudson Slate
Title: Mt. Wiltrose Gym Leader - Fossil Type
Age: 65
Info: The adventurous Gym Leader of Mt. Wiltrose. Thanks to him, Mt. Wiltrose did not meet the same fate as Ortherrenge when the mines collapsed. Has turned Mt. Wiltrose into a thriving scientific community, and until Melanie Sombra's arrival two years ago, the highest-ranked Gym in the region for over 20 years. Focuses on Ground and Rock-Type Pokemon, though the Gym is nominally Ground-Type.
Dark.jpg Melanie Sombra
Title: Azuregum City Gym Leader - CANT SEE SHIT CAPTAIN Type
Age: 27
Info: Azuregum's mysterious Gym Leader. Showed up 2 years ago as the previous Gym Leader was retiring, and beat all challengers with her Dark-Type Pokemon. Known for her morbid and brutal humor.
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