Acantha Region

The Acantha Region

# Name Description
1 Kapok Point Kapok Point is an extremely small town, close to the nearby mountains, jungles, and nature reserves. Home to Kapok Research Station.
2 Teatrea Hollow An old sprawling town, home to the Melaleuca Graveyard and Catacombs. Also close to the Corsola Reefs. Home to the region's Ghost Gym.
3 Macadamia Town A quiet town upon the hills. Home to Maroochi University.
4 Bottlebrush City A beautiful town known for its well-kept gardens, "fun" youthful atmosphere, and trendy fashion. Known for its Contest Hall, and as the home of the Fairy Gym.
5 Mt. Wiltrose A small mining town in the hills by the outback. The Callistemon Caves lie nearby, as do several Fossil Quarries. Home to the Region's Rock Gym.
6 Orchidia City This orderly, peaceful city is the seat of Police and Ranger Headquarters. Known for its love of athletics, sports, and martial arts. Home to the Pokethlon, and the region's Fighting Gym.
7 Baeckea Town An aggressively insignificant town, with little commerce or even agriculture. Bad roads and lack of accommodations discourage travelers from even passing through.
8 Waxflower Coast A resort town known for its crazy night life, elaborate theme parks, gambling establishments, and exceptional beaches.
9 Wildwattle Rest A quiet town that serves as a hub between northern and southern Acantha. Known for its bird Pokemon. Home to the Flying Gym.
10 Orelea Groves A very small town known mostly as an attractive retirement spot, and for the Orelea Lighthouse.
11 Ortherrenge Town Once a prosperous town, Ortherrenge is now much reduced and poverty stricken. There is a an aboriginal community nearby.
12 Geebung Port Famous for its nearby Fire Caverns. Known as a dangerous and seedy port. A wide variety of goods can be found here. Home to the region's Fire Gym.
13 Waratah City The largest city in the region, Waratah City is a hub of commerce and culture. Known for its Contest Hall, and nice (if crowded) beaches. Home to the region's Water Gym.
14 Callistris Valley A modest town home to the region's finest wine. Hikers come here to scale Mt. Acacia. Home to the region's Pokemon league tournament.
15 Bluebell City The capitol city of the Acantha Region, this is the political center of the region. Home to the region's Ice Gym.
16 Grevillea Town A busy and bustling town, known as being the home of the Prime Battle Club.
17 Strawflower Town Known for its beautiful flower fields, pristine beaches, and incredibly pricey resorts.
18 Heath's Hill Acantha's second largest city, Heath's Hill is known for its temperate climate. Known for its Contest Hall, and its appreciation for the arts. Home to the region's Poison Gym.
19 Azuregum City The only settlement on Azuregum Island, this city is most famous for its Safari Zone. It's also home to the region's Dark Gym.
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