Adrienne Bellamy

Game: Sequoia Region

Name: Adrienne Bellamy
Age: 19 as of some time in January
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 135 (WC4)
Hometown: Ninebark

Level: 40
Trainer EXP: 203/10
Milestones: 11??
Badges: 8

Physical Evasion: +1
Special Evasion: +1
Speed Evasion: +6

Health / Status
HP: 207/207
Injuries: 0
AP: 13/13

Hit Points: 39
Attack: 5
Defense: 5
Special Attack: 5
Special Defense: 5
Speed: 30

Acrobatics Master (6) Intimidate Master (6)
Athletics Master (6) Stealth Untrained (2)
Combat Pathetic (1) Survival+1 Master (6)
General+1 Master (6) Pokemon+1 Master (6)
Occult+1 Master (6) Science+1 Untrained (2)
Perception Master (6) Guile Untrained (2)
Charm Pathetic (1) Focus Untrained (2)
Command Adept (4) Intuition Untrained (2)
Overland 9 Swimming 4
High Jump 2 Long Jump 3
Power 5 Throwing 9
The Loner Chef: A food nerd, otherwise kind of a prickly person.
Adept Skill: General Education Novice Skill: Survival
Pathetic Skills: Charm, Occult Education, Combat

Status Menu

Starting Stats: 15 HP / 5 Attack / 5 Defense / 5 Special Attack / 5 Special Defense / 10 Speed
Starting Features Taskmaster, Survivalist [Mountains, Grasslands, Wetland], Savage Strike, Item Training
Starting Edges: Basic Skills (Intimidate), Basic Skills (Acrobatics), Basic Skills (Pokemon Education), Traveler


Equipment Effect
Head - -
Main Hand - -
Off-Hand - -
Body - -
Feet - -
Accessory Mega Hairpin Ursite
Money 24800P

Key Items
The Joy of Cooking: Rank 1 - Novice General Education: Your material costs for crafting Food Items of any variety are reduced by 10%. | Rank 2 - Expert General Education: Meal and Refreshment Items you create cause whoever eats them to gain a Tick of Hit Points.
Badge, Courier: The user gains an additional Held Item slot, up to a maximum of two Held Item slots (this includes the slot used by the Courier Badge). The user gains a +1 bonus to all Overland, Swim, Sky, and Levitate Capabilities.
(Deluxe) Badge, Fable: Scene - When your Pokemon hits a foe with a Status-Class Move, you may choose to Bind the foe and choose one of the following: Status-Class Moves, Combat Maneuvers, Damaging Attacks with an unmodified Damage Base 10 or higher, or Moves of a specific Elemental Type. The Bound foe suffers a -2 penalty to all Attack Rolls made to use attacks with the chosen Trait for the rest of the Scene. Switching does not end this effect.
How Berries??: Rank 1 - Adept General Education: Once per day when making a Yield Roll, add +1 to the result. | Rank 2 - Expert General Education: You may create Mulch from Food Scrap.
Travel Guides: Snowberry Heights, Mt. Starfall.
Cooking Set: Required for Snackmaking and Refreshmentsproducing.
Deluxe Wet T-Shirt Contest Rewards: Deluxe Cookbook, Deluxe Cooking Set.
Groomer's Kit: Reminds me of home, kinda.
Portable Grower: Loaded with Leppa Berry (1d3 Yield)
Portable Grower: Loaded with Liechi Berry (1d3 Yield)
Portable Grower: Loaded with Lum Berry (1d3 Yield)
Portable Grower: Loaded with Petaya Berry (1d3 Yield)
Portable Grower: Loaded with Salac Berry (1d3 Yield)
Portable Grower: Loaded with Sitrus Berry (1d3 Yield)
Pebbles, Masterwork: 4
Melon's Booze: Well, this is a thing.
100 Year Cloyster Seal Special Reserve Vodka: This too, but much longer named.
+2 Dildo of Power: Good after a thorough wash. Probably. Also, apparently magic.
+3 Dildo of Power: >_>
Flower Crown: Some kind of flower crownDEAR ARCEUS IT'S THE GREEN SHARDIFACT, obtained in Camas.
Aralia Wildfire Special Rum: Wildfirelicious.
Consumable Items
Enriched Water (x3): Refreshment. 20 HP.
Blintz's Cookies (x3): Refreshment. 60 HP.
Hyper Potion x3: 70 HP.
Bandage (x2): Desc is too long, see PDF.
Antidote (x2): Cures Poison.
Burn Heal: Cures Burn.
Paralyze Heal: Cures Paralyze.
Ice Heal: Cures Freeze.
Berries: 25x Pecha, 1x Kupo, 3x Oran. 28x Ganlon, 21x Yache, 57x Lum, 33x Lansat, 37x Micle, 46x Sitrus, 33x Apicot, 23x Leppa, 22x Liechi, 22x Petaya, 13x Salac.
Herbs: 11x Power Herb, 6x White Herb.
Mushrooms: 7x Big Mushroom
Preserves: 5x Salty Persim Preserve, 3x Salty Pecha Preserve, 1x Salty Lum Preserve, 1x Salty Kupo Preserve. Ganlon Preserve.
Special Ingredients (50 per): 4x Ghost Pepper, 4x Organic Honey
Chef Tasty Snacks: N/A
Vitamins (Free): Carbos.
TMs: Quash, Unearthly Visions, Psych Up, Overheat
Bait (x2): This is Bait.
X-Stat: SpA.
Cleanse Tags: 14 (x3), 16 (x4), 17, 18 (x6), 20 (x3), 21 (x6), 22 (x2), 23 (x5), 24 (x3), 25 (x7), 26 (x6), 27 (x3), 28 (x3), 29 (x4), 31
Ultra Ball (x3): +3 mod.
Mold Ball: Net Ball for Poison/Fighting
Cap Cannon Section
Capsule Cannon (Free): It's a Cap Cannon.
Bean Cap (x1): AC 2, R10, 1T. Target takes 20 Phys Normal Damage. On 18+, target is tripped and loses one Tick of HP.
Bean Cap (x5): ^
Glue Cap (x2): AC 4, R8, 1T. Target is Slowed and Initiative reduced by 5. On 18+, target is also Stuck and Trapped.
Net Cap (x1): AC 4, R6, 1T. See PDF.
Deku Nuts (x50): Ammunition for a Slingshot or a Cap Cannon. AC 2, the target is Blinded for one full round and becomes Vulnerable for one full round on even rolls. Can only affect each target once per Scene. Deku Nuts can be planted and grow at a rate of 1d2 per day, requiring the Green Thumb Edge.
Pester Balls: Confusion x4, Rage x4, Paralysis x4, Sleep x4, Burn x4, Poison x4
Food Scrap (0P): Pays for [value] in Food items.
Collection Jar (x2): Collects Honey. 2/2
Def Lagging Item: Set Defense to -4 CS.
Lax Incense: +1 to all Stat Evasions. Pkmn only.
Shards: 71R, 101O, 67Y, 88G, 86B, 79V
Braces: Fighting, fire, ground x2
Charms: Miasma.
Quick Scarf x2: +10 init, -2 to skills vs CM
Sequoia League Hat 2016 Line: Aralia Version (Allows use of Inner Flame Order).
Intimidating Whip of Intimidation: Short-Range weapon. Wear Down and Sweeping Strike. +2 to Intimidate rolls.
Bayleef Perfume (x2): Grants Alluring and Aromatherapy for one scene. 5 uses each.


Overland 7
Swim 4
High Jump 2
Long Jump 2
Power 6
Naturewalk (Caves, Mountains)

Arthur: Male Ursaring Type: Normal Evasion: 2/2/6 Tutor Points: 5/9
Level 50, 3030 EXP Held: Toxic Orb HP: 150/150 Injuries: 0 Size: [Medium] (WC5)
Training Regimen: [Brutal: +1 to Crit and Effect Range]
Ability Usage Special Effect
[Guts] [Static] [While suffering from Burn, Poison, Paralysis, Freezing, or while Asleep, the user’s Attack is raised 2 Combat Stages. If suffering from none of these conditions, the user loses any Combat Stages gained this way.]
[Cruelty] [Scene - Swift Action] [Trigger: The user targets a foe with a damaging attack Effect: The attack gains a +2 Bonus to Damage Base, +4 Crit Range, and the target becomes Wounded.]
[Unnerve] [At-Will - Swift Action] [Target: A foe within 6 meters Effect: The target cannot gain positive Combat Stages or trade in Digestion Buffs for 1 full round.]
[Bodyguard] [Scene x2 - Free Action] [Trigger: An adjacent Ally is hit by an attack Effect: The user and the triggering Ally switch places, and the user becomes the target of the triggering attack instead, taking damage from the attack as if resisted one step further. If switching places would not move the triggering Ally out of the area-of-effect of a Burst, Blast, Cone, or Line, this Ability does not prevent the ally from being hit. Defensive.]
[THE ONE BEAR] [Mega] [Becomes Fighting/Normal. Gains Refrigerate. Gains +2 Attack, +4 Def, +4 Sp.Def.]
[Tinted Lens] [Static] [The user’s Resisted Moves are instead Neutral. The user’s Doubly Resisted Moves are instead Resisted. The user’s Triply Resisted Moves are instead Double Resisted.]
Jolly Nature (+Speed, -Special Attack)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 10 +18 30
Attack 14 +16 32
Defense 9 +1 10
Special Attack 7 +0 7
Special Defense 9 +1 10
Speed 10 +20 30
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
4d6+2 2d6 5d6 2d6 4d6 1d6
Improvements: Culinary Appreciation -1 TP, Mentor (Hammer Arm) -1 TP, Carbos (+Spd), Re-Balancing (+1 All) -2 TP, Move Tutor (Avalanche) -2 TP, PP Up Slash.
Inheritance: Night Slash, Play Rough
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
[Struggle] [At-Will] [4] [Normal] [DB4] [Physical] [Melee, 1T] [Not actually a move.]
[Play Rough] [EOT] [4] [Fairy] [DB9] [Physical] [Melee, 1T] [Play Rough lowers the target’s Attack 1 Combat Stage on 17-20 during Accuracy Check.]
[Hammer Arm] [EOT] [3] [Fighting] [DB10] [Physical] [Melee, 1T] [The user lowers their Speed 1 Combat Stage.]
[Slash] [At-Will] [2] [Normal] [DB9] [Physical] [Melee, Pass] [Slash is a Critical Hit on 18+.]
[Avalanche] [EOT] [2] [Ice] [DB6] [Physical] [Melee, 1T] [When declaring Avalanche, the user does nothing and may not Shift. At the end of the round, the user Shifts and uses Avalanche on any legal target. If the target damaged the user this round, Avalanche has a Damage Base of 12 (4d10+15 / 40) instead.]
[Feint Attack] [EOT] [N/A] [Dark] [DB6] [Physical] [Melee, 1T] [Feint Attack cannot miss.]
[Night Slash] [EOT] [2] [Dark] [DB7] [Physical] [Melee, Pass] [Night Slash is a Critical Hit on 18+.]
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