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Considering that PokAesop is being run with the intent of being a summer-long campaign, we don't have a terribly great deal of time to run through everything. There will indeed be minisessions, called upon by players, helpers, and GM alike, but I'd like to ensure that we make the most of the time we have together. To this end, I've decided that we'll have a "Quest Board".

How the Quest Board will work is as such: There are two different kinds of Quests: Big Quests are the ones Botherer throws up that are DEFINITELY gonna require a big party; because TIMEZONES and HAVING LIVES get in the way, I'd recommend trying to get people on board with trying to do these during normal session time if you don't have anything else to do. Little Quests are ones that wouldn't be particularly time consuming (I'd still say expect two or three hours minimum if you even suspect combat's gonna be involved, though), and probably considerably small enough that you could probably scrape by with one or two people.

If you want to take on a Quest, just let Botherer know which quest(s) you're interested in so that adequate "preparations" can be made in advance for them. (Note: The word "preparations" is used very, very loosely. At least by Botherer. Cast, Tree, and zoof are much more responsible people than he is, so that word may not be so loosely thrown about by them. Regardless, though, they're people just as Botherer is, and need time to prepare for things.)

Note: Okay, screw the old system of "Is this Plot Relevant?" Botherer doesn't know if half of this shit'll give you plot lead-ins or not or even what his plot IS yet. He's kinda been leading you around with some air that there's a huge, overwhelming, all-encompassing plot that'll drop the most massive "WTF" bomb on all of you I mean what? Why'd I even write this we don't have ink!

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Big Quests

Quest Name Issued By Difficulty Description Rewards
Fetch a Pail of Water Jack ** Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Under attack, they broke Jack's back, and woe befell Mr. Lee's daughter. Apparently some kids thought it would be funny to set up a toll around Ye Olde Town's well and break people's arms and stuff if they refused to pay up. Looks like these kids need a time-out! 25 Units of Imagination, ???
Mystery of Port Town Yourselves, Probably ** As the party made their way through Port Town, they caught sight of an unusual phenomenom. As they walked across the main street, the city was bold and vibrant with life, but the second anyone, selves included, stepped foot outside, they instantly took on a hobo-esque appearance, looking like worn, defeated, homeless street urchins. What the hell's going on in this place? Is it just how the Dreamscape works, or is there some greater force behind everything? OOC Note: This session is going to require some serious preparation on both parts, so PLEASE GIVE BOTHERER A WEEK'S NOTICE ON THIS ONE. Botherer kinda just made this shit up in the middle of the session. So still thinking on that.
Search the Sea Mother Swanna * Explore the Dead Sea! What lay within the black mist oozing from the Book of Dreams? You have no idea what lay in wait out on the ocean until you set sail! New Places to Explore!

Minor Quests

Quest Name Issued By Difficulty Description Rewards
CONTESTOOOOS zoofman tree fiddy Peyote always needs contest participants to entertain VIP guests. Always. Contact zoofman. Moolah, items, exp, dragon dildos.
Readin' Rainbow Fia *contact Giantree * "Still hangin' out here? Good! Everyone else's so 'busy' lately, think y'could stop by and help me with somethin'? Just wrote a new story - s'pretty dynamic - and if a few of y'could come proofread it that'd be great. Might be kinda long, ya might hafta do it in parts. But come ask 'bout it, 'kay? Door's always open." French toast, lots of books, ???
Power of the Elements Prism *contact Giantree ** Somewhere on the corner of the quest board is a messy note in a bunch of colors that looks like some kid just threw a bucket of paint over it. Through the mess and the tiny, barely-readable font, though, it seems to be a help request and the word "library" can be made out. And the name, but who could 'Prism' possibly be anyway? Something related to Types? A new friend?
Blank Slate Sylvie, sort of *contact castfromhp varies Well, you've got this big chunk of land for yourself now, but it looks pretty barren, being a plane of pure brilliant whiteness and all. How about building something on it? OOC Note: Chat with me or Botherer about what you want to go about building and something will get figured out Benefits related to what you build!
Cap'n, We're Ready to Go! The Cap'n * The Cap'n, when he isn't out looting and pillaging and other kinds of odd, pirate-y stuff, likes nothing more than to accept Gym challenges aboard his massive vessel. Perhaps you would be interested? Personal Level, A Special TM, ???
Cloud Candy Edword * "A little birdy told me that the clouds were made of cotton candy! I'm sure it won't be anywhere near as good as Mother Swanna's porridge, but I do love trying me some new food! Could ya do me a favor and come with, though? Someone's gotta make sure the Dreamscape doesn't lose this piece of perfection! Honk! Honk!" New Places to Explore, Rainbow Feathers
Colossus of the Colosseum, Pt. 1 Not quite a request so much as an advertisement by Old King Coal * A tournament inviting the finest warriors from around the land to fight in lethal combat for untold riches and global renown! Do you wish to put your skills to the test? UNTOLD RICHES
Edword's Revenge Edword * "Those mean Pokemon took all of my porridge, and Mother Swanna won't believe me! She thinks I just threw the bowl away and said that as an excuse to get more porridge, and won't let me have any more! Honk! Can't you please help me get my bowl back from those porridge robbers so I can go back to having more delicious porridge! Honk, honk!"
Explore the Abyss Mother Swanna *** At the southern edge of the Free World, a crack has begun to form; it was small at first, but has since become increasingly large and expansive. From what Michael and Lawrence had seen within the Abyss, it seems to be home to ferocious and fearsome creatures. We ask that you search inside and see what lay within. OOC Note: This is like a "Boss Rush" mode. Each time you descend you and the people who accompany will confront increasingly dangerous adversaries. While I may fail at doing so, these are intended to be DANGEROUS missions, and fatality, while not likely for Trainers, IS a possibility for Pokemon if you aren't careful. Experience, Mystery Items
Explore the Dream World No One - This Is Just Fun Times Varies The Dream World is a large place, and full of mystery and awe. These can vary in size and intent from simply going on a pedocatching excursion to running into and meeting new faces, both human and Pokemon alike, to perhaps even discovering new realms. Friendship~ (Hopefully), Leads on New Places to Explore
Explore the Island Yourselves - Curiosity Abounds * While setting sail for the Eternal Nightmare, you came across a small island, spherical and shape, littered near the whole way through with sandy beaches, and sporting but a few "patches" of forestry, from what you could tell about it up above. Perhaps exploring the island might not be too terrible an idea when you get the chance? Possible new Pokemon allies!
Find the Missing Person Mother Swanna * A young boy's gone missing out in Port Town. Perhaps you'd wish to look into things a bit out there? ???
Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Fall The People of Ye Olde Town * Humpty Dumpty's had enough. He plans to take his life by jumping off the edge of the Castle Wall and splattering all over the pavement. Surely you can do something to talk him out of it, right? A New Friend
Mystery of the Giantree Babbycuno * Gurume ate a babby Articuno and took it from its home in a giant tree sitting in the middle of the desert. WHY is there a giant tree sitting in the middle of the desert? Well, you'll probably wanna take a look and figure that one out. Requirements: Yumeko must initiate the quest. Friends, Ryuu permissive, are more than welcome to attend. Probably some cool items, and a bit of EXP
Mystery of the Great Shinx No One - This Is Just Fun Times Some time ago, someone dreamed up the Great Shinx; it's speculated that, hidden within lies unfathomably amazing treasures, but we have yet to have a search team successfully investigate the innards of the stone beast. Perhaps you can be the ones to rectify that? ( This quest can be done in pieces. This is mostly because Botherer doesn't have everything planned out for it yet. ) ???
Rescue the Fair Maiden Jessibelle ** After being spirited away by a Salamence, Michael and a kid who referred to himself as the Ray of Hope set off to climb an active volcano in hopes of saving her. What can possibly go wrong? Requirements: Michael must initiate the quest. Friends, Falcon permissive, are more than welcome to attend. Crystal Roses, Experience, ???

Completed Quests

Prime Real Estate Sylvie *contact castfromhp *** "Oh geez, so I was doing my thing, expanding the arcade, just drawing on raw dream stuff from the last time I actually had any sleep, right? I got just a little careless workin' with something from a nightmare I had and I ended up making Blight instead. The land's all yours if you want it for a home or base and are willing to clean it up. No worries, I'll talk you through the steps!" OOC Note: Bring a party. Multi-part quest - unlocks future quests, Social Link, EXP, start of a home base?
Find the Missing Persons Mother Swanna ** The last batch of kids Mother Swanna sent out went missing to check out the now withering forest. You found them inside of a Grue. And kicked all of their asses! Too much EXP, new social links to engage
Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick. Jack Got Punched by the Candle Dick The People of Ye Olde Town * A massive, oversized Litwick, black mist spilling from the tip of its head, has appeared in the middle of Ye Olde Town, and is terrorizing everyone and everything… By punching them in the genitals. Yes, this is serious business! If he renders all of the townsfolk impotent, what'll befall the future of Ye Olde Town?!? ( Suspend disbelief long enough to assume that new residents can't just be dreamed up. :B ) ???
Playdate with Kiki, Part 1 Kiki the Mew >implying difficulty Kiki the Mew invited Rainy to come over to her house at the edge of the forest! Surely nothing can go wrong on this pedocatching social link adventure, right? … Right? Requirements: Rainy must initiate the quest. Friends, Bard permissive, are more than welcome to attend. FRIENDSHIP!

Player Suggestions

Don't think that the Quests listed here are all-encompassing and that you're restricted to these ideas. You, the players, have just as much influence in shaping the course of the story as I do, if not more. My job is simply to create the world you all get to have fun in, and make sure that all of us (self-inclusive) are having fun along the way. If you've got ideas on things you'd find fun to do in-character, or how to improve the overall experience, I'm all ears~ If they're capable of encompassing everyone and others are willing to hop on board with it, we can even dedicate all or part of a session to it!

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