Alex Conan

Character in: Oran Valley

Level 12 Ace Trainer/Type Ace Grass

Age: 47
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight:13.5 stones

Job: Farmer
Birth: Winter 64
Fav. Food: Buttered bread and mixed vegetables, tries to hide how much he enjoys BBQ
Fav. Gifts: Farm tools if anything, wouldn't mind a simple instrument he could learn to play to pass time
Fav. Location: Out in his field on the hills of Mt. Iris
Lives: In his farmhouse
Family: None that he's aware of at least


Ivysaur, male, modest, chlorophyll


Hp: 44

Level 17 [5600] exp:
HP: [6] 9
ATK: [4] 4
DEF: [6] 10
SPA: [10] 15
SDF: [8] 10
SPD: [6] 9

Capability List:
Overland 8, Surface 2, Jump 2, Power 2, Intelligence 3, Sprouter


Tackle – Normal, At-Will – 3, Melee - Attack, 2d10, Effect: 1 Target, Dash, Weight Class, For each Weight Class the user is above the target, they deal additional 1d10 damage.

Growl – Normal, At-Will – 2, Ranged - No Damage, Effect: No Target, Burst, Growl creates a 5-meter Burst. Growl lowers all Legal Targets Attack 1 Combat Stage.

Leech Seed – Grass, Center – 4, Ranged - No Damage, Effect: 1 Target, At the beginning of each of the user’s turns, Leech Seed’s target loses 1/8th of their full HP. Do not apply weakness or resistance to the HP lost. Do not apply stats to the HP lost. Leech Seed’s user then gains HP equal to the amount the target lost. Leech Seed cannot hit a Grass type Pokemon.

Vine Whip – Grass, At-Will – 2, Ranged - Attack, 2d10, Effect: 1 Target

Poisonpowder – Poison, EOT – 6,Ranged - No Damage,Effect: 1 Target, Blast, Poisonpowder creates a 1-meter Blast. Poisonpowder Poisons all Legal Targets.

Sleep Powder – Grass, EOT – 6, Ranged - No Damage, Effect: 1 Target, Blast, Sleep Powder creates a 1-meter Blast. All Legal Targets fall Asleep.

Take Down – Normal, EOT – 5, Melee - Attack, 3d20, Effect: 1 Target, Dash, After Take Down deals damage, the user loses ½ of the value of the total damage they dealt as a result of Take Down in HP. Do not apply weakness or resistance to the HP lost. Do not apply stats to the HP lost.

Leaf Storm – Grass, Center – 4, Ranged - Special Attack, 6d20, Effect: Target Area, Column, Leaf Storm creates a 3-meter Column. On Miss use 1d20 instead for damage. Either way, the user’s Special Attack is lowered 2 Combat Stages.

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