Alexander Oswald Roch Irving

Game: fate-simple



Name: Alexander Oswald Roch Irving (Prefers to go by "Oswald" or "Oz")
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140 lbs
Likes: Chess, SRPGs, Books, Sweets, Learning, Girls, Girls Clothing
Dislikes: Corruption, Being rushed, Surprises, Fish, Parties, Men's Showers


Aspect Defense Current Hit Points Max Hit Points
Combat 1 1 5
Social 1 5 5
Magic 1 4 5
Command 0 2 3

Skills: Purification, Karmic, Misdirection, Pretty Boy, Spatial Analysis, Sense Motive


Our story starts way back, like a lot of stories. Back in the time when the Church allowed Magi within its institution, Oswald's family was part of the Church's executioners, and developed some of the sacraments used by Executors even today, such as the Baptism and Cremation Sacrament. Eventually, of course, his family was branded as heretics, and shifted over to the Mage's Association, where they have since worked as enforcers and hunters of those Magi who commit taboos and break the laws of the Association.

Like many Magi, Oswald was born an only child and was able to inherit his family's crest, and their purification art that burns the souls of the wicked and the unnatural. He's yet to find his own personal niche within his family's long history, and as such his spells are a bit formulaic at the moment. He was sent to the Wellston Boys Academy in Maine to learn to socialize and blend in with society better, but he's having trouble with that due to his introversion.

Of course, he didn't grow up alone. His parents introduced him to children of other mage families, the most prominent being a girl named Kris Kinnel. While they were quite close when he was young, he began to see less and less of her, and grew less and less comfortable as she was more demanding and clingy whenever he visited, but she always sent him letters. Every few days he'd get a letter, whether he replied or not, and it got to the point where he rarely replies, and even throws most of the mail out. Why does she insist on knowing every little thing in his life? He's quietly waiting for her to find other people in her life…she'll do that…right?




Name: Karna
Source: Mahābhārata (a Hindu epic)


Parameter Rank
Strength C
Endurance C
Agility A
Mana A+
Luck A
Noble Phantasms A, A

Skills: Archery, Sniping, Divinity, Fisticuffs

Noble Phantasm(s)

Forbidden Weapon of the Creator
A weapon said to completely destroy whatever it targets, Archer can channel ambient energy through Brahmastra to increase its power. Before making a Combat check, he may spend any number of Magic Hit Points to increase the damage inflicted on the attack at a 1 to 1 ratio. On a missed attack, the Magic HP is still expended, and the energy instead creates collateral, environmental damage.

Kavacha and Kundala
Almighty Armor, Protection from the Sun God
A set of armor and earrings that bestow the wearer with a kind of invincibility. Upon being struck by a Combat attack, Archer may declare the use of Kavacha and Kundala. All damage is instead subtracted from his Magic Hit Points (and is lowered by his Magic Defense). His Magic HP cannot be dropped below zero, but he must have at least 1 Magic HP to activate this Noble Phantasm.



Observations of Enemy Servants

  • Somebody with dominion over a forest. GPS switched to Norfolk, UK, so they'd be British, yes? Class: Caster? Archer? Assassin?
  • A creator of dolls that turn into sand. Left a dagger, dagger style will be analyzed later to maybe pinpoint country of origin. Class: Caster? Assassin? Archer?
  • Jason, the enemy rider. Greek, very cocky, very aggressive.
  • Fortner's servant. Looks to be a norsewoman, possibly a valkyrie? A shieldmaiden would be troublesome, it'd be difficult to attack him when she's around. She's also on top of Silvania… Probably the enemy Saber

Observations of Enemy Masters

  • Ariel said something about a blonde girl?
  • Lily Mayn, the girl in the photo that was sent to us. I saw her in Benny's…along with…
  • A blonde-haired woman, maybe the one Ariel saw? I don't know. Smoking a cigarette. Might also be Lily's Servant, for all we know.
  • Fortner, an old friend of Silvania's. He masqueraded as an observer from the Mage's Association, but that was a lie. I should've seen it coming.

Observations of Allied Servants

  • Caster: A woman, seems pretty smart, but I guess all Caster's are. Seems to be acquainted with Berserker. Must be greek, maybe Circe?
  • Berserker: …exactly what I'd expect of a Berserker, really. Must be Greek
  • Rider: From the days of horses (not that that says much), drives like crazy but seems to know exactly what he's doing.
  • Lancer: A…Japanese Warrior? Rather imposing.

Observations of Allied Masters

  • Ariel: Peppy and enthusiastic. Maybe naive? She herself is probably reliable, which is good. She's now our communications hub, that must be a tough job, but she seems to possess potent circuits, so it's probably not much for her.
  • Shizuka: DEAD BODY IN THE TUB. French but looks Japanese. She really does use cadavers for her magic. Her servant is Lancer, seems to be a Japanese Warrior.
  • Basout: A bit whiny and pessimistic. Also a bit passive. Needs to be ordered around, and I expect he'll give me some back talk. In really bad shape, for some reason or another, might have to do with his family's craft.
  • Silvania: Seems…relatively level headed. I don't think she entirely thinks of the consequences of her plans, though. She, like Ariel, seems somewhat reliable. I have to wonder how her normal life is like, given she's versed in hijacking cars.
  • Leo: A bit paranoid…but he was right.
  • Ivan: I'm…I don't even.

OOC notes

Oz's skills


One who plans ahead to make advantageous decisions. This is mostly applied to combat, but it can be used in social situations relating to morale or some such as well. It can be used for figuring out optimal unit placement, predicting movements or reactions, planning ambushes, or various other things.


Spatial analysis for tactical opportunities. Used to figure out cover and optimal routes for specific actions, for example

Pretty Boy

Attractiveness, used to make one look more appealing or attractive. Only usable in combat as a distraction.


Magic meant to cleanse that is unholy. Usually used to destroy enchantments or attack. Often comes with blue flames as a visual effect. It and its subskills can be combined with Karna's Prana Burst capability for Oswald and Karna to perform a COMBINATION ATTACK.


Subskill of Purification. The purifying flames feed on the target's sins, growing brighter and stronger. Can only be used as an attack on sentient beings who have committed sins of some sort. Technically should deal more damage to especially sinful targets, and less to more pure targets, but who knows if that would actually come into play mechanically.


The capability of a will-o-wisp to lead the wicked astray. Illusion magic meant for distraction and luring. Technically related to Purification, but not a subskill.

Karna's skills


Nobility, respected by all. Used for commanding, socializing, and planning, which can in some cases be used in combat. If Oz's Tactician is primary combat secondary social, this is primary social secondary combat.


Hand to hand fighting, requiring quick reflexes.


Ranged attacks with arrows.


Careful aim taken with no immediate distractions in the vicinity and with good footing. Hasty attacks with an enemy closing in usually won't work for this. Subskill of Archery.


Being a direct descendant of a sun god, and eventually ascending to godhood himself, Karna has quite the pedigree of divinity. This helps him get through protections, since he is greater than any sort of feeble attempt to shrug off his attack, and also can be used in some cases to impress or intimidate, but can't be used directly. It could, say, be used to intimidate an opponent through flawless form in archery, but not to directly intimidate him through words.


Session 1/2 gave +3 exp.
Session 3 gave +2 exp
Session 4 gave +2 exp
Session 5 gave +2 exp
Session 6 gave +3 exp
Session 7 gave +2 exp
Session 8 gave +3 exp
Total exp: 17
Spent 2 exp on Sense Motive.
Spent 2 exp on Karmic.
Spent 2 exp on Misdirection.
Spent 2 exp on Sniping.
Unspent exp: 9
Spent exp:8

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