Alicia Allison

Meet the Magical Girl

Name : Alicia "Aegrus" Allison
Age : 21
Height: 4'11" (150 cm)
Weight: 70 lbs (Weight Class 3)
Theme of Atonement: Jerusalem

Level 25 Shade Caller/Rogue

Born in the dry wasteland that is Orre, Alicia was raised there along with her parents, working the mining Profession initially before being a member of Team Cipher, Alicia Allison is one of the last people to expect to be an Elementalist, moreso due to her age. However, at the age of 10, her father found a Bloodstone in the Mines of Pyrite Town, years before the family turned to crime. This Bloodstone seemed to be a powerful pre-League era Relic, and is one she treasures, even as she joined Cipher at the age of 12, earning the nickname of Aegrus ultimately due to using the Bloodstone for Blood Magic, similar to the Pre-League's legendary Blood Mage, who's feats of daring managed to bring Cipher their greater victories. In fact, though her Pokemon knowledge as well as knowledge of Technology is questionable (due to her interest in such Magic), she learns quickly to improvise for the sake of her own survival, also being much more self-sufficiant.

Despite this, her close friend and future partner (then a Deino) Weiss is a companion that's been with her, despite being easilly distracted, and often eager to break things, Blindsight aside, and in fact followed Alicia as she trains herself in being a rogue, and working mostly on instinct for survival's sake, even following her to join Cipher.

It is during her years in Cipher that rumors of a Ghostly woman, able to purify Shadow Pokemon were being circulated, with her boss at the time, Snattle, trying to put a lid on it, if not trying to disprove it. However, threats to his authority started to lead to trouble ultimately, as the Rumored Maiden appeared, and focused upon Alicia due to her Bloodstone, sweeping away Cipher peons that got in the way. Snattle, trying to keep control of the sitluation decided to step in personally while Alicia, curious about this turn of events, followed him. Here, confronted by the Purifier Ghost, along with Michael, used as a cover story, Snattle attemped to bring down the ghostly woman as well as the one that's been ruining Cipher's plans, to no avail, finding his Pokemon snagged, and in fact ordered her to assault Michael, realizing there is no hope if he falls here.

From there on, Alicia and the woman seems to converse on fields neither Snattle nor his opponent knew, the ghostly woman asked Alicia if she'd be willing to fight in the shadows, using Blood Magic combined with her power. The call of the Shadows appealed to her once again, but this time, instead for World conquest, she chose to be it's guardian as MOSAIC Nimue, with Weiss giving Bindings to boost it's power, and begins her long road to atonement… starting by ridding herself of Snattle, and then taking the next boat out of Orre to "greener" pastures…

The Bandages (pictured on the right) were a result of her declaring her break from Cipher, though such a stunt damaged her arm, due to the Snag Machine literelly welded to her arm. As the damage to her right arm is too much, despite her use of Blood Magic, the Bandages are a reminder of her past. However, perhaps as a mark of the Elementalist from this particualr Ghostly woman (seen by all Elementalists, not just Shade Callers), she has glowing Glyphs all over her arm, perhaps as a sign of the Heroes of Old.


Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body: Average (2)
Acrobatics: Master (6)
Athletics: Novice (3)
Combat: Master (6)
Intimidate: Untrained (2)
Stealth: Stealth (6)
Survival: Untrained (2)

Mind: Average (1)
Guile: Novice (3)
Perception: Untrained (2)
Edu: Untrained (2)
Tech Edu: Pathetic (1)
Pokemon Edu: Pathetic (1)

Spirit: Average (2)
Charm: Novice (3)
Command: Novice (3)
Focus: Novice (3)
Intuition: Novice (3)

Combat Stats

Hit Points 126/126
HP 22
Attack 31
Defense 5
Sp. Attack 30
Sp. Defense 5
Speed 31

Injuries: None

Physical Evade: +1
Special Evade: +1
Speed Evade: +6

Moves and Capabilities


Struggle (AW AC3, Normal DB5, Melee)
Feint Attack (AW, Can't Miss, Dark DB6, Melee, Reach 1 (2 with World of Darkness, 6 in Complete Darkness))
Snarl (EOT, AC3, Dark, Cone 2, Sonic, Reach 1 (2 with World of Darkness, 6 in Complete darkness), Debuffs Special Attack by 1 Combat Stage)
Feint (Scene, Interrupts a Shield Move, causing it to fail)
Astonish (AW, AC2, Ghost DB3, Melee, Flinches on 15+ [Automatic if target is unaware for any reason])
Leer (AW, AC2, Normal, Cone 2, Friendly, Debuffs Defence by 1 Combat Stage)
Baby-Doll Eyes (EOT, AC2, Fairy, Range 4, Priority, Debuffs Attack by 1 Combat Stage)
Thief (AW, AC2, Dark DB6, Melee, Reach 1 (2 with World of Darkness, 6 in Complete Darkness), Removes Held Item from target, Owner equips it if not holding anything else)
Night Daze (EOT, AC3, Dark DB9, Range 4, Reach 1 (2 with World of Darkness, 6 in Complete Darkness), Target Accuacy -1 on 13+)
Punishment (EOT, AC2, Dark DB6, Melee, Reach 1 (2 with World of Darkness, 6 in Complete Darkness), DB +1 for every Positive Combat Stage (Max DB12))
Dark Pulse (AW, AC2, Dark DB8, Range 8, Aura, Flinces at 17+)
Night Slash (EOT, AC2, Dark DB7, Melee, Pass, Reach 1 (2 with World of Darkness, 6 in Complete Darkness), Crits on 18+)
Pursuit (AW, AC2, Dark DB4, Melee, Reach 1 (2 with World of Darkness, 6 in Complete Darkness), If used to Interrupt a fleeing target or is being switched out, it becomes DB8, and user's Move Speed is boosted by +5)

Capabilities: Overland 7, Underwater 4, High Jump 2, Long Jump 3, Power 7, Darkvision, Mind-Lock
Abilities: Twisted Power
Action Points: 10/10

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10

Level 1 Creation:

Level 2: Attack Improvement, Skill Edge (Skill Training Basic: Acrobatics), Edge (Skill Training Adept: Stealth)
Level 3: HP Improvement, Feature (Dark Mind - Darkvision and Mind Lock Capability learned, +Atk, +S.Atk)
Level 4: HP Improvement, Edge (Skill Training Adept: Combat)
Level 5: Attack Improvement, Feature (World of Darkness - Burst 2 zone of Complete Darkness (-3 Accuracy w/o Dark Vision), +Atk, +S.Atk)
Level 6: Attack Improvement, Skill Edge (Skill Training Basic: Command), Edge (Skill Training Adept: Acrobatics)
Level 7: Attack Improvement, Feature: (Living Shadow - Dark Attacks gain Reach 1, if in Complete Darkness, Reach X [Equal to Rank of either Guile or Stealth] instead, +atk, +s.atk)
Level 8: Attack Improvement, Edge (Planned Movement - Feint Known)
Level 9: Special Attack Improvement, Edge (Sneak's Tricks - Astonish Known)
Level 10: Speed Improvement, Edge (Skill Training Basic: Athelics)
Level 11: Speed Improvement, Feature (Versitlity: Intimidating and Charmer known, +2 Spd)
Level 12: Speed Improvement, Skill Edge (Skill Training Adept: Athelics), Edge (Skill Training Adept: Charm)
Level 13: Speed Improvement, Feature (Rogue's Arsenal: Thief is known, +2 Spd)
Level 14: Speed Improvement, Edge (Skill Training Expert: Stealth)
Level 15: Attack Improvement, Edge (Mounted Prowess - +3 Acrobatics during Mounted Combat, auto-succeeds Mounted Checks)
Level 16: HP Improvement, Edge (Skill Training Mastery: Stealth)
Level 17: HP Improvement, Feature (Heart of Darkness - Night Daze and Punishment known, +atk, +s.atk)
Level 18: HP Improvement, Edge (Skill Training Expert: Acrobatics)
Level 19: HP Improvement, Feature (Sharpen Shadows - Dark Pulse and Night Slash known, +atk, +S.Atk)
Level 20: Special Attack Improvement, Edge (Skill Training Mastery: Acrobatics)
Level 21: Special Attack Improvement, Feature (Rogue's Arsenal: Pursuit Known, +2 spd)
Level 22: Special Attack Improvement, Edge (Skill Training Expert: Combat)
Level 23: Special Attack Improvement, Feature (Skill Monkey - Reroll a Skill Check, +2 spd)
Level 24: Special Attack Improvement, Edge (Skill Training Mastery: Combat)
Level 25: HP Improvement, Feature (Dark Soul: Twisted Power, +atk, +s.atk)




Head Sorceress' Hood (Personal item, no effect)
Body Sorceress' Dress (5 Damage Reduction)
Main Hand Bloodstone (Enables Struggle Attacks involving Blood Magic, counts as Light Melee Weapon)
Off-Hand Blood Bracelet (+5 Attack after combat stages)
Feet Sorceress' Boots (+2 Athletics, +1 Overland Speed)
Accessory Dark Mage's Pendent (Dark Plate - DR5 vs Dark-type Attacks, +5 Damage w/ Dark-Type Attacks)



Overland 1
Swim 4
High Jump 2
Long Jump 2
Sky 7
Levitate 7
Power 7
Intelligence 6
Mountable 1
Mind Lock

Weiss: Male Hydreion Type: Dark/Dragon Tutor Points: 1/9 (Tutor Move: Draco Meteor, Accuracy Training: Draco Meteor, Advanced Mobility Training: Levitate, Capability Training: Power, Capability Training: Intelligence, Tutor Move: Superpower)
Level 40, 2230 EXP Held Item: Bindings of Darkness [Type Booster: Dark] HP: 113/113 Injuries: 0
Ability Usage Special Effect
Levitate Static Grants Levitate Speed of +2 (included in Profile), Nulls all Ground-type moves
Instinct Static Base Evasion is +2
Twisted Power Static Attacks gain half of the opposing State (S.Atk to Physical moves, or Atk to Special moves)
- - -
Distracted Nature (+HP, -Def)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 11 +10 21
Attack 11 +10 21
Defense 8 +0 9
Special Attack 15 +20 25
Special Defense 9 +0 9
Speed 11 +10 21
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
4d6+2 3d6 5d6 2d6 5d6+2 4d6+1
Inheritance: PP-Up, HP-Up x1, Calcium x2, Carbos x1
Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect
Bite At-Will 2 Dark 2d6+8 Physical Melee, 1 Target Flinces on 15+
Dragon Breath EOT 2 Dark 2d6+8 Special 6, 1 Target Paralyze on 15+
Tri Attack EOT 2 Normal 2d10+8 Special 6, 1 Target Status Atack on 17+ (1d3: 1 = Paralyzed, 2 = Burned, 3 = Frozen)
Hidden Power At Will (PP Up) 2 Electric 2d6+8 Special Burst 1 None
Superpower Scenex2 2 Fighting 3d12+10 Physical Melee, 1 Target, Dash Lowers User's Attack and Defence by 1 Combat Stage each
Draco Meteor Scene 3 Dragon 4d10+10 Special 8, Ranged Blast 3, Smite Lowers User's Special Attack by 2 Combat Stages after Damage
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