Altho NPCs

Page listing any notable, likely-to-return NPC in the Altho region.

When reading this page, note the Recognition level information for NPCs. This is information about how likely you are to have heard the name or be able to recognise the person, etc.)

Major League Figures:

(Most people will know these people regardless, unless they live under a rock or pay literally 0 attention to the League scene)

  • Grant Golberg (Current Champion): A sage, nearing eldery businessman who has participated in the league as a major competitor for several years on top of running his corporation, Golberg Generals, the biggest market chain in Altho. While there's some suspicion about how he obtained the winning Pokemon that make up his team - being that they're all quite rare and often only found in foreign regions - he none the less is an extremely competent battler and is quite the gentlemanly philanthropist.
  • Alvis Aurium (Ex-Champion): A 38-year old Pokemon collector who just happened to be in Altho for the year and ended up winning a status as Champion, thanks to his incredibly diverse selection and knowledge of Pokemon. He made clear his plans to give up his title as Champion, however, so he could leave Altho and return to wandering the world in search of rare Pokemon. A media controversy erupted over the possibility he may have deliberately thrown his title as a result; but nobody can find him to ask, he seems to have already moved on.
  • Kris Calthis (Elite Four): (Battle 1) An extremely popular figure in the league, to the point where many who don't even follow the league still know who he is. His story is very well known to anyone who's been in Altho more than a few days - after leaving on his journey from a high society family in Ivoryscape, him and his rival Eules fought their way through the league to come out of nowhere. Eules became Champion and Kris had fought him in the finals, overwhelming all comers. Over the next several years, the title swapped between them admidst heated rivalry; when Eules disappeared, though, Kris settled down into a role as Elite Four. Even at twenty five, he's still popular for his icy calm, handsome looks, and impressively strategic battling.
  • Whisper Melia (Elite Four): A woman estimated to be into her thirties, not much is known about her; except her general creepiness, general distaste for speaking, and habit of handling everything through Telekinesis (which freaks a LOT of people out). Nobody can deny that she's a damn good trainer though, having regularly placed well enough over several years to earn herself a spot as Elite Four.
  • Zent Shuras (Elite Four): A fourty-someodd master chef and pokemon caretaker at one of the most famous restaurants in Altho, the S.S. Cuisine - which is also a fabulous cruise liner. His Pokemon are assistants to him in his kitchen, and he attributes their strength in battle to that kind of trust and constant activity, and the intensity with which they work and battle is unquestionable. Finally earned himself a position in the Elite Four this year.
  • Julia Altherwood (Elite Four): The eldest member of the Elite Four, both in age and seniority. She was a Champion in her early years, and then took up a position as director of operations for the Pokemon League in addition to her duties as a member of the Elite Four. Exceptionally sweet and caring, her grace in battle and kindness and respect towards her opponents has kept her very popular throughout her fifty-year career.

Gym Leaders:

(Recognition Level: Generally pretty high if you're familiar with the league at all. Some are more well known than others)
/TBD: To be determined/

  • Loretta Louis, The Queen (Bug Type, Network Badge, No Location): A wandering gym leader generally spotted in the inland forests and smaller towns, she's known for her general creepiness and attachment to her many bugs - who follow her every order. There's creepy rumours about trainers who have lost to her, but surely they're just speculation?
  • ????, The Spy (Dark Type, The Stranger's Badge, No Location): The mysterious gym leader known as the Spy is rarely challenged. (S)he recieves challenges by mail, then accepts the challenge suddenly, in generally the worst possible times. (S)he has been known to start battles in the middle of the forest, in hotel rooms at midnight, or even in washrooms - whenever is least convenient. Because of this (s)he's generally an unfavourable opponent.
  • Isara von Fraenir, the Tamer (Dragon Type, Fang Badge, the von Fraenir Ranch): The matron of the von Fraenir family uses only her most perfectly bred, hand-picked Pokemon for combat - intimidating elites. She does not rely on tricks or special battlefields; only sheer skill and the innate power of her Pokemon.
  • Conner McRuffland, The Demoman (Electric Type, Timer Badge, TBD): A foreigner known for his cold hearted nature and view of Pokemon as his tools, his Pokemon none the less seem to enjoy the explosive and dangerous arena he fights in.
  • Sky Uppercut, The MAN (Fighting Type, Counter Badge, TBD): Also the Tough Circuit Champion. A man of burning spirit and heroic lineage, whose sheer manliness has earned himself a cult following. Battles are as much a test of sheer will as they are actual skill.
  • Lisa Svelte, The Pyro (Fire Type, Ignition Badge, TBD): A somewhat deranged woman with several burn scars thanks to her obsession with fire, she has none the less learned to channel her passion for battle into a productive career as a Gym Leader. Has a reputation for mercilessness in combat - underprepared trainers find their weak Pokemon incinerated, but her danger to strong trainers is not considered very high.
  • Lindor "Legs" Louis, The Scout (Flying Type, Runner's Badge, West Ivoryscape): The young lad of barely fifteen who took over the Flying Type gym after his natural dexterity made a complete mockery of the previous gym leader. Battles with him take places atop roofs of buildings in the area, as opposed to in a standard gym. Considered one of the easier gym leaders to defeat.
  • Daniel Brujus, The Sniper (Ghost Type, Crosshair Badge, No Location): A gym leader constantly travelling the region, he does not actually accept challenges from other trainers. Instead, he hunts down trainers who have recieved enough badges to get his attention and challenges them himself.
  • Dr. Astras Venice, The Medic (Grass Type, Growth Badge, Central Ivoryscape): The busiest of the Gym Leaders is also Ivoryscape's Chief of Paramedics and an exceptional doctor. She is extremely hard to challenge as a result - matches with her are quick one-on-ones… quick, because she usually takes opponents down quickly. Is nice enough to restore a challenger's Pokemon after a battle, though.
  • Captain Colus, The Soldier (Ground Type, Banner Badge, Sandstep): The captain of the Sandstep Police Force and a veteran of a war in another region. He seems a little bit unsound, but he's a remarkably solid trainer and commands the utmost respect. Would-be challengers that don't meet his initial inspections are not even granted a match.
  • Brunja Sandkoff, The Heavy (Ice Type, Solid Badge, TBD): A massive, burly man running a mining operation on the largest mountain in Ivoryscape. Known to be a little slow in the head, his huge Pokemon still pack absolutely destructive power.
  • Saxton Hale, The Mayor (Normal Type, Lumberjack Badge, Gryllsville): The Mayor of Gryllsville is also its Gym Leader. The townspeople are constantly inspired by his macishmo and grand mustache. Known for wrestling with his own Ursaring and other Pokemon, trainers who try to interfere with the battle find themselves at a clear disadvantage when Saxton steps in. Occasionally gives his badge up to trainers who lose to him but that he sees promise in… since not many win.
  • Granny Teresa, The Announcer (Poison Type, Sole Badge, TBD): An old woman who is friends with Granny Gotva of the Wanderers. She does not actually participate in battle at her gym - instead, she runs a test pitting the trainer against wild Pokemon, all while demoralizing them. Reports conflict on whether she's actually a cruel person or it's just part of the test.
  • Megain Lusa, The Simple (Psychic Type, Bond Badge, Grume Village): Megain is a seemingly unremarkable woman of questionable intelligence that makes a lot of people question how she is a gym leader. If stories are to be believed, it is actually her Alakazam - Bendy - who leads combat with potential trainers. But what's a Pokemon doing running a gym?
  • Zip Lightning and the League Rockers, The Punks (Rock Type, Roll Badge, TBD): A punk rock band that aren't quite as big as they'd have you believe, their day job is to challenge trainers. They insist on 4v4 matches - prospective challengers have to form teams, but if teamwork can be found, they're considered to be among the weaker leaders.
  • Candice Colmore, The Engineer (Steel Type, Sentry Badge, East Ivoryscape): In the day, she runs a machine shop, taking all kinds of speciality jobs; by night, her shop - and its dangers - become a challenging gym. Her Pokemon are not the strongest; but they're crafty enough to use the devices of the shop themselves, along with her inventions.
  • Madeline Altherwood, The Siren (Water Type, Island Badge, Lost Island): The daughter of League Chairwoman Julia, she was a normal and happy woman until her husband abducted their children and vanished. She retreated herself and her gym to an island in her melancholy and is rarely seen or challenged now - because the island itself is difficult to find.

Major Contest Circuit Figures:

  • Andrei Rosetti (Beauty Circuit Champ): The extremely flamboyant Beauty Queen and an extremely well-known name in high fashion - although that means most people have no idea who the hell he is. (Recognition level: Name might be known a little more popularly, but only fashionistas or contest fanatics would really recognise him in person)
  • Venus Elise (Cool Circuit Champ): A rather relaxed young girl in her late teens, almost never seen without her trademark shades. Her good looks have earned her fame as an actress which have only been augmented by holding the Cool Circuit champ title for four years running. (Recognition level: She's an actress)
  • Timothy Vangrat (Smart Circuit Champ): A smarmy, egotistical male who is barely twenty, he seemed to be all hot air until his Pokemon swept the Smarts Circuit two years ago and nobody has been able to shake him since. He is a Wanderer, although he keeps this a secret. (Recognition level: Only contest fanatics would know him, and probably dislike him)
  • Sky Uppercut (Tough Circuit Champ): Boisterous, loud, and yet extremely skilled, Sky is a martial arts champ occasionally wrapped up in scandal when he picks fights with things that aren't his Pokemon. Nobody knows if Sky Uppercut is actually his name or if he just wants to sound awesome. (Recognition level: Has a cult following!?)
  • Mercury Elise (Cute Circuit Champ): The younger sister of Venus Elise, she is barely nine and yet became champion of the Cute Circuit this year. Compared to her calm, collected older sister, Mercury is enthusiastic and bubbly and fond of dressing up in Pokemon-themed accessories and enjoying time with her Pokemon. (Recognition level: She's following in her sister's shadow and is only recently on the scene, so only contest fans would know her)


  • Professor Pine: The Regional Professor of Altho, who is often visited by youth looking to start their Pokemon journey. He works closely with PokeFutures, a company responsible for the development of Pokemon-related technology, such as new models of Pokedexes. (Recognition level: Very famous in the scientific community; known by some trainers who began in Altho)
  • mariamtrainer.png Professor Mariam Stellas: A bombshell of a woman who works in an unrevealed field of study at PokeFutures. She tends to be the one who ends up running the show when the normal chain of command gets broken somewhere. (Recognition level: Unlikely, unless you've met her, then you probably won't forget her)
  • tobytrainer-1.png Toby Stellas: The son of Mariam Stellas. Very shy and seeming frail, he keeps most of his body covered up. (Recognition level: Not unless met)
  • Secretary: A lazy man who works the front desk at PokeFutures. Seems to like the taste of pencils. (Recognition level: Not unless met)


  • ????: The mysterious leader of the Wanderers. Tabloids have pinned this individual's identity as a great many possibilities - from champions past and present to random people on the street… and overall, it seems they have absolutely no idea! All that is known is that the Wanderers do have a single 'highest authority' to which they answer, and this person could literally be anyone. (Recongition level: Ahahahaha… no.)
  • Granny Gotva: The old lady who handles the Wanderers Office and has handled pretty much every application for the Wanderers for the last twenty years. Her nametag actually reads 'Granny Gotva', nobody knows if it's her real name, but most longtime Wanderers just use call her Granny. Nobody really knows much about her except that she smokes a lot, and seems to be the spokesperson of the Wanderers. Answers every question about how the Wanderers actually work with "Can't tell you." (Recognition level: You almost certainly know her)
  • The intern: A young man in formal clothing who can be seen delivering coffee to Granny on occasion. Everyone just assumes he's an intern. Nobody knows anything else about him. (Recognition level: You probably have seen him but that's really about it)
  • Unknown Wanderer: A man attacked on January 3rd by El Tigre Chang, a miracle performed by Steve Weislet saved his life. His identity is presently unknown while he is being treated. His status as a Wanderer is currently unknown by all except Steve. The moment of his stabbing was captured in a photo by Nalia Marigold by accident. Currently in the hospital. (Recognition level: Well, he's unknown!)

Team ?????:

The criminal syndicate that has recently appeared in Altho, making waves after their attempt to kill the denizens of a train in early January. Their name is literally "Team ?????" and is pronounced like a sound of confusion. It is theorized they have five executives who call themselves the Ringmasters. Is their purpose just senseless violence, or…?

  • Fifth Ringmaster Furike the Violent: (Battle) A psychopath behind the attack on the train, he loves senseless violence and is a master of knives. The lowest-standing of the Executives. May or may not be dead.

Others (Major):

  • Eules: A former champion who has achieved a certain level of fame in Altho. An orphan from the outermost areas of Altho, he and rival Kris took the League by storm when they were twelve, and one of them often held the Champion title since, until Eules up and disappeared roughly six years ago for reasons nobody knows. He was popular for his ferocity and fiery spirit, although many didn't like how crass and rude he could be. (Recognition level: Anyone who has followed the league knows of him; although the general public is starting to lose interest and memory since he hasn't been seen in six years)
  • Wes: One of the three Heroes of Orre. A Pokemon Thief of Team Snagem who stole the first Snag Machine prototype and set about to rescuing and purifying the Shadow Pokemon that Cipher had created. He eventually left Orre after he thought he cleaned things up, and has been travelling the world continuing his mission to find and purify Shadow Pokemon. (Recognition Level: Possibly, if a little unlikely since he hasn't been in the public eye for a few years)
  • Lycus: (Battle 1) A young brat first seen when Jamal nearly hit him with a police cruiser, and has been seen a couple times since. His brother is Hans, but they've been seen fighting for an unknown reason. He might speak civilized, but he is extremely haughty and prone to anger - if not outright violence… (Recognition level: Not unless you met him)
  • Hans: (Battle 1) A surprisingly strong youth seen with Lycus. Unlike his brother, he speaks in a distinctly country accent and manner, and wears more farm-esque clothing. Wields a sword with unexpected strength. Hotblooded and constantly seeking a challenge, but also quite polite and well-mannered when calm. (Recognition level: Not unless you met him)
  • Ull: (Battle 1) A fierce man estimated to be about 20, adorned in furs and tattoos/markings made with war paint, he was busy raiding Grume with wild Pokemon and displayed an exceptionally unusual affinity with nature, apparently granted to him by some unknown person or Pokemon. Currently held in captivity, though questioning is proving difficult due to his lack of language skills. Sleeps like the dead but snores like a lion. (Recognition level: Not unless you met him)

Others (Minor?):

  • Akira: A young rock star from somewhere that's likely not Altho, who decided to make his debut only very recently in Ivoryscape City's New Years festivities. He seems to know Andrei Rosetti somehow. (Recognition level: Not unless you met him)
  • Christoph Rurola: The waiter at a small family cafe in Ivoryscape City, who recently up and vanished after an unusual incident. An official search for him is ongoing, though it's unclear if it's out of supicion or worry for his safety. (Recognition level: Not unless you met him)
  • El Tigre Chang: A serial killer loose in Ivoryscape, known for dressing up in a Luxray costume and killing with knives. The sworn enemy of policeman Jamal Jenkins. True identity unknown. (Recognition level: Fairly well-known due to being Wanted, although extremely few have seen him and lived to tell)
  • Nalia Marigold: A lady reporter for the Altho Beat, one of the bigger newspapers in the Altho region. Her name is usually attached to stories that are really just chases after urban legends, and she has a… mixed reputation as a result. (Recognition level: Quite possible if you read that paper, at least her name anyway)
  • Rui: One of the three Heroes of Orre, she is now travelling with the Almeza Family Circus and has left the region. She is investigating the circus' ties to Shadow Pokemon.
  • The Almeza Family Circus: A circus from Orre, that was going to run a tour in Altho until Team ????'s existence caused them to endure some trust issues and cut their tour short. In addition to the father who runs the show, the mother is an acrobat, and their three children - from youngest to oldest, Revas, Yuela, and Malahn - perform in various roles as well. They have left the Altho region, but not before leaving several Shadow Pokemon in the region…

Others (From Alt GM Games):

  • Mary Sue MacGuffin: A contest circuit star with a great family and bright future, rather suddenly extinguished by the arrival of a dangerous package that drove her family against each other. She passed her prized companion, Astrid, onto Camellia before leaving. (Recognition level: Possible depending on familiarity with contest circuit)

Unidentified others that will be back:

  • Classy Lady: A somewhat snobbish but skilled woman in a white dress with a huge parasol. Seen at the Grand Colosseum's opening.
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