A page containing information on new Pokemon in the Altho Region. These mons are arranged by Alphabetical Family Tree.
See also Shadow Pokemon Rules, which isn't necessarily new Pokemon.

New Stuff

Any new stuff used in a Pokemon's sheet will contain a (!) immediately following to inform you it's not in the standard books

New Abilities

  • Explosive Nature : Triggered - when colliding with an object via a Push keyword effect, or within radius of a successfully hit Explosion/Self-Destruct/Aftermath/Explosive Nature, the Pokemon automatically self destructs. After taking damage, the Pokemon is set to 0 HP if they were above it. Any enemies within 5m take damage equal to the amount of HP lost upon activation.

New Capabilities

  • Connected: Pokemon in this evolutionary family are capable of connecting to each other through wireless signals they naturally produce. When connected, they function like standard phones with the connected partner - any sounds they hear are transmitted through and heard from the other. Pokemon with this ability must have met face-to-face to connect to one another.

New Moves

None so far

Standard Pokemon

Celitty Family

Eevee Family


Legendary Pokemon

Version-Exclusive Legendaries

Other Legendaries

(More to come!)
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