Game: Signs of Life

Level 12 Protector/Hero

Name: André Terrasanta
Age: 21
Height: 5' 7"

HP: 110/110
AP: 6/6

Offensive Trainer

Hit Points: 115
Attack: 30
Defense: 13
Special Attack: 8
Special Defense: 13
Speed: 6

Initiative: 6
Movement: 7
Evasion: +6
Accuracy: +3

Qualities and Traits

Quick: +8
Subtle: +5
Insightful: +4
Focused: +4

Skill Traits Prowling Scout, Sandy Forager, Tumbler
Movement Traits Sprinter, Naturewalk: Desert
Special Traits -

Peace Seeker: "I'll keep fighting for my father's ideals, but I have to find a new way to do it."

Status Menu

Orders / Moves / Feats
Struggle (AW, AC4, Normal, Physical, Melee, 1T, Normal DB1)
Dual Chop (AW, AC4, Dragon, Physical, Melee, 1T, Double Strike DB1) On 17+, Dual Chop is a Critical Hit. If both attacks hit, Dual Chop gains a +1 DB bonus.
Noble Roar (Scene x1, AC3, Normal, Status, Burst 1, Minor Action, Social, Sonic) The targets suffer a -5 penalty to Damage Rolls for one full round, and you gain a tick of temporary hit points. Noble Roar’s Frequency is restored whenever you cause a target to faint with a damaging attack.
Swords Dance (AW, Normal, Status, Self, Buff) The user gains the Swords Dance buff. While under the effects of Swords Dance, the user gains a +6 Bonus to their Attack and +2 Evasion against melee attacks. The user may expend Swords Dance when a foe within reach misses them with an attack to immediately make an At-Will physical attack against that foe as a free action.
Dragon Claw (EOT, AC3, Dragon, DB4, Physical, Melee or Pass, 1T) Dragon Claw is a Critical Hit on 18+.
Execution Order (Scene 1, Dark, Status, Special, 1T, Minor Action) Execution Order can be triggered after successfully hitting a foe with an attack but not causing them to Faint. All allies have a +3 bonus to Critical Hit against that foe for one full round. If the foe Faints in the next full round, the user gains two Ticks of Temporary HP and increases their Initiative by +2.
Regal Challenge (Scene 1, Dragon, Status, Range 6, 1T, Minor Action) Ask the target if they choose Deference or Defiance. If they choose Deference, the target becomes Tripped, Paralyzed, and gains a -5 penalty to damage rolls for the rest of the scene. If they choose Defiance, the user gains a +8 Bonus to Damage Rolls and a +2 bonus to Critical Hit Range for the rest of the scene.
Lordly Calliber (Scene 1, Dragon, Status, Self, Social, Minor Action) The user gains two ticks of Temporary Hit Points and is cured of all status conditions. At the end of the user’s turn, each adjacent foe loses a Tick of Hit Points and becomes Suppressed for 1 round.

Tumbler (Static) You gain the "Tumbler" Trait, which reflects an expertise for jumping, balance, and parkour.
Sprinter (Static) You gain +2 Movement, and the Sprinter Movement Capability.
Versatile (Static) You gain a Skill Trait of your choice.
Masterful (Static) You gain an additional 2 Quality Points to Distribute.
Heroic Fighter You gain the Combat Training Feature, and the Confidence Ability. You also learn Moves based on your Tier. Unlike Pokemon, Trainers may know any number of Moves.

  • Tier 1: Dual Chop, Noble Roar, Swords Dance
  • Tier 2: Dragon Claw, Execution Order
  • Tier 3: Regal Challenge
  • Tier 4: Lordly Caliber

Vanguard (At-Will, Minor Action, Trigger: You hit a target foe with a damaging attack) All other allies gain a +2 bonus to Accuracy against the target foe for 1 full round. Bonus: additionally Heroes gain a bonus based on whether they use a melee or ranged weapon;

  • Melee Weapons: Heroes using Melee Weapons gain +5 Damage Reduction while adjacent to at least one ally.
  • Ranged Weapons: Heroes using Ranged Weapons may use Dual Chop as if it had a range of “Range 6, 1 Target”, and Dragon Claw as if it had a range of “Range 6, 2 targets”.

Tanking Zone Committee Bylaws for In-Play Movement Document 9 Section 2J (Static) Whenever a foe Marked or Provoked by you or your Pokemon moves away from your Pokemon (including with a Disengage), they become Flinched. When your Pokemon hits a foe with a Punish attack provoked by Movement, that foe immediately ends their movement if any.
Guardian's Mark (Bind 1 AP, Order, Target: A Foe) The target foe becomes Marked while this Talent is bound. When a foe Marked this way uses an attack that does not target your Pokemon, they provoke a Punish Attack from your Pokemon. You may unbind Guardian’s Mark and spend the bound AP when your Pokemon hits the Marked foe with any attack to cause that foe to become Exhausted for 1 full round.
Holmgang (Scene x1, Special) Your Pokemon may activate Holmgang as a Move Action while adjacent to a Marked target. For one full round, the following effects occur;

  • All attacks made by both your Pokemon and the Marked target become “Melee, 1-Target” attacks that automatically hit the other but miss anyone else.
  • Your Pokemon cannot be brought below 1 HP by any effect.

Kip Up (Static) You gain +2 to Speed. You can stand up from being tripped as a free action during your turn.
Grand Punishment (1 AP, Free Action, Trigger: Your Pokemon would make a Punish Attack) Instead of making a Struggle Attack, your Pokemon may use any At-Will Frequency Move they know that targets foes as if it had a range of “Melee, 1 Target”. If the target is Marked, the Move may be of any Frequency.
Guard Break (1 AP, Free Action, Trigger: Your Pokemon hits a foe with a Physical attack) The foe becomes Vulnerable against the next physical attack made against them within 1 full round; if that attack hits them, their Defense is halved against that attack when calculating damage. A foe can be affected by Guard Break only once per Scene.
Gang Up You and your Pokemon gain +2 Evasion if you are adjacent to each other or flanking the same foe. Foes flanked by both you and your Pokemon cannot Disengage. Whenever a foe provokes a Punish attack from both you and your Pokemon for the same action, you each gain a +2 bonus to Accuracy to those attacks.
Inspiring Stand (Scene x2, Free Action, Trigger: Your Pokemon uses a Standard Action to use an Ability or Status Move that targets allies) The Move gains an additional bonus based on its range;

  • If the triggering Move is targeted, you may target an additional ally in range.
  • If the triggering Move is an AOE, all targets gain a tick of temporary hit points.
  • If the Move is self-targeting, your Pokemon may allow an adjacent ally to benefit from the Move instead.

White Mightyena Tactics (Scene x1, Minor Action, Trigger: Your Pokemon hits a flanked foe with a damaging attack) An ally that is also flanking the target may make an At-Will Frequency attack against the flanked foe as a free action. This attack automatically hits, and gains a +3 bonus to Effect Range.

Confidence (Static) As long as the user is not Shaken, Allies within 2 squares gain a +1 DB bonus to all damaging attacks.


Equipment Effect
Hand Fragarach Small Melee Weapon (+1 Crit, +1 Effect); Cheap Shot - EoT - Normal - AC 3 - DB2 - Physical - Melee, 1 Target, Accurate .
- Answerer - Scenex2 - Electric Physical - AC 5 - DB6 - Close Blast 3 - Smite - Effect: Answerer does Electric or Flying damage, whichever is more effective.
Accessory Regal Charm The user may activate this item once per Scene when hitting with a Dragon-Type Move to deal +2d10 damage to the target.

Purchase Log (Wealth 3/11)

  • Sandstone Charm (1 Wealth)(Equipped to Valente)
  • Regal Charm (1 Wealth)(Equipped to André)
  • Ivy Charm (1 Wealth)(Equipped to Pinho)
  • Quick Scarf (1 Wealth)(Equipped to Lolo)
  • Juggler's Bell (2 Wealth)(Equipped to Graça)
  • Desert Boots (1 Wealth)(Permanent Gear for André)
  • Quick Scarf (1 Wealth)(Equipped to Brutus)
  • Tutor, Venom Charge (1 Wealth)(Pinho, T3 replaces T1 Power-Up Punch)

Loadout (0/3 SP)

Permanent Gear

  • Terrain Boots (Desert): gain Desert Naturewalk
  • Army Combat Knife

Consumable Items

  • 5 Potions
  • 3 Full Heal
  • 1 Camp Supplies

Pact Beasts

Overland 7
Skill Trait
Strong 6
Focused 3
Intense 6

Valente: Excadrill Type: GroundIC.gifSteelIC.gif Held Item: Sandstone Charm, the user may activate this item once per Scene when hitting with a Ground-Type Move to Blind the target for 1 full round.
Level 13, Tier 4 HP: 100/100 Evasion: +6 Accuracy: +2 Condition: Uninjured
Ability Usage Special Effect
Melee Striker Static The user gains +1 Movement Speed. Whenever the user misses with a melee attack that does not have smite, they may make a Struggle attack against an adjacent foe.
Sand Rush Static While in Sandy weather or under 50%, the user's Initiative is doubled.
Sand Force Static While in Sandstorm Weather or under 50% Max Hit Points, the user’s Ground, Rock, and Steel-Typed Moves gain a +10 Bonus to Damage.
Stat Base Added Value
Attack 14 +21 35
Defense 6 +5 11
Special Attack 5 +0 5
Special Defense 7 +5 12
Speed 3 +3 6
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Quick Guard Scene x1 FightingIC.gif Status Reaction, Trigger, Shield If the user or an adjacent ally is hit by a damaging Ranged move or a damaging attack made with Priority, the user may activate Quick Guard to cause the triggering attack to miss and deal no damage to you and up to one adjacent ally of your choice.
Swords Dance AW NormalIC.gif Status Self, Buff The user gains the Swords Dance buff. While under the effects of Swords Dance, the user gains a +6 Bonus to their Attack and +2 Evasion against melee attacks. The user may expend Swords Dance when a foe within reach misses them with an attack to immediately make an At-Will physical attack against that foe as a free action.
Earthquake Scene x2 AC 3 GroundIC.gif DB 6 Physical Burst 1 or Line, Smite, Groundsource
Rock Slide Scene x2 AC 5 RockIC.gif DB 4 Physical Range 6, Blast 3, Smite Target flinches on 17+
Infinity Slice Scene x2 AC 6 SteelIC.gif DB 3 Physical Melee, 1 Target Make four attack rolls against the target. For each attack that hits beyond the first, Infinity Slice’s Damage Base is increased by +2 and resolved as a single attack.
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