Level 50
why can't I hold all these classes

HP 470
PY 0
Well Power: Recover
Level 2: 3/day 60 HP heal, self and pokemon multiply healing received 1.5
Level 3: 1/day full restore, nullpowers
MA Damage: 55 STR 45 DEX
Psychic Damage: 65
LV Damage: 155 Physical 160 Special
Reduced Damage: 57

Seen: ???
Caught: 11

STR 50 +20
DEX 30 +10
CON 30 +10
INT 26 +8
WIS 10
CHA 30 +10

Trainer Features:
I Can Take A Hit+, Weapon of Choice (Unarmed), Multitasking, I Believe In You (6/day), Gym Leader

Ranger Features:
Befriend, Companion, Part Of The Team (0/6)

Coach Features:
Faster (+cha move), Stronger (+1 power), Hard Work And Guts (11/day), Aim For The Top (+2 CS static), Unstoppable (+1/8 regen static), More Than Ever (2x features), Quicker (+5 speed), Smarter (+5 spd), Tougher (+5 def)

Signer Features:
Guardian Sign (26/day), Healing Sign (11/day), Divine Sign (6/day), God Sign, Grand Sign (9/day), Smite Sign, Righteous Sign, Summoning Sign

Martial Artist Features:
Improved Combat Focus, Improved Martial Endurance, Resilience (4/day)

Black Belt Features:
Close Combat, Sensei (Batshit Hobo Fighting), Toughest Skin, Strong Guy, Reckless

Dirty Fighter Features:
Battle Chatter (7/day), Sucker Punch (7/day), Below The Belt, Desperate Assault, Tax (11/day)

Athlete Features:
C'mon And Slam (11/day), Run, Baby, Run! (11/day), Welcome to the Jam (6/day), Work That Body

Fire Breather Features:
Photokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Lava Plume (10 HP), Sunny Day (20 HP), Fire Blast (25 HP)

Ace Trainer Features:
Improved Training, Improved Attacks Z

Stat Ace Features:
Specialist Training+, Stat Subversion+, Superior Ability (7/day), Stat Boost (6/day)

Legendary Vessel Features:
Legendary Merge, Legendary Form, Awakening, One With The Divine, Divine Inspiration (V-Create, Searing Shot, Blue Flare, Cold Flare, Fusion Flare, Double Team, Aeroblast, Sacred Sword, Aura Sphere, Psych Up, Roar of Time, Flare Blitz), From The Source (Victory Star, Drought, Sky, Firestarter), Legendary Aura (Weekly, abilities x6), Split Vessel, Vassals x4, True Merger

Executive Features:
Rolecall (8/day), Respect My Authority, Expanded Team x3

Snagger Features:
Loyalty Meter, Snag! (11/day), Subtle Break

Stuff: emergency food

Pokeballs: 11 Pokeballs, 9 Quick Balls, 3 Dusk Balls, 4 Great Balls, 4 Basic Female Day Pokeballs, 4 Double Rise Tutor Great Balls, 1 EVERYTHING BALLS
Medicine: 10 potions, 3 Old Gateau, 1 PP Up
Held: Lucky Egg, Flash Fire Accessory, Water Absorb Accessory, Rock Head Accessory, Sturdy Accessory, Killing Gloves of Boxing
TMs: Triple Kick, Sketch

Key Items: Snag Machine, Piece of Amulet, Empty Pill Bottle, Steel/Dark armor
Allied: Landorus, Zapdos, Mewtwo, Giratina, Rayquaza, Lugia, Jirachi, Heatran


Legendary Form
F Composed Victiram
WC 1
Level 96+4/100, Victory Sun/Defiant/Drought/Blaze/Turboblaze/Pressure
Vitamins: 5 PP Up/5 HP Up X
+65 damage

HP 86 (508)
ATK 90
DEF 88 (10)
SPA 95
SPD 88 (10)
SPE 88 (8)


Overland 21, Surface 15, Sky 45, Burrow 15, Jump 7, Power 7, Aura, Glow, Heater, Impenetrable, Telekinetic, Telepath, Firestarter, Egg Warmer

Focus Energy, Endure, Inferno, Flare Blitz, Reversal, Final Gambit, Stored Power (eot)
Blue Flare, Fusion Flare, Outrage, Extrasensory, Imprison, Crunch, Hyper Voice
V-Create (Battle), Aeroblast (Battle), Sacred Sword (eot), Psych Up, Roar of Time, Aura Sphere (eot), Searing Shot (Battle)
Cold Flare, Stone Edge, Protect, Sunny Day, Dragon Claw, Double Team, Fly

Firestorm Aura - Fire damage may not be reduced, avoided, or mitigated by anything except stats alone. All fire damage targeting allies instead targets Andromeda and acts as if she has Flash Fire.
Fusion Aura - Fusion Flare doubles its Damage Dice Roll against a target that has used a Legendary Signature within the last round.
Null Aura - All Glitched Fist features are available for use when not Victini.
Omnicompetence Aura - Andromeda counts as a Pokemon of every type for the purposes of STAB.

Victory Sun
All allies need to roll 2 lower on Accuracy Check to hit. This increases to 4 in Sun.

Buster Homerun - Fighting
EOT - 2
Ranged (10), 1 Target, Pass, Combined
Buster Homerun cannot miss. If it is made to be able to miss, its accuracy check cannot be modified.

Shine Spark - Fire
Center - 3
Ranged (10), No Target, Column, Burst, Combined
Shine Spark creates a 10-meter Burst. If anyone in this, or the last, round of the encounter used Fusion Bolt, Shine Spark deals an additional 8d12 in Damage Dice Roll. Shine Spark doubles its Damage Dice Roll against any target that has used a Legendary Signature in this, or the last, round of the encounter. Lower the user's Defense, Special Defense, and Speed 1 Combat Stage.

Orion (Companion)
M Adamant Arcanine
WC 5
Level 100, No Guard/Flash Fire/Justified
Field Egg Group
Vitamins: 4 PP Up
Held: Rock Head

HP 54 (262)
ATK 88
DEF 55 (10)
SPA 21
SPD 55 (10)
SPE 80 (8)


Overland 26, Surface 6, Jump 5, Power 5, Intelligence 4, Firestarter, Tracker

Crunch, Roar, Iron Tail (eot), Morning Sun, Extremespeed (eot), Flame Wheel, Reversal, Odor Sleuth
Strength, V-Create (Battle), Wild Charge, Protect, Zen Headbutt, Flare Blitz, Head Smash (eot)

Pisces (Companion)
F Timid Swampert
WC 4
Level 80, Torrent/Hydration/Damp
Monster/Water 1 Egg Group
Vitamins: 1 Carbos, 4 PP Up
Unlock: Electric

HP 45 (215)
ATK 53
DEF 53 (10)
SPA 53
SPD 53 (10)
SPE 20 (2)


Overland 7, Surface 15, Underwater 7, Burrow 7, Jump 2, Power 7, Intelligence 4, Fountain, Gilled

Defense Curl, Ice Ball, Hammer Arm, Muddy Water (eot), Earthquake, Foresight, Endeavor
V-Create, Thunder (eot), Rollout, Waterfall (atwill), Ice Beam (eot), Fire Punch, Heat Wave

Crater (Companion)
M Stoic Rampardos
WC 5
Level 80, Mold Breaker/Rock Head/Sheer Force
Monster Egg Group
Vitamins: 5 PP Up

HP 49 (227)
ATK 55
DEF 44 (8)
SPA 24
SPD 43 (8)
SPE 44 (4)


Overland 15, Jump 4, Power 7, Intelligence 4, Groundshaper, Sinker

Head Smash (eot), Endeavor, Focus Energy, Pursuit, Take Down, Screech, Assurance (eot)
Brick Break, Gravity, Protect, Zen Headbutt, Earthquake (eot), Pain Split (eot), Dragon Tail (eot)

M Quirky Butterfree
WC 3
Level 100, Illuminate/Compoundeyes/Tinted Lens
Vitamins: 3 PP Up, 2 Calcium X
Unlock: Fire

HP 27 (181)
ATK 28
DEF 35 (7)
SPA 98
SPD 35 (7)
SPE 90 (9)


Overland 2, Sky 20, Jump 3, Power 2, Intelligence 4, Sinker, Zapper, Glow

Psybeam, Whirlwind, Sleep Powder, Thunder Wave, Quiver Dance, Thunder (eot oh god), Tail Glow
Shadow Ball, Giga Drain (eot), Draco Meteor, Fire Blast (eot), Protect, Ominous Wind, Skill Swap

Alphard (Companion)
M Jolly Hydreigon
WC 2
Level 100, Pure Blooded/Levitate/Dark Art
Vitamins: 5 PP Up

HP 50 (250)
ATK 70
DEF 56 (10)
SPA 60
SPD 56 (10)
SPE 55 (5)


Overland 8, Surface 10, Sky 21, Jump 4, Power 7, Intelligence 4, Mind Lock, Aura, Firestarter, Groundshaper

Work Up, Dragon Pulse (eot), Focus Energy, Body Slam, Crunch, Dragon Rush (eot), Hyper Voicd
Draco Meteor, Fake Tears, Earthquake (eot), Surf (eot), Focus Blast, Flamethrower (eot), Fly

Libra (Companion)
F Modest Dusknoir
WC 5
Level 100, Levitate/Cursed Body/Haunt
Indeterminate Egg Group
Vitamins: 1 Kelpsy Berry, 2 HP Up, 3 PP Up

HP 39 (217)
ATK 42
DEF 70 (10)
SPA 70
SPD 70 (10)
SPE 41 (4)


Overland 18, Surface 8, Jump 3, Power 5, Intelligence 4, Invisibility, Phasing, Telepath, Aura

Hex, Will-O-Wisp, Curse, Pursuit, Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Disable
Shadow Ball, Pain Split (eot), Memento (eot), Protect, Flamethrower (eot), Psych Up, Embargo

Iago (Companion)
M Hardy Chatot
WC 1
Level 100, Sturdy/Keen Eye/Prankster
Vitamins: 4 PP Up

HP 32 (196)
ATK 33
DEF 34 (6)
SPA 103
SPD 32 (6)
SPE 81 (8)


Overland 6, Surface 1, Sky 18, Jump 3, Power 1, Intelligence 5, Stealth

Nasty Plot, Roost, Taunt, Chatter (atwill), Mimic (eot), Hyper Voice (eot), Mirror Move
Magic Coat, Sleep Talk (eot), Spider Web, Screech, Echoed Voice, Rest, Heal Bell

F Modest Shiftry
WC 3
Level 80, Early Bird/Pickpocket/Chlorophyll
Vitamins: 4 PP Up

HP 32 (176)
ATK 54
DEF 25 (5)
SPA 56
SPD 33 (6)
SPE 52 (5)


Overland 18, Surface 6, Jump 5, Power 4, Intelligence 4, Aura

Leaf Storm, Leaf Tornado, Torment (eot), Growth, Nature Power, Fake Out, X-Scissor
Foul Play (eot), Dark Pulse, Worry Seed (eot), Ominous Wind, Bounce, Fire Punch, Flamethrower (eot)

F Brave Hariyama
WC 6
Level 80, Thick Fat/Guts/Sheer Force
Vitamins: 5 HP Up X

HP 63 (269)
ATK 77
DEF 32 (6)
SPA 19
SPD 32 (6)
SPE 30 (3)


Overland 16, Surface 7, Jump 1, Power 7, Intelligence 4, Aura

Smack Down, Reversal, Belly Drum, Heavy Slam, Fake Out, Whirlwind, Knock Off
Outrage, Protect, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Iron Head, Foresight, Detect

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