PTU Shadow Pokemon Rules

Shadow Pokemon Rules

  • Shadow Pokemon gain halved EXP, and the other half of their EXP is stored in a pool that they gain when they're purified.
  • Shadow Pokemon can't evolve until after they're purified. No surprises there.
  • Shadow-type moves have a strange effect on non-Shadow Pokemon. Shadow Moves function like the Normal move Chip Away in that they ignore any Armor, Damage Reduction, or changes in the target’s Defense or Special Defense (such as from Combat Stages) when calculating damage on non-Shadow Pokemon. Against other Shadow Pokemon and Pokemon with the Purest Heart ability, though, Shadow Moves get defenses applied normally AND are resisted.
  • Shadow Pokemon gain Cruelty in addition to whatever abilities they would have. If they would already have Cruelty, they may use Cruelty an additional time per Scene.
  • Shadow Pokemon have a Heart stat, which starts at 0. For every battle that they participate in, they gain 1 Heart. They also can gain Heart through Training, getting 1 Heart per hour of training, although this only works up to 5 Heart, and they gain 1 Heart whenever a Call action is used to snap them out of Reverse Mode. Heart has a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 10, and when a Shadow Pokemon reaches 10 Heart they can be purified by Lecia's Purification Machine.
  • Shadow Pokemon have no identifiable Nature until they reach 5 Heart.
  • Shadow Pokemon with under 5 Heart dislike being told what to do. They will not listen to an order to perform a non-Shadow move unless the Trainer makes a command Check, with a DC of (5-Heart)*4. In Reverse Mode, Shadow Pokemon, regardless of their Heart stat, require Command checks to perform non-Shadow Moves.
  • Whenever a Shadow Pokemon uses a Shadow move, there is a chance that they will enter Reverse Mode after it resolves. While in Reverse Mode, Shadow Pokemon gain STAB on Shadow Moves, are considered typeless for most elemental considerations, and have their crit range on all moves increased by 2. It is incredibly difficult to order Shadow Pokemon around to do non-Shadow Moves, and even if ordered to do a Shadow Move they will sometimes do something else, so all commands from a Trainer during Reverse Mode require a Command check of DC (10-Heart)*3.
  • A Shadow Pokemon may be snapped out of Reverse Mode by a Trainer spending a Shift action to perform a Call action and rolling a Command Check (DC is half of that to command a Pokemon in Reverse Mode, rounded down). If the Check succeeds, the Shadow Pokemon is snapped out of Reverse Mode and goes back to normal.
  • When a Shadow Pokemon is Purified, they gain 2 Tutor Points, get any move from their egg or tutor list added to their Inheritance list (at sufficiently high levels, they can learn it right away), and are allowed to forget their Shadow Move. If a Shadow Move is forgotten, it may be retaught by a tutor as an (N) move. They also lose the Cruelty ability, and instead gain Purest Heart.

Ability: Purest Heart
Effect: This Pokemon resists Shadow Type moves by one more step, may apply their defenses to them normally, and may intercept attacks for any ally (regardless of Loyalty) as a Shift action.

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