Arawn Riagan


Name: Arawn Riagan
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 168 lbs.

Profession: Smith
Birthdate: Spring / 84
Favourite Food: High-class foods
Favourite Gifts: Crafting Materials, or anything with a lot of time put into it
Favourite Spot: Amaranth Mountain's hot springs


Cash Money: 14235
Salary: 100P/week ; plus 80% of sales from blacksmith crafts he does/100% of Apricorn Ball sales

Name Level Element Effect
Weapon Red Harvest 40 Fire Polearm, +8 Damage
Armor None
Accessory Glass Bracer 30 Rock +3 Physical Damage Resistance


Species: Skiploom
Level: 22
EXP: 11600/12250

HP: 67 / 67

Type: Grass / Flying
400% Damage: Ice
200% Damage: Fire, Flying, Poison, Rock
50% Damage: Fighting, Water
25% Damage: Grass
0% Damage: Ground

Gender: Male
Ability: Chlorophyll (Doubles Speed in Sunlight)
Hold Item: None
Nature: Quirky (+HP, -SpDef)
Weight Class: 1
Capabilities: Overland 6, Surface 2, Sky 8, Jump 6, Power 1, Intelligence 4, Sprouter

Stat Base Added Total
HP 7 8 15
PA 5 5 10
PD 5 0 5
SA 5 0 5
SD 5 1 6
GO 5 7 12
Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Lv Bullet Seed At-Will Grass 4 Ranged (8) Phys 1d10 Scatter (Interrupting). Uses half Attack
Lv Leech Seed Center Grass 4 Ranged (6) Target loses 1/8th HP at start of each turn; user recovers HP equal to damage dealt. Fails on Grass types
Lv Poisonpowder EOT Poison 6 Ranged (4) 1m Blast; Poison
Egg Seed Bomb EOT Grass 2 Ranged (8) Phys 2d12+16 2m Blast
Lv Sleep Powder EOT Grass 6 1m Blast Sleep
Lv Stun Spore EOT Grass 11 1m Blast Paralysis
Lv Synthesis Center Grass Self Recover HP based on weather (Sunny = 2/3rds; Normal = half; Rain/Sand/Hail = 1/4th)

Next Move: Mega Drain (28)
Evolution Level: 30 (Oh god must get everstone)


Spring 30 - Assisted Joanna in retrieving stray Mareep. Got hold of some good Mandibuzz feathers. Half these guys don't know how to take orders and I've got a nasty bruise on my arm now from falling off a cliff but eh. As usual, Nike's the only one who can apparently be arsed to remember that perfection takes time. NTS: Don't pay that medic kid (Clutz? Clarth?) for unnecessary services.

Spring 37 - Writing this the morning after because I was way too tired last night. I think I paid for a chick's drinks last night or something I don't even know. Hell I don't exactly remember her name (Luna? Inna?) and kinda worried about that. Also I have seashells but I don't remember why.

Spring 45 - Festivities and sales interrupted by bandits. Took a pretty major shoulder injury that's gonna slow down work. Spring and I wrecked shit. Was hard to find remains from Geodudes involved in combat, but managed to get some at least.

Spring 55 - Surveying beach for water-based materials, got a perfect opportunity. The jelly is going to require some inventiveness, but this is all fantastic quality. …Did some people introduce themselves to me?

Spring 56 - Why must people be so insufferably noisy? I'm just on the verge of something, and… ugh. Nevermind. The tentacle's been cleanly cut; it might be pretty functional. No, it will be, in my hands.

Spring 70 - WHY DIDN'T I GET IT BEFORE Pokemon don't display just one property and neither should my creations. Never forget this again. (The rest of the page is almost indescipherable scribbles and diagrams)

Spring 75 - Almost done. Goddamnit people go away. On the plus, contest netted me someone almost as pissed off as I am. Almost.

Spring 78 - Finished crafting the gauntlets. I'll have to field test them first, but…

Spring 84 - Turned 24. Eh.

Spring 85 - Met newcomer; Lowly. She's related to Ced and Cress, cousin or something. Picked up a decent Mightyena pelt and Lowly caught me Hephaestus. Owe her something made from Willow leaves. Can't stand being pandered to like that, but alright. Death's Hands are definitely for a hardier warrior than myself, though. Maybe they need a new name too. Out of comission for a bit, though. Damnit.

Spring 90 - Free massage waiting from Neph. Designing for women is clearly harder than for men…

Campaign: Oran Valley

(Other shit to come)

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