Game: Trainer Academy


Name: Aria Melikos
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Weight: How rude :(
Origin: Export, Gennis
Interests: Journalism, Fashion, Music
Favorite Pie: Nomel Merengue

Your name is ARIA MELIKOS.

Unholy MOTHER of Giratina do you love words.

While you are loath to admit it, you cannot deny the lexiphanic stirrings within you. Yourself and others find your logolepsy quite ironic though, seeing as you also often suffer from SEVERE LETHOLOGICA.

But it is this EXTREME LOVE OF WORDS that makes you a master of DOLING OUT THE HARSH CALUMNY. Despite your youth, you are no mere scuttlebutt or prattlemonger, but a defamer of true skill. Camera in hand, pen pehind your ear, there is no reporter more feared. Or there wouldn't be, if you didn't run the AVALON INFORMER, a tabloid more YELLOW THAN THE SUN, under almost a dozen different NOMMES DE GUERRE. You are the authors. Aaaaaaaall the authors.

You do this mostly due to your EXTREME BOREDOM. It's not always easy being the pampered daughter of an INTERNATIONALLY FEARED TRADE BARON after all, even in a school such as this!




NOTE: +9 Damage, +17 to Dark moves.


Oneirataxia - Female Zoroark
Type: Dark
Ability: Illusion / Prankster
Nature: Hardy
Loyalty: 4 (Ahahaha oh man, things are getting FUN.)
Characteristic: Often dozes off.

Item: None
STAB: +6

Level: 30
EXP: 25,015

12 + 2 = 14
12 + 14 = 26
11 + 13 = 24

N: Detect, Counter, Scary Face, Pursuit, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes, Faint Attack
S: Shadow Ball, Extrasensory

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