Ariel Astroth

Game: fate-simple



Name: Ariel Astroth
Age: 15
Exp: 0/19 (NP, Combat Defense, Skills)


Aspect Defense Hit Points
Combat 3 5
Social 1 5
Magic 1 4
Command 0 2

Skills: Malleable, Taunting , Physical Enhancement Magic , Close Combat

Her Story

The Astroths are more than just your typical middle road magical family. They’d been around for a long time, originating in Scandinavia. They are a family with no defining magic style and if it weren’t for their rumored limitless magic circuits they wouldn’t even be considered middle of the road tier. It’s that mediocrity that brought the Astroth family to America starting with Ariel’s father’s father.

Ariel was born in Maine and there was nothing for her to do but to study magic. Her mother was a smart woman and homeschooled their only child. So between school studies and magic studies the girl had very little time for much else, including socializing. One thing the girl kept running into over and over again was her inability to control her magic in any way. She was never able to perform even the simplest of spells but throughout hours of training never felt fatigued.

When rumors of the Holy Grail War coming to America Anton Astroth began to push Ariel’s magic training to the next level. This was finally the time for their family to gain noticeable recognition within magic circles for something other than just a rumor. Despite the increased training Ariel still never fatigued. It seemed that her magic circuits were even deeper than her father ever imagined. They had to find a way into the War, even if that meant that short cuts had to be taken with the servant summoning ritual.




Name: Achilles
Source: Illiad (a Roman Epic)


Parameter Rank
Strength A
Endurance B
Agility A
Mana D
Luck D
Noble Phantasm A

Skills: Close Quarters Combat, Weapon Master, Combat Awareness

Noble Phantasm(s)

Diatrecon Aster Logche
Spear-tip of the Star Traversing the Skies.
God Killing Spear
Is able to pierce through all non Noble Phanstasm armor.

Achilles Heel
Can shift damage to magical HP as long as magic HP is available.

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