Name: Arisha
Age: 20
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 137 lbs (WC 4)

Level: 9
Trainer EXP: 0/10

Physical Evasion: +2
Special Evasion: +2
Speed Evasion: +1

Health / Status
HP: 73/73
Injuries: 0
AP: 6/6

Hit Points: 15
Attack: 7
Defense: 12
Special Attack: 5
Special Defense: 10
Speed: 5

Acrobatics Untrained (2) Intimidate Pathetic (1)
Athletics Untrained (2) Stealth Pathetic (1)
Combat Novice (3) Survival Novice (3)
General Expert (5) Pokemon Novice (3)
Medicine Expert (5) Technology Untrained (2)
Occult Adept (4)
Perception Novice (3) Guile Pathetic (1)
Charm Novice (3) Focus Untrained (2)
Command Untrained (2) Intuition Adept (4)
Overland 5+1 Swimming 2
High Jump 0 Long Jump 1
Power 4 Throwing 6
Background Title: Eiran Philanthropist
Adept Skill: Medicine Education Novice Skill: Occult
Pathetic Skills: Intimidate, Stealth, Guile

Status Menu

Struggle (AW AC5, 1M, Normal DB6: 2d6+8+7, No Effect)
Rock Smash (AW AC2, 1M, Fighting DB4: 1d8+6+7, Lowers Defense on 17+)



Equipment Effect
Head Nomad's Headdress A light and airy headdress fashioned with a woven headband and a headscarf. Cool for warmer climates and warm for the slightly chilly ones, well suited to the wandering lifestyle of the Eiran, no matter where their travels may find them. Sewn for her by her older sister, and has secret symbols sewn on the inside that only the two of them can decipher.
Main Hand Eiran Trisection Staff A Fine staff, two-handed, with the Backswing (Adept) and Sweeping Strike (Master) weapon moves, both currently inaccessible to Arisha. A traditional weapon passed down from a now deceased brother. She keeps it close in memory of him.
Off-Hand - -
Body Hand Knit Doublet Made with her own hands, with significant help from her mother, this doublet is a wonderfully modest piece of young women's clothing that still provides a free range of movement. The patterns symbolize a long journey past a range of mountains.
Feet Nomad Boots (Running Shoes) +2 bonus to Athletics checks (max +3), and +1 Overland speed. These thick-soled, well worn boots have dirt from numerous different lands permanently caked into some of the tinier nooks and crevices. She doesn't often wash them unless they're excessively dirty, as every grain of foreign soil carried with her is symbolic of the experience she's gained in her travel.
Accessory Traditional Rosary Worn as a necklace, each bead of this rosary contains herbs that are said to ward off spirits that feast upon one's dreams.
Money 3950P

Key Items

Camping Set (1 Bedroll, 1 Torch, 1 Flint and Tinder, 25 feet of utility rope)
Chemistry Set (I'm not actually sure her class features actually need it, but I'll take it anyway)
First Aid Kit
2x Portable Grower (Immature: Oran, Pecha)

As per Medic, can always access the First Aid Manual and Combat Medic's Primer book items and can bind their first tier effects for free.

Consumable Items

5 Mulch

$3200 worth of Medical Scrap
3 Potions
3 Antidotes
3 Burn Heals
3 Paralyze Heals
3 Ice Heals
3 Awakenings

3 Basic Balls (or their equivalent…)


Overland 5
Swim 2
High Jump 1
Long Jump 1
Power 4

Kusala, Female Meditite Type: Fighting/Psychic Evasion: 3/3/3 Tutor Points: 2/4
Level 24, 670 EXP HP: 74/74 Injuries: 0 Size: Small, WC 1 Held Item:
Training Regimen: Inspired (+1 Evasion and +2 Save Checks) Digestion Buff:
Ability Usage Special Effect
Pure Power Static +5 Base Attack and +1 for every 10 levels the user has.
Scrappy Static Ghost Types are not immune to the user’s Normal and Fighting-Type Moves.
Last Chance: Fighting Static Fighting type moves deal +5 damage. +10 when under 1/3 HP.
Proud Nature (+HP, -S.Atk)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 4 +6 10
Attack 11 +10 21
Defense 6 +6 12
Special Attack 2 +0 2
Special Defense 6 +6 12
Speed 6 +6 12
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
3d6+2 2d6+1 3d6 2d6 2d6+2 4d6+3
Improvements / Edges
Last Chance (Fighting) (2)
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Bide Scene None Normal HP loss (See Effects) Physical Burst 1, Friendly The user may use Bide as a Reaction Move upon being Hit by a Damaging Move. During their next available turn, the user may Shift and then use Bide, causing all Adjacent foes to lose X HP, where X is the amount of Damage taken since declaring use of Bide (Loss of life through effects such as Poison is not ‘Damage’).
Detect Scene None Fighting None Status Self, Interrupt, Shield, Trigger If the user is hit by a Move, the user may use Detect. The user is instead not hit by the Move. You do not take any damage nor are you affected by any of the Move’s effects.
Endure Daily None Normal None Status Self, Reaction, Trigger If the user is hit by a damaging Move, you may use Endure as a Free Action. If the Move would bring Endure’s user down to 0 Hit Points or less, Endure’s user instead is set to 1 Hit Point.
Feint Scene None Normal None Status Trigger Effect: If a foe uses a Move with the Shield Keyword in response to one of your actions, you may activate Feint to cause the triggering Move to Fail. Feint is activated as a Free Action.
Force Palm AW 2 Fighting 2d8+10+21+5/10 Physical Melee, 1 Target, Aura Paralyzes on 18+
Psycho Cut EOT 2 Psychic 2d10+10+21 Physical Range 6, 1 Target Crits on 18+
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