Zong's World


Parvins is the most divided of the six continents, consisting of seven major islands. The climate ranges from temperate to arctic in the Northern isles.
Capital: Mount Rai
Most Similar Culture: Scandinavia
Dorsa is a nation of united Arctic tribes, constantly raiding the nearest nations which consist of the Demalian Empire, Aandroan, and the Fohil Trade states. The leadership is constantly shifting between tribe chieftains as the previous leaders are dethroned through battle or assassination. A warrior nation.
Capital: Roan
A small nation located in the densest of jungles, the excess wood and fertile land has allowed them to grow many types of herbs and medicines. The ritualistic nation is comprised of many hidden villages and cities, only trading by sending out small groups. A leader is chosen by the most worshipped god every 15 years, or when the previous leader dies.
Capital: Genrein
Most Similar Culture: Germany
Heshin is a passive monarchy that combines the abundance of land to harvest minerals and resources to fuel their economy and war machine. They defend what land they have aggressively, but do not seek to conquer. They have given up on attacking Aandroan and the Josaen Republic, but the unsteady peace does not apply to Criel.
Capital: Kalos
Most Similar Culture: France
A large trade hub for the three central continents, Criel acts as a mercantile society. The family with the most value taking command of the branches of government, until their money and supplies run dry, letting the next family into power. They mainly hire mercenaries to defend their borders from raids and warring nations.
-Josaen Republic
Capital: Temple Island
Josaen is a land of mysticism and worship. The monks and temples here provide many with a land to make a pilgrimage to, while keeping them neutral in wars. No official government rules the nation, but each sect sends a representative to give input towards the decisions that will affect them.


Belloan consists of one large landmass and a single small island, the lands are split between forests, plains, and mountains.
Capital: Serus Regi
Quaster is the remaining land of the nation which used to rule over all of Belloan, it houses some of the longest standing nobility of the continent and has the majority of the art and culture of the landmass. Their military might no longer can defend their land and it is a slowly dwindling country. The oldest royal line still rules.
-Fohil Trade States
Capital: Emporium City
The Trade States were formed from many companies that split away from the antiquated notions of Quaster in order to form a merchant state to compete with Criel. Their best trade routes were cut off by the two Empires in Belloan and so they started aggressively taking land, attempting to gain a better foothold in sea trade. They have several hundred mile long mining operations in the mountain ranges that split the continent. A meritocracy in it's young years.
-Yisteren Empire
Capital: Aeciti
The Empire is the result of mixing between Kroshka and Old Quaster, the rebellion that split them off from Quaster gaining the entire southern peninsula of the continent. Equally desert and fertile land, the Empire is ruled by a new royal line.
-Demalian Empire
Capital: Grand Demal
The most offensive nation in the entire easter hemisphere, they have spread from part of a single island in Belloan. The warrior houses gain glory in battle and further their own lineage through conquest. They maintain a majority holding on the ocean in between Belloan and Parvins, starving or assisting countries wishing to trade or raid. The knights and warriors have adapted their fighting styles to be viable on the sea as well as on land. Monarchy with a ruling house of noble warriors.
-Inley-Grayl Alliance
Capital: Parnet
The Alliance was formed when Quaster was no longer able to defend them from the threat of the Trade States, Northern Clans, and Dorsan raids. Two of the largest families joined forces and land to create a jointly ruled country based on breeding, ingenuity, and preservation of their own land.


Ferax is composed of a series of islands and the main landmass which shifts between swamps, plains, mountains, jungles, and tundra to the far south.
Capital: Imperial City
Most Similar Culture: China
Jiang is one of the two largest nations on Ferax, it consists of an emperor and several great houses. Nobles and lords rule small areas but all defer to the emperor in matters of war and taxation. It holds the greatest control over the new region of Zong due to the land bridge that has opened up with the chain of volcanoes.
Capital: Huant
Most Similar Culture: Russia
The second large nation consists of a newly created monarchy after overthrowing the previous ruling class, they are attempting to press deep into Jiang's territory to obtain access to Zong. They have met with good success in the southern assault, but their northern assault has been stopped dead.
-Seha Alliance
Capital: None
Most Similar Culture: Japan
The Seha Alliance was formed from the island chain who could not affect the larger nations on their own. Each region has it's own ruling body who sends a representative to councils that provide guidance for the entire area. Every island varies in climate and trade goods, from barren to fertile, spices to shipbuilding.


The north pole is situated in the arctic continent, it freezes completely in the winter and retains some fertile land in the summer.
-Aetland Capital: Lookout Point
This small nation was created from Old Quaster as a waypoint to travel around the world to Southern Parvins, as well as bypassing Zong to reach western Ferax. It is populated by the hardest of pioneers who survive in the frigid conditions year round.
-Northern Clan Holdings
The Northern Barbarian clans vary from peaceful fishers to violent raiders. There is no cooperation in each of these clans, they only band together when survival is not assured.
-New Oceanic States
Capital: Fort Frost
The New Oceanic States was originally formed to wipe out the barbarian clans, but after the task was deemed impossible, the settlers were abandoned. Generations of interbreeding with the native tribes lent the states with a hardiness that allowed them to attack Old Quaster and take a more temperate peninsula where they could retreat to avoid the coldest part of Winter.


The south pole is situated in this permafrost covered land. A few mountins stick up and are subjected to even colder climates.
Capital: Site Prime
Icemont is the single organized nation in Austland, a subterranean colony that has become self sufficient. Farming fungus and breeding cattle to survive they continue mining out special stones and minerals.
-Southern Clan Holdings
The southern clans are more tame than the northern clans due to any raiding targets being further away. They do travel to Criel, Kroshka, Jiang, and Icemont to trade pelts, furs, and large amounts of fat that they do not use.

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