Asteri Loyalty Reader


Cregga - 4 - Happy, fierce, and opinionated. Gets along well with Richard. Likes HP and Abbot, but is a bit leery about all these bugs. Spends most of her time making sure the other pokemon behave. Dislikes Roland.
Higgledy Piggledy - 4 - A though little thing, HP spends most of his time following Richard about. Doesn't seem to particularly enjoy battling, but loves Richard thoroughly. Gets along well with most People and Pokemon.
Trunn - 2 - Trunn has warmed up, at least enough to follow Dick's orders. Spends most of his free time in the Gym in the upstairs closet. Avoids and intimidates away most pokemon, and ignores most people - though he seems to particularly enjoy tormenting Clayton.
Abbot - 4 - Abbot is a bit hard to read. He certainly seems to like and respect Richard, and he's never less than polite to anyone - Pokemon or Trainer. He spends a vast majority of his day meditating outside, rain or shine … but there's just something sad about him that's hard to pin down. Gets along best with humans, though he seems fond of Lita and Petrucci.
Cluny - 3 - Cluny is friendly, nervous, and easily intimidated. He tends to stay away from the larger Pokemon. He seems to have taken to spending a lot of time with Lita. He seems rather impressed by Dick's ability to grow berries.
Matthias - 2 - Matthias is a bit enigmatic. He's happy to eat alongside his peers, and spar with them in training, but otherwise he prefers to be lone outside. He follows Dick's orders well enough, but it's a bit difficult to know what's going on in that head of his. Spends a lot of time training with Freddy, and seems to be trying to court Lita.
Juka - 1 - ZZZZ. Literally spends all her time sleeping, usually in one of Dick's berry planters.
Cornflower - 2 - She and her entourage spend nearly all of their time collecting pollen and making honey, and taking care of Dick's berry plants.


Kurna - 4 - Kurna is a pretty cool bro. A lot of the younger and smaller pokemon like to play on her back, and she doesn't particularly mind. She mostly spends her day outside when she can, usually with Cordelia.
Naga - 4 - Naga is energetic and fierce, and gets along with similarly minded pokemon like Freddie and Matthias, and he is one of the few that can put Roland in his place. He's fiercely protective of Lakshmi, and tends to keep within eyesight of her.
Varuna - 2 - Still very much adjusting to being dead, but enjoying her ability to now swim through the air. The experience has made her a bit more distant - and easily spooked - but she's still friendly to most. Spends a lot of time playing nicely with Concord.
Makara - 3 - Makara is much happier now that the pool is full. Spends all her time there, since she can't really walk. Seems friendly with Lan, and though Varuna has tried to make friends, Makara doesn't seem disposed.
Kama - 4 - Kama is almost always with Lucky, and becomes flustered when other trainers or Pokemon attempt to pick her up. She's grown quickly, but has learned to fly, though she rarely flies far. Only Tink and Lucky's own pokemon can approach her without causing her to fly away.
Khepri - 2 - Khepri has warmed up a little, now that it's apparent Lucky isn't about to kill him or something. He's still rather twitchy and cowardly, despite his immense strength. He seems to have pretty low self esteem, and spends most of his time alone.


Satriani - 4 - Not the brightest bulb in the shed, he's still energetic and quick. His spirits always seem to be high htough, and he gets along well with everyone - even if the feelings are one-sided. Gets in frequent playfights with Delahaye and Bruce.
Freddie - 4 - Proud and fierce, Freddie would die for Thomas. He tends to think little of most pokemon, and treats most trainers other than Thomas with a cold and grudging obedience. Gets along well with Matthias and Nagaraja.
Lita - 4 - Lita is energetic and determined, but channels her fierce spirit inward. She seems to like training, and likes helping Thomas and his other pokemon train. She gets along well with most Pokemon, though she also spends a lot of time alone, or with Petrucci and Abbot trying to learn to meditate. So far, she's not had much success.
Bruce - 3 - Ever since he evolved, he's become quite a bit more cheerful, though he remains as direct as he was before. He tags along behind Satriani quite a bit, or simply naps somewhere comfortable. Doesn't take shit from Roland.
Delahaye - 4 - Delahaye is a wellspring of energy. He and Leah exercise every morning to old dance-workout tapes. Spends much of his time roughousing with Bruce or Satriani, or playing pranks with Catherine and Gale. Roland seems to particularly revile him, but Delahaye never gives him the satisfaction of a good fight.
Petrucci - 2 - In complete contrast to most of Thomas' pokemon, Petrucci is quiet and withdrawn, thoughtful and deliberate. He seems to have a near-infinite patience for other pokemon though, often mediating conflicts and helping resolve issues. Spends a lot of time with Lan, and Abbot; whether he's meditating or just thinking quietly, who can say.


Roland - 2 - He almost always listens to Alexis' commands during fights now, but he still often gets in fights with other Pokemon. Cregga and Delahaye, in particular. He seems intimidated by Thomas, but he treats most other trainers with contempt. Seems to get along well with Fyodor, out of all Pokemon - possibly Fyodor is the only one that will put up with him.
Fyodor - 5 - Fyodor positively adores Alexis, and spends most of his time in the gym following her around. He seems to get along well with is either in the Kitchen, hoping for sweets, or chasing after Alexis. Quiet and relaxed, Fyodor rarely interacts much with other pokemon, except for Roland.
Cordelia - 4 - Cordelia is eternally of a sunny disposition. This mask seems to be as inscrutable and hard to read for other Pokemon as it is for humans; Augustin and her spend much of their time together though, being playful and gentle. Cordelia also likes to spend the sunnier days outside with Kurna.
Augustin - 4 - Augustin, like Cordelia, is both cheerful and completey unreadable. He spends most of his time spinning happily by himself, seemingly for no reason. Alexis swear he's in love with her Stun Gun. Only Tink seems to be able to understand him.
Ayara - 2 - Another mysterious Pokemon, Ayara is difficult to read and understand. Even Jin's attempts have found nothing. This strange little stone seems to prefer to be outside, but otherwise rarely acts except as a reaction to another person or pokemon's actions. Tink seems to have an affinity for Ayara as well.
Catherine - 3 - Catherine seems to be warming up to the group quickly enough. She trusts Alexis to be competent. She, Gale, and Delahaye often play pranks on unsuspecting targets. Otherwise, she tends to be kind of a loner.


Victoria - 4 - Victoria seems very attached to Claus, and is usually with him - usually ON him, for that matter. Most of the strong and intimidating Pokemon scare her; particularly Naga, who is always trying to court her. She's learning to call up her resolve and stand her ground, however.
Scott - 4 - Scott is happy and loud, and often tackles knees in search of affection. When clamed down, he spends much of his time outside, sniffing through the grounds. He seems to be the center of the social circle for the more playful and social pokemon, often starting games and playfights. Seems to get along particularly well with Hunter Croc.
Tink - 4 - Tink is a gentle and happy Pokemon, who seems to prefer the company of humans or baby Pokemon, due perhaps to his delicate body. He seems to be the only one that can really communicate with Augustin and Ayara, and sees to enjoy doing so.
Gale - 3 - Gale is a mischevious and cunning pokemon, though there also seems to be a curious and intelligent side to him. He, Catherine, and Delahaye often execute elaborate pranks together on people and pokemon around the gym. Gale himself spends a lot of time flying outside, with Leah's Pokemon.
Shredder - 0 - Shredder is a wild beast who seems to attack anything that moves on sight. The Loyalty and Intelligence seals seemed to have helped his critical thinking, but sadly not his disposition; he still attacks SOMETHING on sight. But if there's the option of attacking somethings besides Claus, he does that, so … that's improvement, right?
Jones - 2 - Claus' newest addition to the team still seems pretty withdrawn. You're not exactly sure where he goes, but he always seems to return quickly when you actually want him.


I have to think about these guys more ;-;


Clement - 4 - Though very devoted to Jin, like all her Pokemon, Clement actively antagonizes everyone that tries to interact with him - which is not a common occurence, since he only appears around Jin. Nobody knows where he goes when he's not with her.
Concord - 4 - Now that he's grown, Concord occasionally leaves Jin's side to explore. Has become fast friends with Varuna, but is scared of a lot of the bigger scarier pokemon, like Freddie. Cregga dotes on him, and always brings him food and snacks.
Mavro - 4 - Mavro pretty much follows Jin around all day. Late at nights, he can sometimes be found in the kitchen, making sandwiches and eating junk food. Rarely interacts with other Pokemon.
Lan - 4 - Lan is loving the new pool, and spends his mornings there with Makara. He's taken a grandfatherly approach to the other Pokemon, often helping the little ones, and keeping the rowdier ones in check - though kindly. Spends a much of the day outside with Petrucci and Abott, learning about humans and human culture from him, and sunning himself on the lawn. He sleeps while they meditate, snoring loudly.
Circe - 2 - Circe spends most of her time in the Lounge, where she's taken over the television. She's completely astounded by this new medium, and spends literally all 24 hours watching it - at first, she watched educational and history shows as she sought to catch up on the last few centuries of history and culture, but she was quickly drawn into pop culture and reality shows, particularly PROJECT LEAVANNY. Happy to spend time with anyone willing to watch TV, but negotiations to change the channel can become tense.
Alta - 2 - Alta still seems pretty shy and withdrawn. She disappears and tries to pretend she isn't there when most people or Pokemon approach. She only appears for Jin, and oddly, Victoria, with whom she seems to be bonding.

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