Game: Tales of Atherias

Special Ops Nerd

Name : Alvin Kyle
Age : 16

Level 2 Arcanist/Hex Maniac

Skills and Attributes
Acrobatics: Novice (3)
Athletics: Untrained (2)
Combat: Untrained(2)
Intimidate: Novice (1)
Stealth: Untrained (2)
Survival: Untrained (2)

Guile: Untrained (2)
Perception: Adept (4)
Occult Education: Adept (4)
Technology Education: Novice (3)
Pokemon Education: Pathetic (1)
Edu: Untrained (2)

Charm: Pathetic (1)
Command: Untrained (2)
Focus: Novice (3)
Intuition: Novice (3)

Combat Stats

Hit Points 61/61
HP 15
Attack 5
Defense 7
Sp. Attack 12
Sp. Defense 5 +5 DR
Speed 12

Injuries: None
Digestion Buff: None


Moves and Capabilities

Struggle (AW, AC4, DB5:1d8+8, Normal, Special, 4)
Energy Blast (EoT, AC3, DB5:1d8+8, Normal, Special, 4 Blast 2, Gain +1 SpAtk on 17+)
Will-O-Wisp (EoT, AC5, -, Fire, Status, 6 1 Target, Burn)
Confuse Ray (Scene x2, AC2, -, Ghost, Status, 6 1 Target, Confusion)

Capabilities: Overland 5, Swim 2, High Jump 0, Long Jump 1, Power 4, Throw 6, Size M, WC 4
Abilities: Omen
Action Points: 5/5



Head - -
Body A-2 Jacket +5 Special DR
Main Hand SIG Sauer M11 Short Ranged Arcane(Simple)[4M]
Off-Hand - -
Feet - -
Accessory - -

Alvin has a wide range of interests and none of them normal. Of course he prides himself at his knowledge of oddities, the military and guns. His passion is no surprise to anyone as he's often found himself at the butt of many jokes. But none of that mattered to him, it was a dream even if unrealistic.

Alvin would often find himself as the center of attention in class with random outbursts, usually about the military or some weapon specification and that eventually caught up to him, earning him detention for disruption time and time again. Through all this though, his greatest wish was to be understood and not judged for his eccentric tastes.

Potions x2 - 20 HP
Enriched Water x3 - 20 HP
Pokeballs x4 - +0 Cap Rate
Great Balls x1 - -10 Cap Rate

Growth Log (Odd Levels)

Current Exp Bank: 0/10

Level 1 Creation:

Level 3: Metamagic [+SpAtk] Def

Growth Log (Even Levels)

Level 2: Adept Perception, Novice Focus, 1 SAtk


Overland 4
Swim 2
High Jump 1
Long Jump 1
Power 1
Naturewalk (Forest, Urban)

Fortune : Female Gothita Type: Psychic Evasion: 1/2/1 Tutor Points: 4/4
Level 7, 60 EXP Held Item: HP: 38/38 Injuries: 0 Size: [Small] (1)
Training Regimen: [Tag] [Tag]
Ability Usage Special Effect
Competitive Static Whenever the user has its Combat Stages lowered, by something other than its own Moves or Abilities, the user’s Special Attack is raised 2 Combat Stages.
- - -
Modest Nature (+SpAtk, -Atk)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 5 +2 7
Attack 1 +Y Z
Defense 5 +4 9
Special Attack 8 +4 12
Special Defense 7 +3 10
Speed 5 +2 7
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
2d6 3d6 1d6 3d6 3d6+2 3d6
Inheritance: Dark Pulse
Name Frequency AC Type Damage Keywords Special Effect
Pound At-Will 2 Normal 1d8+6[DB4] Physical Melee, 1 Target None
Confusion At-Will 2 Psychic 2d6+10[DB7] Special 6, 1 Target Confuses the target on 19+.
Tickle EoT 2 Normal - Status Melee, 1 Target Lower the target's Attack 1 Combat Stage and lower the target's Defense 1 Combat Stage.
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