The Baron

Codename: The Baron

Character Background: Ellian Adema's a 14 year old prodigy from Saffron City. His occasionally dangerous backyard-experiments and investigations into disappeared persons eventually caught Team Rocket's notice; when offered a position as one of their researchers, he leapt at the chance. Attempting to take the chance to uncover one of the criminal organization's darkest secrets, their experimentation ultimately leading to a mechanical arm being grafted in place of his previously healthy, natural limb. In fear of what sinister procedures would follow, Ellian covertly fled their facilities. Adopting the identity of freelance hacker and mercenary The Baron, he sought to acquire funding for his own experimentation with a very important goal in mind.

Pokemon Background:Of The Baron's pokemon, who he sees as partners and assistants in his research, the very first was Geologist, a Larvitar gifted to him by his long lost sister. Attached to this last memento, his experiments on the Rock Skin have been carefully limited, only serving to increase the loyal assistant's endurance and ability to survive.
Geologist prides himself on his role as Ellian's lead assistant in his experiments.
The second pokemon to join the young scientist, a Pinsir, became the subject of more ambitious experiments. Modifications to the Team Rocket's mechanical arm led to the development Pokeball Cannon, used to capture Entomologist. The bug type lacked quite the same initiative of its earthen colleague, however a chemical cocktail that caused the lazy pokemon's center of the brain causing anger to develop an extreme response to pain. He might not be eager to help research, despite being brighter than Geologist, but the alterations to his body chemistry raised him to another level as a combatant.

Age: 14
Gender: Boy
Height/Weight: 5'3"/104 lbs (+40 lbs from the mechanical arm)
Appearance: An undersized frame, short, kempt orange hair, sleek silver glasses with a bulky black pair in case of accident. Blue eyes.

Currently Hunting-
For Experiments/Research: Riolu/Lucario, Drowzee/Hypno Breloom, Kadabra, Solosis
For Assistants/Security: Heracross, Roggenrola, Prinplup


Larvitar - Geologist (Proud)- Mountain Peak - Last Chance Rock (1.5x damage at 28HP)
Loyalty: 4
Level 23: 12200/13800
Hit Points: 83/83
Capabilities: Overland 4, Jump 1, Power 2, Intelligence 3, Sinker
Evasion: 0 speed, 1 special defense, 2 defense
HP: 20 (7)
Attack: 11 (6)
Defense: 10 (6) [Iron]
Special Attack: (3)
Special Defense: (5)
Speed: (4)

Type: Rock/Ground
Weak to: Fighting, Ground, Steel, Ice, (x4) Water/Grass
Resists: Normal, Rock, Flying, Fire, (x1/4) Poison
STAB: Rock/Ground type moves deal +1d8

LV. Moves:

  1. Bite - Dark, 3d10, at will, 15-20 flinch, AC 2
  2. Leer - Normal, at will, lower target Def 1 stage, AC 2
  3. Sandstorm - Rock, battle, 2 minutes of 1/16th HP damage to non rock/ground/steel types, +2 stages special defense for rock types
  4. Chip Away - Normal, EOT, 5d10, ignore changed defense/special defense, AC 2
  5. Rock Slide - Rock, EOT (PPUP), 5d10, 4m column, 17-20 flinch, AC 4
  6. Scary Face - Normal, EOT, lower target speed 2 stages, AC 2
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