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The four capabilities represent the most basic aspects of a Trainer. Capabilities change fairly infrequently, so your initial choice of Capabilities is important. Each of the 4 Capabilities is linked to different Skills.

The Power Capability determines the physical strength of a trainer, and gives additional Stat Points.
The Intelligence Capability determines mental acuity and awareness, and gives additional Skill Points.
The Confidence Capability helps Trainers lead Pokemon and people alike, and gives additional Skill Points.
The Agility Capability determines the physical speed and mobility of a trainer, and gives additional Stat Points.

Battle Stats

Trainers have HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed; just like a Pokemon. These stats functional identically for Trainers and Pokemon. However, trainers need not follow Base Relations.


Skills represent the concious interests and skills of your character, and guide what they are good at. There is 1 Power Skill, 2 Agility Skills, 5 Confidence Skills, and 7 Intelligence Skills. You gain a Skill Point each level with which to increase any skill's Skill Bonus. However, your Skill Bonus in any single skill may never be higher than half your Trainer Level, plus one.

General Skills:
Acrobatics (G) (Agility)
Brawling (G) (Power)
Charm (G) (Confidence)
Command (G) (Confidence)
Intimidate (G) (Confidence)
Perception (G) (Intelligence)
Perform (G) (Confidence)
Pokemon Knowledge (G) (Intelligence)
Regional Knowledge (G) (Intelligence)
Stealth (G) (Agility)

Specialized Skills
Artifice (S) (Intelligence)
Medicine (S) (Intelligence)
Mysticism (S) (Confidence)
Psionics (S) (Intelligence)
Tactics (S) (Intelligence)

Move List

Trainers, like Pokemon, have a Move List. Trainers may know a total of 5 Moves.

Every Trainer starts with Pound by default. You may then fill up as many as your remaining three slots as you are able whose prerequisites you qualify.

Each time you gain a level, you may fill up one empty slot with a move for which you qualify, OR replace ONE move in your Move List with a new one if your Move List is already full.

Creating a Level 1 Trainer in 7 Easy Steps.

1) Determine Capabilities. Spread 16 Points among your Power, Intelligence, Confidence, and Agility Capabilities. You must put at least 2 points in each Capability, but no more than 6 points.
2) Determine Stats. You gain 36 points to spread, plus an additional X points, where X is the sum of your Power and Agility. There is a maximum of 10 in any single stat, and a minimum of 1.
3) Determine Skills. You gain X skill points to spread, where X is the sum of your Intelligence and Confidence. You may not put more than 2 points into a single skill.
4) Determine Features. You gain 1 Feature.
5) Determine Movement Capabilities: Movement Speed
6) Determine Move Pool. You gain Pound automatically, then up to 3 more for which you qualify.
7) Come up with a Name, Background, ect. and enjoy your character

Leveling Up


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