Battle Sim

Linked to Holon Region.



Level 50
HP: 107/107
STAB: 10

Hold Item: None
Gender: FEMALE
Ability: Overgrowth1
Nature: NONE
Height : 5’ 11” / 1.8m (Large)
Weight : 221.6 lbs. / 100.5kg (5)
Capability List: Overland 9, Surface 2, Jump 3, Power 4,
Intelligence 4, Sprouter


X HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
Base Stats 8 8 10 8 10 8
Current Stats 19 8 25 19 20 10
Natural Moves:
Name Freq AC Damage Range Special Effect Contest
Magical Leaf EOT - 2d10+8 S.png Ranged (10), 1 Target Magical Leaf cannot miss. Beauty - 2d4 - Round Starter
Body Slam EOT 2 3d12+14 A.png Melee, 1 Target Body Slam Paralyzes the target on 15-20 during Accuracy Check. Tough - 3d4 - No Effect
Light Screen EOT - - N.png Melee, No Target, Wall The user may shift while placing Light Screen Walls if their Speed allows for the extra movement. Place 5-meters of Wall that cannot be passed through but may be attacked through. If a Move tries to attack through Light Screen Walls, treat the target as if their Special Defense is raised 2 Combat Stages. This bonus cannot be awarded more then once. The walls sustain for 1d4+1 turns. Beauty - 2d4 - Hold That Thought
Aromatherapy Battle 2 - S.png Ranged (10), 1 Target The target has 1 status effect of their choice removed. Aromatherapy cannot miss. Smart - None - Reflective Appeal
Grass Pledge EOT 2 2d8+6 S.png Ranged (6), 1 Target, Pledge If used on the same turn as Water Pledge, all foes are treated as if at -2 Speed Combat Stages for 1d4+1 turns, if any foe has additional Speed Combat Stages, apply them as usual. If used on the same turn as Fire Pledge, all foes within 20 meters of the user lose 1/8th of their max HP at the end of each round of combat for 1d4+1 turns. Beauty - None - Torrential Appeal
Frenzy Plant Center 4 7d10+28 S.png Ranged (15), Target Area, Blast, Exhaust Frenzy Plant creates a 3-meter Blast. On Miss, Frenzy Plant deals the user’s Special Attack instead to all possible targets. Cool - 2d4 - Seen Nothing Yet

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