Squaddle Zoo

Level 4 Chaos Mage

Name: Squaddle Zoo
Age: Yes

HP: 36/36
Armor Class [Light]: 14
Physical Defense: 12
Mental Defense: 15
Initiative: 3
Recoveries: 8
Recovery Dice: 4d6
Daily and Battle Spells: 3 + 1

Attribute Stat Mod Mod + Level
STR 8 -1 3
DEX 12 +1 5
CON 11 +0 4
WIS 12 +1 4
INT 13 +1 4
CHA 21 +5 9
Attack Type Hit Damage Miss
Melee - Dagger +0 (STR+Level) 1d4-1 -
Ranged - Hand Crossbow +2 (DEX+LEvel) 1d4+1 -


Background Description Value
Idol "Everyone~! Thanks for supporting me on another adventure~! Arigazoo~!" 5
Gambler "It's more exciting when there are risks!" 3
Junior Archimagus "Junior Archimagus Squaddle Zoo von Inmuout!" 2


Source Description
Schooling Abjuration
Wizard Confusion
Necromancer Ray of Enfeeblement
Sorcerer Dragon's Leap
Birdy Zoo Tough + Poisonous


Icon Description Value
Zoof King "Zooves is beautiful! Zooves is important!" Conflicted - 1
Thieves Guild "I steal hearts and minds! Positive - 1
Mistek Collective "Don't be mad because I'm so cute!" Conflicted - 1

One Unique Thing

"I'm the only successful attempt at alchemizing life."


Chaos Magic

When you roll Initiative or at the end of your turn, roll 1d6 and use the result to determine what kind of spell you can cast next turn: on 1-2, Attack, on 3-4, Defense, and on 5-6, Iconic. The next time you roll, roll one less (1d5, 1d4, 1d3, 1d2) and omit any previous results. If you are reduced to 1d1, refresh to 1d6 and start over. When Iconic is selected, roll a separate 1d3 for Blood of Warriors, Light of the High Ones, or Twisted Path.

High Weirdness

When an enemy scores a critical hit against you, roll high weirdness and consult the table to see what effect applies. If you hate the effect you’re experiencing, you can use a standard action to change it. Unless otherwise specified, the high weirdness effects last until the end of the battle.

Adventurer Feat: If you have no Warp talents, roll for a new high weirdness effect whenever you draw an iconic spell. The new effect replaces the weirdness effect currently active, if any.


Hand Crossbow
545 gold

Camp Assets

The Potter Gospel, Books 1 through 7
Mammoth Man (Statue of Ganesh)
A Bird Lady Egg
Target Dog

Magic Items

Birdy Zoo - acts as Sorcerer's Familiar with Flight as a set ability, roll 2 more abilities after a full rest.

Advancement Tracker

Level 1: High Weirdness (Adventurer Feat)
Level 2: Further Backgrounding
Level 3: Touch of Wizardry (Adventurer Feat)
Level 4: Stench of Necromancy (Adventurer Feat)

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