Bracka Rangoon


Name: Bracka Rangoon
Alias: Pincer
Level 6 Martial Artist/Black Belt/Ace Trainer

Age: Old
Gender: Grandma
Height: Short
Weight: Thin


Cash Money: ? Pok%C3%A9monDollar.png


Species: Scyther
Type: Bug/Flying
Gender: Female
Level: 15
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Technician
EXP: 3475

Capabilities: Overland 8, Surface 2, Sky 8, Jump 5, Power 3, Intelligence 4

Stats HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
Base 7 11 8 4 8 13
Current 9 12 10 4 10 20

Total HP: 42
Evasion Bonus: Attack 2, Special Attack 2

Learned Moves: Leer, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Pursuit, False Swipe
Egg Moves: Endure, Reversal


The famous Bracka Rangoon is best known for her crab meat storage and processing warehouse, the Krabby Kastle. The infamous Bracka Rangoon is best known for the gang that she solely sired, the Pinchers. They're a small gang of only 35 members. They use the Krabby Kastle as a front for various nefarious deeds, like money laundering and body disposal.

Bracka grew up very poor on the streets of the setting, too ugly as a child to earn money through prostitution, too stupid to take any criminal initiative on her own. She managed to survive, somehow, and she reached her prime around the age of 16. On that year, she blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She learned to defend herself against all the perverted souls of the grim setting and their dark intentions. She applied her natural strength and grace to the martial arts, and excelled in the secretive Crab style. Upon receiving her black belt in the art at the age of 17, her master gave her two gifts: a Scyther and a pregnancy. This would be her first child, Hardy. His father would not live to see his birth, due to the ancient rituals of the Crab style requiring the master to pass on his seed to his student, and then be beheaded by the powerful 77th level technique, Krabbyhead.

Bracka, now suffering from severe daddy issues, went from man to man, having a son from each before suffering psychotic breaks and Krabbyheading the unborn children's fathers. Her 35th husband was a psychiatrist, and helped her to overcome these murderous behaviors in time to save his own life. Unfortunately, before he could meet his son Stoic, he was severely beaten and raped by a roaming street gang, and died the next day from his injuries. With his last breath, he managed to describe the gang to Bracka. Thus the Pinchers were formed, and they managed to slaughter their first street gang, despite having less than 30 members with an average age of 14. They put the Crab Style taught to them by their mother to good use, as well as several Pokemon their mother had personally raised and given to them, and quickly gained a good deal of influence in their area.

Bracka has owned many Pokemon in her life, raising them as gifts for her children. She currently owns two Pokemon. Widow Maker, whom she often refers to as "her little Mankey", is a direct descendant of Bracka's first Scyther, the legendary "Disemboweler", who now belongs to Hardy. Suffocator is a descendant of her second son Docile's "Asphyxiator", a powerful Cloyster. The Shellder has earned its pet name "sofa gator" from its peculiar behavior of hiding in couches and swallowing any children that sit on them whole. Bracka thinks its cute.

While matronly and doting on the surface, Bracka's demeanor shifts drastically when the shit hits the fan. She becomes a pinching monster, using the strength she has developed from adolescence to perform unspeakable acts of martial arts to her foes.

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