C.Isles1: A Salty Ole Sea Dog

Somehow, someway (of course by boat), each individual had found themselves here, somehow managing to survive the seas and events in your life whether they beast or man who caused them. Your goal in mind, to either continue your life as a pirate after devastation, or to seek fortune after the many stories you were told in your youth. Questions here and there after you had arrived in Fidtown, had you winding up in a seedy tavern. For those who had never been a pirate before you were surprised at the state of disrepair this tavern had been in and the lack of lighting.

Just a few Wailord oil lamps here and there in the owner's attempts to brighten up the squalor. A conversation with the bartender had rendered you short of some of the coinage in your pocket, but once directed to the table, you took a seat after the grizzled man that greeted you and regarded you with a harsh eye. Once all were seated he took a look at each and every one of you, before standing up. He said no words, but you could sense he wanted you to stay put. He hobbled away silently…

Rica strums her hands on the table, looking around. Her mouth opened, as if to say something, but no breath left before she closed it yet again. She would not make the first conversation. Instead, she took out a pile of papers from her bag and quill. Popping it open, she moistened the ink before starting to draw out the scene. Something told her this was the beginning of a merger… a merger between both of her lives, and theirs.

Marco nervously speaks, "Well uh… how about that weather?" It seems that none of the others really paid attention to his attempt at small talk as silence reigns on for a few more minutes. Frank scratches at his beard as he eyes the group of babes around him. "Playin' privateer are we? S'not for the faint of heart."

Gladstone sits, holding an ale in his hand. A few scars on his face and his strange tattered coat seems out of place in this tropical land. He seems to scowl a bit at the man and then Marco as he speaks, then to Frank. "Mmm… Playing yes." Rica makes no comment, continuing to etch out the outlines of the people around the table. Marco looks at Gladstone and frowns.

Reine obediently pays for a drink, and then sets it untouched to one side. While the ritual must be observed, to think she would allow such a thing passage into her body… ridiculous. "It is true indeed that those who take to the sea are in great danger," she said softly. "Many go, and few return as anything but bleached bones." Gladstone takes Reine's drink after seeing the red-headed woman not taking at the very least a sip.

This conflicts with Frank who had also wanted to grab the drink, but seeing the younger man take it, he simply nods and responds to her statement, "If they return at all. The deep has a habit o' keepin' its claims. Y'all keen on that?"

"O' course." Rica says, a bit distracted as she tries to capture detail on the people around her. The distracted tone in her voice grabbing Reine’s attention, “And what are you doing?", Reine asked as her eyes settled on Rica now that the fight over the ale has resolved peacefully. Pity. Marco grimaced as he imagined the situation Frank described, "I would prefer not to be a skeleton. Much harder to live well without a life."

Gladstone rudely stated, "Where is this old tosser anyway." He then sips from both his mugs. Rica adds a quick last detail before sliding the paper to Reine over the table, satisfied for now. "I suppose we should introduce ourselves," she says after the dark-skinned Gladstone spoke.

A rather old Meowstic jumps onto the table and curls up into a small ball where the old man had been sitting. Though it let out a sudden hiss at the scarred, dark-skinned male before returning to its rather lazy rest. The feline pokemon yawns for a moment, before padding over to Rica and laying atop of her papers.

Frank chuckles at Marco, a dry wheeze "True enough lad."

"You will die someday anyway, so why not at sea,” Reine asks Marco simply, no real inflection in her voice to figure out which way she really meant that statement. Though some inkling of what she meant is understood with her lips twisting into a mocking smile, “You shall spare your relations the death-price, after all.” Gladstone eyes Reine, "You're a strange gal." Marco shakes his blonde head, "I would prefer to die on my own terms. My relations aren't likely to know when it happens either."

. Frank sighed, "Only if you have kin left lass." Marco meets Frank's eyes and nods. Reine waves her hand, "Of course, of course. I wouldn't imagine you do." Frank grins, showing all his teeth, the crows feet of his one good eye crinkling, "Last o' me line."

Rica sighs, and with a long pause, begins to introduce herself. But luckily there's a Pokemon to interrupt her. She never liked being the first, but this was already going downhill. The feline on her paper was definitely psychic, considering she was just about to draw it, dammit. Perhaps this was a sign. But they were having such a… delightful conversation.

Feeling uncomfortable, Marco tries to change the topic of the conversation, "I think someone mentioned introductions? I am Marco." Rica sighs as the short male makes an opening, "Rica."

"Reine," the red-headed woman stated. Frank follows with the same grin on his face, "Frank if'n we're bein' pleasant Drake if we arn't." Gladstone points at himself, "Gladstone”

A Jynx, a pokemon of some rarity in these islands walks over to the group and lays out a few slabs of bread covered with a charred bit of meat. It was faintly scented with something citrus and spicy. A note was left on it stating the meal had been paid for already. They were to eat and enjoy for the time being. The old man would likely be back by time they finished eating.

Rica smiles slightly, "Nice to meet you then, Drake." She could already see the people at the table falling into their place, and more importantly, she knew who to kiss up.

Marco reaches out for some of the meat. Frank eyes the food and the serving 'mon. The Jynx winks rather flirtatiously at Frank. He responds with a grunt then rolls his eye at the feminine pokemon before grabbing a bite himself. A Machop walks up behind the Jynx and lays out several mugs of ale, before dragging the flirtatious Jynx away from the group with an annoyed look on its lizard-like face. Marco nods, "We aren't trying to be pleasant here? Nice to meet you Frank." Gladstone starts to eat, "I barely know you, what?"

Rica stands up and leans in to rip a chunk of bread, putting some of that meat on top. After that, she sits back down and turns to the last person. "And you?" she asks Reine. The red head gives Rica a perplexed look, "And I…?" Rica continues, "Your name." Marco taps his cheek, "Rain right? Odd name." Reine shrugs, "I entirely agree, it is a very strange name. But here we are."

"I do believe I said it before. Names are not to be spoken lightly, you know." Reine says in an admonishing tone. "…right, Reine." Rica admits, she's gotten a little distracted. Gladstone frowns as he suddenly speaks up, "What are you lot?" Marco gives Gladstone a perplexed look, "What are we? Do you mean occupation?"

"Ah, ale." Rica smiles to herself, taking a sip, before setting it down. "Occupation? You sound like the navy." Gladstone takes another sip. Marco growls, "I am anything before I am the navy." Rica follows after Marco’s statement, "We’re all here for the same thing. To labor in a ship." Gladstone looks at Marco, "You weren't in Navy,” he asks with a slightly confused tone.

Frank quietly admonishes Marco, "Don't say that too loud now Marco lad, never can tell when the wood has ears." The old man who had originally been at the table walk back in through the door of the tavern and steps up behind the short blonde man, "Well, you be lookin' t' be t' crew t' take over me old ship. If that's what you mean by we, then that's what you lot are."

Rica raises an eyebrow. "Take over?" Gladstone looks over at the old man and scoffs. "This crew?" Ignoring the man for a moment, Marco turns his head to address Frank, "Wood can have ears all it wants. Not like they can do anything worse to me,” he shrugs, then turns to the elder man, but enough of that. Wouldn't a crew need a captain?" Reine mutters under her breath, "Careful not to volunteer yourself." Despite this, the short blond man was still able to hear her and quickly responded, "I feel quite safe in someone else being better suited for the job than I."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog growls and moves back to his seat, spitting off to the side before he grabs a slab of meat and shovels it into his mouth. "T' Navy, what a bunch o' useless saps." He regards Rica with a look for a moment, "Aye, take over. I'm gettin' old lass, but I don't want me old lass t' fall into disrepair. Might as well have someone take it over."

Gladstone’s eyes light up as he looks at the old man with a grin on his face, "Oh you want me on the ship?" Frank nods at the Old Salt. "I ken. But strangers? At bit coy." Rica stays silent, listening for now. The old sea dog shifts his beady gaze back over to Gladstone and glowers for a moment, "You talk a lot lad, I take it you consider yourself t' have some meager bit o' skill." Feeling slightly admonished, Gladstone speaks in a more measured tone, "Perhaps." Reine smirks, another snarky comment spilling from her lips, "And then forget what you've learned by the change of tides, I imagine."

The bearded, old pirate captain turns his eyes to the oldest man of the group of misfits, "Well, strangers aye. But I have believed t' best way t' learn about someone be over food and drink!" He slams his tankard down onto the table. Rica starts chewing more slowly, watching the scene act out. Marco decides following Rica's suit would be better for the instant. Reine turns to "As for myself, I see no reason not to join - one ship is the same as another to me."

Gladstone gives the redheaded girl a long look before nodding, "I'm in. I like this Reine girl." Seeing that two of the five had decided to join, Rica shrugs, "…I'll join as well. My legs are better suited for the sea than the land." Frank takes a swallow of his on drink with Salty. "'Ware Rain, find yerself claimed by the deep for yer coin that way."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog frowns for a moment before laughing, "I like this lass," he says pointing at Reine, "Though I could go without her wastin' t' food I so graciously bought for you all."
Reine: "I don't eat anything I haven't killed myself." She smiles wiiiiiidely.
Frank Drake: "Must not eat much then."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog waves his Meowstic back over to his lap, before perching the old cat onto his shoulder. "Sharp as a Scyther, dangerous as a Walrein during mating season."

Rica stuffs her mouth full with meat as if using that as an excuse not to talk.
Reine: "Clever, clever, the one-eyed dragon is. Perhaps that is how he lost his eye, mmm? Perhaps he was clever to the wrong person."
"Perhaps someday he shall lose the other one, mmm?"

Gladstone gives Reine another smile. "You're alright…. Reine isn't it?"
Marco: "Is the clever one at fault or the one who can't control themselves?"
Reine: "A good question…. whoever you are."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog grins a bit as he leers at Rica, "I knew some dancers in my younger years who could take meat in their mouths just like that, you must be one o' their daughters."
Reine: "A very good one."

Rica is back to sketching. But instead of the argument, with exaggerations, she's drawing the ol' captain.
Marco: "Oh come on. I introduced myself first. Remember, names aren't something meant to be said lightly."

Rica chews quickly and swallows. "Perhaps. 'Tis a good meal, after all. Pity to waste it."
Reine: "Ah, you do learn quickly."
Marco: "Let's hope you can learn this time. My name is Marco."
FrankLaughs, slopping some of his ale on the table. "One day, mayhaps. But even a blind seadragon has fangs."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog turns to the older man and studies him for a few moments, "You've been through some things, have you not. I can tell, you got the eyes of a man who has seen far too much."

Reine laughs a bit too loudly. "And then he bites his own tail, of course!"
Reine: This is clearly hilarious to her.

A Salty Ole Sea Dog moves his hand along the Meowstic's fur, the rough, calloused state of his hands makes them look more like weathered leather instead of human skin.

A Salty Ole Sea Dog "So, what say you lot, interested in taking an old man's ship off of him, and doing right by him?"
Rica: "Aye."
Frank Drake: "What's her name?"
Reine: "I have no reason not to."
Marco: "What's the catch? Surely there must be a reason for us being your choice."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog turns to the silent Gladstone for a few moments.
FrankIs definitely not avoiding the earlier statement no sir.

A Salty Ole Sea Dog "I take from this one's silence, he means to follow along."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog "To answer your question Marco… There is no catch."
Reine: "What would you have us do?"
Rica: "Sail the ship. He doesn't want it staying put too long, I guess."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog "Frankly, I caught me a bit of something that has made these old bones rattle and shake, I'm sure I won't live more than another few months at most," he shrugs for a brief moment, before nodding, "I think a ship that just wastes away in harbor, or is broken down before her time is bad voodoo as some of the locals say."
Frank Drake: "A ship not riding t'waves is a sad sight. But without a crew she has no soul."

Gladstone blinks. "We get a crew then"
Rica: "…what kind of ship is she?"

A Salty Ole Sea Dog "Either a small brig or a large shloop."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog lifts his head up in respect at Frank.
Marco: "Is this our crew? Do we have a captain or a navigator?"
Rica: "I navigate." She shuffles through her papers before showing star charts and a map of the isles.
"And Drake here seems like the person to be the cap'n."
Frankwatches Salty as the question about captains is made.

A Salty Ole Sea Dog "I leave who decides the captain to you lot."
Marco: "A vote then is it? I second Frank."
Reine: "I abstain - it is not my place to decide such matters."
Frankkeeps silent taking a large gulp of ale.
Reine: "Well, then. I suppose the matter is decided."
"Or, I suppose, may be settled later with blood; it matters not."
Rica: "So it is."
FrankChuckles at that. "We'll find out about that blind dragon sooner than we thought, eh?"
Reine: "Hopefully not."
"A blind serpent, it still has fangs, but it is not much of a navigator."

Rica starts eating normally again, taking a few small bites here and there before.
Marco: "That is what Rica is for."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog stands up and regards the group, "If you've lot are done with your food shall we head down to the docks?"
Marco: "A captain can't be the whole crew."

Marco stands up to follow the Old Captain.
Frank Drake: "Aye. Let's see the old girl."
Gladstone: "I would like to be a captain, but the old sailor has the looks."

Gladstone points
Gladstone: "Give it to the Old one with experience"

Reine gets to her feet as well.

Rica stands up and starts heading towards the docks, putting her papers in her bag.
Frankeases up slowly, taking his time to get his legs underneath him.

A Salty Ole Sea Dog waits and leads them towards the docks.

Kite pops his head out of Marco's hair and looks around, camouflaged for the moment.
Reine: "So, captain, what shall you name the ship? Names are indeed important."
Gladstone: "It better be good." He stands up and spins
Frank Drake: "Aye, that they are. Best not to be hasty."

Rica mutters to herself, "Should already have a name."
Marco: "Wouldn't seeing the boat be a good idea before it gets a name?"
"Or we could use the one it has…"

Reine waves a hand dismissively. "That is for what it was, not what it shall be."

Rica shrugs.

A Salty Ole Sea Dog gestures towards the boat, "This is the old girl. I called her, "The Black Roselia. After an old love."
Marco: "She doesn't look very black."
Frank Drake: "More to a name than just looks Marco. You'll learn."
Marco: "I guess."

Marco is obviously not convinced.

King F. (GM) gives Marco an incredibly angered look, before shaking his head, "You're young. One day you'll learn to think before you speak."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog gives Marco an incredibly angered look, before shaking his head, "You're young. One day you'll learn to think before you speak."

Marco shrinks back a little, unsure what he said wrong.

A Salty Ole Sea Dog "Regardless. You're welcome to rename her. She's all yours." He turns to the group. "I left a wee bit of gold and supplies in the hold. Should be enough in there to last you a solid two weeks or so out at sea. You just need to find a crew to man her.."

Gladstone spins.

Gladstone tries to get on the ship

Rica nods. "Shall we take a quick inspection and make sure anything's in order?"
FrankNods "Aye, lets take a look. You lot first."

Reine tosses something over her shoulder into the water as she steps aboard.
Gladstone: "I'm already inspecting!"

Gladstone has a shit eating grinon his face

Rica climbs on board. "Looks like everything's in order." She goes down and makes notes on the hull, looking for any obvious repairs done before.
FrankTurns to salty. "I'm grateful, never let a soul say any different. But I'd know the name o' the man giving me his heart ."

A Salty Ole Sea Dog follows behind the group, before turning to Frank, and holding out his arm to the man, "Cledwyn Thorne."
Gladstone: "Thanks Cledwyn! i am gracious for the boat"

Gladstone sits behind the helm briefly

Cledwyn Thorne looks at Gladstone for a moment, "You're welcome lad."
Franknods his respects to Captain Thorne.
Marco: "Permission to board Captain Frank?" Marco was fairly certain this was the etiquette. He might not know much… but he did know a little.

Rica pops back up, after having done the inspection, coming in to catch the name. "Issat you? Thank you" she says with a tip of her tricorne.

Cledwyn Thorne "You're an honorable man Captain Drake," he says with a small nod, "Take care of these youngin's out there. They'll need your strength out there."
Marco: "And thank you Mr. Thorne. I apologize. The Black Roselia is a wonderful name."

Reine 's already settled herself in the crow's nest by now, staring down at all the peons.

Cledwyn Thorne peers at Marco for a moment or two, "Thank ya' lad."
Frank Drake: "Up ya go Marco."

Marco boards the boat and heads below deck with a wave goodbye to Thorne.
Marco: "Is there any space for me to set up a workshop down here?"
Rica: "Got some space down there. Try not to make a mess."
Marco: "Why would I make a mess? The point is for it to be organized."

Marco shakes his head at Rica.
FrankNods to Thorne before making his way up the gangplank. "Time to see her myself."

Cledwyn Thorne stands to the side and walks over to the old ship, and rests his hand on the side of the ship's hull.
Gladstone: "Well what are you we doing elts find a crew'
Rica: "Yeah. We need someone who knows how to rig the sails, a carp or two, and a bilgerat."
Reine: "You people can't take care of that?" Reine calls down.
Rica: "…and a gunner."

Rica spies the cannons as she says this, thinking to herself.
FrankShakes his head "Need to figure what skills we have on board fist of alls. Then we can see about scrounging up the rest."

Rica shuffles her notes around her pack… now that she thought about it, she wonders whether or not she could find Pokemon to fill those jobs.
Rica: "O' course cap'n. I'm a skilled navigator. Got more than a couple years of sailing under the stars."
"'n', I guess, keep ledgers? Dunno if ya need it."
Marco: "I'm not the most experienced in sailing, but I can patch some wounds, and know a fair amount of useful things."
"But my real skill is on my wrists right now."

Marco flicks his left hand and a long string stretches out to connect to a barrel on the other side of the room.

Reine clambers back down again. "I hunt. And I watch."

Marco yanks the barrel over towards himself, and almost gets knocked over when he isn't ready for the weight of it.
Marco: "Still a work in progress…"
FrankShakes his head "Need to figure what skills we have on board fist of alls. Then we can see about scrounging up the rest."m
Frank Drake: (whoops)

Marco looks down at his feet and begins moving the barrel back to where it came from.
Marco: "Oh, in a more practical example, I make these."
Frank"A tinker who dabbles in needle work, a navigator, and a spotter."

Marco pulls out a pokeball.

Rica puts her arms on her sides, examining Marco and his skills.
Frank Drake: "Works cut out for us then."
Reine: "Hm."
Rica: "Gladstone. Whatcha got for us?"
Frank Drake: "If'n my gut is right Thorne already chose his pick of the clutch here. Ain't no reason to stay and pick the dregs."
Rica: "Oh?"
Some important roles on a ship.
Captain, Quartermaster, Sailing Master/Navigator, Boatswain, Carpenter/Surgeon, Master Gunner
Phil T.: Question… How much of the carpentry/blacksmithing and such would be considered survival and how much would be tech?
King F. (GM): Tech Edu would generally cover you.
Marco: "I know my way around wood and metal too. As long as I have the tools, I can function as a shipwright. We aren't as bad off as it seems."
Reine: (what's a boatswain)

Gladstone looks at Frank and nods once, "I'd be an able bodied gunner, I've got a good eye."
King F. (GM): http://www.thepirateking.com/historical/ship_roles.htm
Frank Drake: "Havin' two I'd hope atleast one is good."

King F. (GM) is going to play as Gladstone just to answer statements like that.
Rica: "Sounds about right."
Frank Drake: "Rica lass, yer ledgers'll come in handy as a 'swain. Keepin' us fed is important."

Cledwyn Thorne looks at Reine as he walks aboard the ship, "You know lass, you look strong. And though you seem alright on the water. Something about you make it seem like ships aren't something you're experienced at. Same for Marco."
Marco: "Most of my experience is on land to be certain."
Phil T.: Or under land…
Rica: "Aye aye, cap'n."

Cledwyn Thorne "Cap'n Frank. On me suggestion, I say you let Reine handle t' rougher portions o' bein' boatswain, she's got t' strength for it. You can see it in her arms."
Reine: "The sea's more to my taste than the wood floating on it; that much is true."
Rica: "Oh, issat where ya do yer huntin'?"
Frankscratches his chin "Aye, I'm sure she'd fill that role well. Up to it Rain?"
Reine: "Perhaps."
(To Frank Drake): Based entirely off of the fact she has Adept Ath and Acro. She'll probably be the go to for not nice sea conditions."
Reine: "To both."
"I shall, of course, do my very best."
Rica: "Hm. 'Twould help keep us content, if we could cook in this vessel."

Marco nods in agreement.
Marco: "I know from experience that living off of old biscuits is not an enjoyable thing."
Rica: "Ya gotta do what ya gotta do."
Frank Drake: "Aye, but in time you'll have to again Carpenter Marco."
Marco: "At least this time I can stretch my legs." Marco slowly lowers his voice to a mutter as he realizes what he is saying.

Cledwyn Thorne watches the conversation, "Where will you lot set sail first?"

Rica pulls out a map, and thinks, before remembering it wasn't her decision at all.

Cledwyn Thorne sits on a nearby barrel, "Don't know where Gladstone went, but despite his rudeness. He seemed the sort to be a decent quartermaster."
FrankLooks to the Crew "That's a choice for all of us. Not just the Captain."
Rica: "Wherever the waves and wind takes us, I guess."
Marco: "I am not sure… but if I recall correctly then there are currents that could take us to St. Bowline. Might be a good place to stock up on supplies and find recruits if we end up needing them."

Kite pops out of Marco's hair and runs down his head to rest on his shoulder.
Frank Drake: "Something to think on tonight Marco. Settlin' comes first. Se what you can use for your tinkerin' and cookin'. Rica'll have our course charted by morn."
Rica: "Guarantee it."
Marco: "I hope I didn't mislead you… I can't cook… I was hoping one of you could."
"As for the workshop, I am going to make certain that is set up properly."
Rica: "…gonna need a cook, then, if we're getting fish."
If Rica took a look at the ledger, she'd see there were some old fishing nets and rods in the the hold. Perhaps some harpoons. Though they would need a bit of repair.

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