Candy Caper

A little Halloween-themed one-shot to be run on Sunday, October 30th; start time, dependant on the will of the participants, can be anywhere between 12 PM and 3 PM EST. If you wish to participate, PM Botherer on the IRC chat after reading this. (Trust me, considering how many conventional standards and rules I'm throwing out the window for this one-shot [Almost ALL of them good for the PCs], you're gonna want to read 'em.)

NOTE: I'm strongly considering (And by strongly, I more or less mean "I'm so psyched about it I'll be disappoint if I can't accomplish this" type strongly) converting this one-shot into a three-day long mini-campaign, with two separate groups. The first group would run on Friday the 28th, relatively early in the day [By early, I mean I would like to start around 12 PM EST], while the second would run on Saturday (Pretty much any time after noon would work for me in terms of starting it); on Sunday, the people who are capable will meet up, and needless to say all hell will break loose. If you wish to participate, at the bottom of the note, sign your name, and specify what dates are feasible. I will be updating the bottom with information as I get it myself. I'll begin informing everyone by Wednesday evening of whether or not I intend to go forth with the "multiple groups" possibility.

The Story

The wandering mind of a little boy comes to life when he discovers an enchanted storybook. Everything he draws inside of it becomes animated and springs to life right on the pages, and with Halloween right around the corner, what better use does it have than for crafting his very own wacky story with his family in the spirit of the holiday?

Their story begins with a bunch of Trick-or-Treaters and their exceptionally spirited family heading up towards the Candy Manor, a massive mansion that sprouted up just before the holidays and is legitimately made out of nothing but candy! Licorice window gates, gumdrop doorbells, plumbing that spits out nothing but chocolate… It’s every child’s fantasty! (And every dentist’s, but who cares about them on Halloween?) But little do they know that the Manor is owned by an angry, old witch who detests Halloween and all it stands for… Who plans to ruin it for everybody!

What the Hell Are You Signing Up For?

This one-shot is meant to be a relatively silly adventure. Given the nature of the one-shot, violence is gonna be rather cartoonish, much like something out of Tom and Jerry or the likes [Example : If you get Stomped for the KO, you will end up looking like a piece of already chewed up bubble gum stuck to the sole of the foot that smooshed you]. (I fully expect and intend for someone to end up a smoldering pile of ash sitting in a crater, with nothing but a pair of still-blinking eyeballs and still-blathering lips resting atop it… Trust me when I say that's nowhere near as bad as it sounds.)

So You Want to Save Halloween?

Trainers start at TL10. However, I plan to be throwing out Trainer Levels like candy throughout this one-shot [Pun intended], and dependant on just how much we can accomplish, I'm also going to offer the fourth class as early as Trainer Level 15; as such, I strongly recommend planning ahead beyond that. It may be overly optimistic of me to suggest, but Trainer Level 20 sounds like a safe bet.

Your character is encouraged to be in the spirit of Halloween. To help achieve this on both a conceptual and mechanical level, ALL classes are fair game, even if the build is otherwise impossible.

  • If you're able to legitimately take the class through a Cross-Class and wish to do so through that method, there is no penalty associated with Cross-Classing.
  • If the class has no viable way to Cross-Class into it, or you don't wish to make your character in such a way that complies with it, you may take it as if you had successfully Cross-Classed into it anyways.

Talk to Botherer about using Homebrew classes, too, if you want to use them.

You get 25,500 Experience Points at the start to distribute between any number of Pokémon. The only rule is that they must be at least Level 10 (1000 EXP). Between your Pokémon, you may distribute up to 3 TM, Tutor and/or Egg Moves between them all, though none of them should have a rigid Base Power exceeding Base 80 (2d12+16 / 21) or Base 90 (3d10+10 / 15). You may take a Hold Item of your choice (Aside from Light Items) in place of a move.

  • You MAY save your moves for later use during the one-shot (In-between stages) if you wish to do so. I might also randomly give out more opportunities to learn moves throughout the one-shot if I feel inclined to do so, so I would also suggest keeping notes of possible moves you'd want to teach your Pokemon on the side as well.

Don’t think your Pokémon won’t want in on the Holiday Spirit, either! Each Trainer receives one free Type-Shift, BUT if you wish to use it, it must be used creatively to get your Pokémon in costume as well. (Note that it doesn't have to particularly match up with your character's idea, but kudos to you if you can manage it. Just because you're doing a Mad Scientist doesn't mean you have to Steel-shift your Crobat into a jetpack.)

There are special Type-Shifts and Capabilities for this one-shot. You may take one of these as your Type-Shift.

  • Hard Candy Type : For creatures composed of hard, brittle, rigid candies like Jawbreakers, Smarties (Rocket Pops for Canadians)
  • Soft Candy Type : For creatures composed of sticky, fluffy, gooey, or melt-in-your-mouthy candies like Bubble Gum, Chocolate, Cotton Candy, or Taffy.
  • Undead Capability : For creatures that are, well, dead. Zombies, Skeletons, Vampires, etc.
Type Hard Candy Type Soft Candy Type Undead Capability
Resists Bug, Fire, Ice, Poison Types Electric, Ground, Fighting Types To be amended
Is Weak To Fighting, Steel Types, Being Eaten* Fire, Water, Being Eaten* Fire, Poison, Burn Status, (Toxic) Poison Status
Is Immune To None None Psychic Type, Paralysis Status, Sleep Status
  • ALL Candy type-shifts have a special weakness to "being eaten". For the purposes of this one-shot, any attack where tongue or tooth would come into contact (Such as Bite, Lick, an elemental Fang, etc.) will an additional 100% damage, irrelevant of weaknesses or resistances (Can't do shit about immunities, though… Sorry.) See the chart below for damage to the Candy types and Undead capability.

** Undead Pokemon, when taking damage from Fire and Poison type attacks, simply take an extra 100% damage, irrelevant of weaknesses or resistances (Can't do shit about immunities, though… Sorry). They also take twice as much damage from Poison and Burn as they usually would. Undead Pokemon (for the most part) lack sentience, and are simply the mindless puppets of their controllers,

Normal Effectiveness Damage
Dual Resist Normally 125% damage
Resist Normally 150% damage
Normal Damage 200% damage
Super Effective Normally 300% damage
"Begging for DST" Effective Normally 500% damage

You may possess a single Legendary Pokémon if it goes along with your character, but you must talk to me in advance about it. The general rules regarding them are as follows, though :

  • They may not use their Legendary-exclusive capabilities ( Avatar, Realm Ruler, Wish Granter, Impenetrable, etc. )
  • All Base stats are reduced by 2 or 3 ( Botherer will tell you the stat reductions when talking to him, though he won’t alter the Base Relations. )
  • Movement capabilities are axed in half.

Use all of these tools to create whatever the hell you want. I’m sure it’ll be better than a magical tomboy Mary Sue princess Rider / Signer / Weapons Master sailing across the sky atop her Flying / Fighting Pegasus Keldeo.

Special Rules Concerning This One-Shot

For the purposes of using features, the game is going to be divided into "pages". When "the page is turned", it's considered a new day for the purposes of features. (So, yes, you WILL be able to abuse all of your overpowered features multiple times throughout this one-shot. Come at me, bro!) Everyone gets fully restored in between pages as well, due to the fact that, rather than moving from page to page, you're simply just gonna get drawn onto the next one.

Due to the silly nature of this game (And the ability to just get drawn back into the fight in the far-too-likely event that you or someone you know ends up getting completely annihilated…), there is no such thing as Trainer or Pokémon Death. However, there are some alterations to the usual rules regarding Fainting.

When a Trainer is knocked between 0 HP and -50% of their Max HP, they will be removed from the encounter immediately, but may roll a "Death" Savings Throw. If they pass the throw, (Which, for the purposes of this one-shot, will be half of their Trainer Level + 5), they can rejoin the encounter at the start of the next turn with one third of their Max HP.

If a Trainer fails their Savings Throw or is reduced below -50% of their Max HP, or a Pokémon is Fainted, they are removed from play for 1d4+1 rounds (Unless the strike knocks them below -100% of their Max HP, in which case they will be removed from play for the full 5 rounds). At the end of this interval, they may rejoin the encounter with X fifths of their Max HP, where X represents the number of rounds they were removed from combat for. They may stay out additional rounds to regain more HP at a rate of 1/5 Max HP per round.


Sign your name and mark what days are available. "X" where you're unavailable, and times (along with the time zone you live in… Or you can help me by converting it to EST, though you don't have to.) you'll be able to make it. If you don't quite know what times would work, mark them with a "???", "Uncertain", or something to that effect, using the format shown in the example.

Name Friday Saturday Sunday
Example X 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM 11:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Plutonis! (GMT-3 for all) 9 PM-??? 10 PM-??? 6 PM - ???
Ramiel Probably Early Evening at best Anytime (hopefully) ~4 PM -
Charm X 2 PM - whenever Whenever, might dual play past 4 PM
BIG WOOD 12 AM - ~6 PM 12 PM(?) - 11:59 PM 12 AM - 11:59 PM

Dem Logs

Day One
Day Two
Day Three

Dem Character Sheets

Mach and Vector

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