Capx Abilities

Original Abilities!

Effect: Whenever this pokemon is brought below 50% of their max HP, this pokemon's Speed stat is raised by 2 Combat Stages.

Effect: When attacking a pokemon of the opposite gender, this pokemon gains a +2 bonus to their accuracy. Does not work if attacking through a Substitute.

Brave Heart
Effect: While suffering from Burn, Poison, Paralysis, Freezing, or while Asleep, the user’s Defense is raised 2 Combat Stages. If suffering from none of these conditions, the user loses any Combat Stages gained this way.

Effect: If this pokemon is targeted by the same move multiple times in the same encounter, for every time the move has been used to target this pokemon, the Damage Base is considered 2 lower when targeting this pokemon. Cannot be used to set a move's Damage Base lower than 3.

Effect: At the end of each round, if this pokemon has not used an attack that deals damage, nor initiated a grapple, trip, Dirty Trick, Push, or Attack of Opportunity maneuver during the round, they heal a tick of HP.

Scene - Free Action
Trigger: The user is hit by a melee attack.
Effect: The attacking foe becomes confused.

Effect: If the user misses with an attack that has EoT, Scene, or Daily frequency, the frequency of that move is not expended, as if you did not use the move.

Effect: The user receives a -2 penalty to all Accuracy Rolls with Special Attacks, and gains a +10 Bonus to all Special Damage Rolls.

At-Will - Free Action
Trigger: The user is hit by a damaging attack with a range greater than melee.
Effect: The attacker loses a tick of Hit Points.

Full Force
Effect: Moves with a Damage Base of 6 or lower are Critical Hits on a roll of 18-20. If the attack has a higher-than-normal critical hit ratio already, Full Force extends that range by 2.

Ice Slick
Effect: This pokemon's speed stat is doubled in Hail. This pokemon takes no damage from hail.

Iron Jaw
Same as Strong Jaw

Scene - Free Action
Trigger: A pokemon takes a tick of damage.
Effect: For the rest of the encounter, whenever the targeted pokemon takes a tick of damage, they double the amount of ticks of damage they take.

Effect: Attacks that are the same type as the user ignore immunities, and instead they are considered 1x effective.

Sage Permafrost
Effect: User's Defense is raised by 50% in Hail, and takes no damage from Hail.

Psyche Out
Scene – Swift Action
Target: Pokémon or Trainer within 5 meters
Effect: Lower the target’s Special Attack 1 Combat Stage.

Effect: Whenever this pokemon is brought below 50% of their max HP, this pokemon's Defense stat is raised by 50%.

Effect: When it is Sunny, this pokemon recovers a tick of HP at the end of their turn.

Team Player
At-Will - Free Action
Trigger: This pokemon or an Ally raises a Combat Stage.
Effect: The altered Combat Stage is raised by +1.

Effect: When it is daytime, this pokemon's Special Attack stages are raised by +2. When it is nighttime, this pokemon's Defense stages are raised by +2.

Effect: If one or more opponent's levels are higher than the user's, the user's Attack stages are raised by +2.

Daily - Extended Action
Effect: You may use Forage as an extended action which lasts at least 5 minutes. Roll 1d20; On 1-10, the pokemon finds common berries; On 11-15, the pokemon finds mid-rarity berries; On 16-19, the pokemon finds rare berries. Next, Roll 2d6. This pokemon will find that many berries. If you rolled a 20, the pokemon will instead find 4d6 rare berries.

At-Will - Free Action
Trigger: An ally or opponent in melee range is holding a snack item.
Effect: You may use the snack of the adjacent pokemon as if you were holding it.

Orbital Tide
Effect: This pokemon has a gravitational pull. While this pokemon is in combat, the area is considered Warped, as if the move Gravity had been used.

Scene - Swift Action
Target: A pokemon or trainer within 10 meters of you who is at least one "Size" tier smaller than the user.
Effect: The target's Attack and Special Attack are lowered by 1 combat stage each.

Scene – Free Action
Effect: The Weather changes and it begins to Acid Rain.

Acid Rain: A weather effect unique to Pokemon Sage. When Acid Rain is in effect, all pokemon take a tick of damage every round. Poison and Steel types, as well as pokemon with the ability Pollution, are immune to the effects of Acid Rain.

At-Will - Free Action
Trigger: An enemy targets this pokemon with a move as a Priority or Interrupt.
Effect: Before the enemy resolves the attack, this pokemon may change their interrupted action if desired, as long as it changes the target to the interrupting attacker. This attack resolves before the enemy's interrupting attack. After the Quickdraw attack, the enemy must resolve their priority or Interrupt attack. Quickdraw cannot be used to interrupt Protect, Detect, Quick Guard, or any "Shield-type" Interrupt attack.

Effect: Melee-range attacks gain the following effect: "On a roll of 13+: After the target takes damage, the user gains Hit Points equal to half of the damage they dealt to the target."

Scene - Free Action
Trigger: The user joins an encounter
Effect: Choose one pokemon in the encounter, ally or enemy. Royjibiv changes its type depending on what color the chosen pokemon is, primarily. If the chosen pokemon is a non-standard color, use that, rather than the pokemon's standard color. See this chart:

Red Fire
Orange Fighting
Gold Ground
Yellow Electric
Green Grass
Light Blue Ice
Blue Water
Purple Poison
Pink Psychic
White Normal
Gray Steel
Brown Rock
Black Dark

Masterly's Dumb Custom Abilities

Baa'd Dreams
Scene x2 – Free Action
Trigger: An enemy Trainer or Pokémon within 6 meters of the user falls Asleep
Choose One Effect: You gain +1 Special Attack Combat Stage or regain 1 Tick of HP.

Kamen's Dumb Custom Abilities

Pinata Party
Effect: Connection - Self-Destruct. Whenever this pokemon uses Explosion or any other move which sets their HP to -50%, they may also use the pokemon move Fiesta as a free action, even if they do not have Fiesta in their move list.

Night Guardian
At-Will - Free action
Effect: Connection - Moonlight. Whenever this pokemon uses the move Moonlight during the day, they may activate Eventide as if it was Night time. The user may end this effect as a free action on their turn.

Bullet Time
Effect: Whenever this pokemon uses a physical or special move with the Interrupt or Priority keywords, that attack is considered Range 6, 1 target.

Daily – Free Action
Trigger: The user or an effect caused by the user Poisons a target
Effect: The target is Irradiated instead. Irradiated acts like Poison, except that the afflicted target's Attack and Special Attack stats are lowered by 2 combat stages for as long as the Status Effect persists. It may be cured the same way that poison and bad poison are cured. May apply to the hazards left over after using Meltdown, even though the pokemon is fainted.

Sudden Inspiration
Daily - Free Action
Target: An allied Pokemon within melee range with Tutor moves marked (N).
Effect: The target gains Inspiration. Inspiration is a one-time-use blessing which allows a pokemon to use one of the moves in their Tutor move set marked (N) as if it was in their current list of moves. Upon using this move, the Inspiration is lost and the move is forgotten.

Honorable Challenge
Scene - Free Action
Effect: Connection: Standoff. Upon using standoff, both the user and the target are returned to 0 combat stages, and may not use any held items during their duel.

Effect: If at least 2 of this pokemon's current stats are equal, then those stats will begin at +1 Combat stage at the beginning of the encounter. If one of those stats is HP, this pokemon begins with a tick of Temporary HP.

Dailyx2 - Free action
Target: A pokemon that the user has poisoned.
Effect: Connection - Conversion2. The user may use Conversion2 on the target as a free action, Range: Melee, 1 Target.

Den Mother
Scene - Free Action
Target: Allied Pokemon at least 10 levels lower than the user within line of sight of the user.
Effect: Choose one between Attack or Special Attack. The target raises that Combat Stage by +1. The user gains 5 DR. The user gains +4 to all skill checks to intercept for the target for the rest of the scene.

Theory of Relativity
Effect: This pokemon has +1 extra point of evasion from speed by default. For each additional Speed Combat Stage above zero, this pokemon's evasion is raised by 1 bonus point. For each Speed Combat Stage below zero, this pokemon's evasion is lowered by one point. The maximum speed evasion is still 6.

Modified Abilities

Light Metal
Effect: When referring to Weight Classes, treat the Pokémon as if it is 2 Weight Classes lower.
If this pokemon is already Weight Class 1 (As is the case with Craliber):

  • It becomes immune to the attacks Low Kick and Grass knot.
  • For moves which compare the attacker and defender's weight classes before dealing damage, OR for push moves which depend on the defender's weight class, this pokemon's weight class is considered 0.
For example, A WC6 pokemon uses Heavy Slam on Craliber. Normally Craliber would be dealt a DB14 attack (+2 for each WC the attacker is heavier than the target), but since Craliber is considered one less Weight Class than even WC1, the attacker gets to add another +2 to the attack, to hit him with a DB16 attack. Ouch! However, Being immune to Low Kick and Grass Knot is pretty nice.
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