Catherine "Cathy" Coiro

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4''
Weight: How dare you!

Profession: Student, Fashion Designer, PokeRider Chic
Birthdate: July 30th
Astrological Sign: Leo
Bloodtype: A
Sexual Preference: Men (with other men n.n)
Relationship Status: Too busy!
Signature Move:
Contact Details:
Help Me! I need your emergency number!: 555-555-0002
Coiro Creations: 1214, 3rd floor of SIT Mall ; right next to Mullery Hair Transformations with my BFF Jill ^-^
I work from 4PM to 9PM so feel free to come by and buy!!!!!1!

About Me:

OHAYO~ n.n!!!

So, I'm the totally fabulous and awesome and super beautiful Catherine Coiro, but I like to make friends so you can just call me Cathy, got it? I come from all the way over in England where we're super fashionable and rich! I always admired the riders in high school and told my father I wanted to be a Rider, but he said "Oh we're already giving you equestrian lessons" so clearly he didn't get it! So I told him "Dad I want to start a studio in Diamond City" and he went "Oh alright dear" and now I'm running the ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS studio of mine that's in the contact details and you should TOTALLY GO THERE because I will SIGN AUTOGRAPHS and you MIGHT EVEN RUN INTO ONE OF THE RIDERS OH YES~

Oh, so how'd I become a Rider? Well, that's the totally awesome thing, I decided I really wanted to be one so I made myself a costume and started showing up to stuff nearby! And anyway, it was really kind of scary for a while because I was lying about being a Rider, and then OH MY GOD one day RIDER GALLANT HIMSELF AND HE WAS WITH RIDER RISING OMG and they totally saved me and you don't even know how HOT they is in person YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ASDFCHAHDGHGHG.

Anyway, after that I totally wanted to become a real serious Rider, so I went on auction sites and looked until I found an actual honest to god master belt and nearly bankrupted my studio buying it AND IT WAS SO WORTH IT because now I AM TOTES THEIR SIDEKICK though they're way cooler than me so I let them handle most of the awesome stuff.

Anyway I'd tell you more stuff but they say I shouldn't spam my page so… You should totally come visit my blog! (the password is "ridercity", shh, don't tell anyone! It's our top secret fangirling place!)

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