Cera Fin

Game: Altho

Info and Stats

Name: Cera Fin
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 119lbs




Money: 800

Type Effect
Chain Weapon Spinarak Silk Uniform Ribbon 2d20+Con+1d4
Armour Lab Coat Smart Looking
Accessory Null-B Brooch +5% Experience



Pokemon Information

Name Dream
Species Kirlia
Level 22
Experience 10650
Gender Female
Type Psychic
Nature Lonely
Ability Synchronize
Loyalty 4

HP: 46/46
Phys. Evasion: 2
Spec. Evasion: 2
Spd. Evasion: 0

Weight Class: 2
Capabilities: Overland 7, Surface 4, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 5, Telekinetic, Telepath
Held Items: Aura Necklace (Small Clear Crystal on a Beaded Cord; +1 STAB for Psychic Types)


Stat Base Added Total
HP 4 4 8
ATK 2 0 2
DEF 6 4 10
SPATK 7 5 12
SPDEF 6 4 10
SPD 5 4 9


Move Type Damage Frequency Accuracy Range Effect
Growl Normal N/A At-Will 2 Ranged (5) Growl creates a 5-meter Burst. Growl lowers all Legal Targets Attack 1 Combat Stage.
Confusion Psychic 2d8 At-Will 2 Ranged (10) Confusion Confuses the target on 19-20 during Accuracy Check.
Double Team Normal N/A Center N/A Self The user makes three copies of themselves and places them into the encounter adjacent to the user. The user must place some sign under the token of the original copy to mark it as the original. If a copy is hit by a damaging Move, it is destroyed. If the original is hit by a damaging Move, all copies are destroyed. Any copy can perform a Move but the user is still only allowed one Move per turn. All copies may shift each turn. When the user and its copies are targeted by a Move, foes must roll +2 during Accuracy Check to hit for the remainder of the encounter. When a copy disappears, the user loses 1d6 HP. Do not apply weakness or resistance to HP lost. Do not apply stats to HP lost.
Teleport Psychic N/A Battle N/A Self Teleport can be used as an Intercept at any time. If used as an Intercept, roll 1d20 and if you don’t roll 7 or higher, Teleport fails to activate. The user can shift 1d10+10 meters. They can move through blocking terrain and hindering terrain as if it is regular terrain. Moves that targeted Teleport’s user continues through the desired target’s space if the Move allows for it. If Teleport fails when used as an Intercept, treat it as if you did not use it for purposes of Frequency.
Lucky Chant Normal None At-Will N/A Self Lucky Chant creates a 4-meter Burst. All allies in the Burst, including the user, take damage from Critical Hits as if they are not Critical Hits for 1d4+1 turns..
Magical Leaf Grass 1d10+10 EOT N/A Ranged (10) Magical Leaf cannot miss.

Unnatural Moves

Move Type Damage Frequency Accuracy Range Effect
Thunder Bolt Electric 4d12+17 Battle 2 Ranged (7) Thunderbolt creates a Column 1 meter wide. Thunderbolt Paralyzes all Legal Targets on 19-20 during Accuracy Check.
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