Character Creation And Leveling

Character Creation

Stats -

  • Roll 1d6 eight times. These are your stat bases! Write them down, but not on your sheet just yet. Assign each result to a stat.
  • Add your class bonuses to the bases. Each class gives +1 to three different stats.
  • Double the stat base that you assigned to Endurance
  • Add +1 to three different stats of your choice
  • Multiply your stat bases by 5. These are now your stats!
  • A Stat's 'bonus' is equal to that stat divided by 10, rounded down. Ie; for 25 it'd be +2

Skills -

  • Distribute 5 + Intelligence Bonus + Charisma Bonus points amongst your class's Active skills. You may not put more than 3 points in any one stat.
  • Distribute 2 + Intelligence Bonus + Perception Bonus points amongst your class's Passive skills. You may not put more than 3 points in any one stat.

Class Features -

  • Now, if your class offers a choice, pick your class features, as well as one class talent.

Deck -

  • Now, pick 10 non-energy cards to add to your deck from the cards you qualify for. You may not have more than two of the same card in your deck at level 1.
  • Now, add 5 energy cards available to you to your deck.
  • And y'done!


  • Whenever you gain a level, add stat marks equal to your new level + 3
  • Add +1 to one active skill, and +1 to one passive skill.
  • Pick a talent from the class you leveled up in, and any class features your class may offer
  • Add two cards to your deck that you now qualify for. Remember to get more energy too, as you go along!
  • You may drop one old card from your deck to pick an additional card.
  • On character levels 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30, you get to pick a feat. Choose wisely!
  • Whenever you go up to an even level, make sure to add +1 to your Attack Rating, Defense Rating, Spell Effect Rating, and Spell Resist Rating.

Raising Stats

  • As noted earlier, whenever you gain a level, you get a certain number of "stat marks" which you assign to your stats.
  • Whenever a stat has marks equal to its current stat bonus +1, the stat goes up by 5. ie; you need 3 marks on a stat of 25.
  • You may not add more than five marks to a single stat on a single level-gain, nor can you continue adding marks if a stat would go up; ie, if a stat of 25 has 3 marks, you can't continue adding marks to carry over.

Whenever your ___ Bonus Goes Up …

  • Endurance —> Add +5 to your health.
  • Agility —> Add +2 to your Attacking Rating.
  • Intelligence —> Add +1 to two different passive or active skills.
  • Willpower —> Add +2 to your Spell Resist Rating, and +1 to your Persist Rating
  • Perception —> Add +2 to your Defense Rating.
  • Charisma —> Add +2 to your Spell Effect Rating, and +1 to your Spell Resist Rating.
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