+18000 py

Name: Ciel Blanchard
Age: 18
Gender: F

Height/Weight: 5'7"/124 lbs
Level 42
HP: 300/300

Strength: 6
Dex: 10
Con: 32
Int: 30
Wis: 12
Cha: 10

Trainer Features

Target: Any object that you may lift.
Effect: Add your INT and CON modifiers and multiply the total by 5 pounds. This represents the weight you may lift and items you may target with Telekinesis. Multiply your INT and CON modifiers then multiply that product by 3-meters. This is how far the target can be. (105 lbs, up to 330 meters away)

Target: Any other human, some may be immune to Telepathy
Effect: You may read the surface thoughts of other humans, as well as project your surface thoughts to other humans. You may also project telepathic message to your Pokemon, but may not read your Pokemon’s minds.

At-Will – Drains 10 of user’s HP per use.
Target: Self.
Effect: Your CON modifier is X. You may move through solid objects for X seconds. Moves will miss and pass through you if you are Phasing. If you are still in a solid object after X seconds, you must reactivate
Phasing to prevent death. If you run out of HP and are still in a solid object, you die. You may not make a death savings throw if you die while Phasing. You may take up to X people with you while Phasing. If you stop Phasing, they stop Phasing. If you stop Phasing someone you are Phasing, you stop Phasing as well. If you place a person into an object, and then stop Phasing them while they are still in that object, they may make a Savings throw of 7 on 1d20 to continue Phasing for X seconds, at which point they will stop Phasing. As a Free Action, anyone (Trainer or Pokemon) may resist Phasing.

At-Will – Drains 15 of user’s HP per use.
Target: Self.
Effect: Use the Move Teleport.

Probability Control
At-Will – Drains 5 of user’s HP per use.
Target: Any roll.
Effect: You may reroll any die, or have any ally reroll any die. For every time you use this ability per day, past the first use on any day, your GM gets one Murphy’s Law point. They may use this point to have you reroll any die that you haven’t targeted with Probability Control, the GM may only target your dice rolls with
Murphy’s Law Points.


Antidote x2
Fresh Water x25
Full Heal x25
Potion x1
Super Potion x1
Freeze Heal x5
Carbos x1
Iron x1
Lemonade x2
Awakening x1
Protein x1


Xatu M
Level: 35
EXP: 34000
Nature: Timid
Ability: Synchronize
Item: N/A
Egg Group: Flying

Capabilities: Overland 3, Surface 1, Sky 5, Jump 4, Power 2, Intelligence 4, Telepath, Guster

Stats: 15 10 14 16 14 20

HP: 73


6 Night Shade - Ghost
9 Teleport - Psychic
12 Lucky Chant - Normal
17 Miracle Eye - Psychic
20 Me First - Normal
23 Confuse Ray - Ghost
27 Tailwind - Flying
30 Wish - Normal

Egg Moves:
Zen Headbutt - Psychic - Beauty
Faint Attack - Dark - Smart

TM Moves:
Silver Wind
Shadow Ball

Heat Wave
Signal Beam

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