City States Of Raun


Okay, I wrote up a bunch of shit for each place, and it'd be nice if you read it but I don't really expect you to. So I'll give you a TLDR version (written by my non-nerd roomate) then have the long version in the collapsible.

Oh and make sure to read all the 'Current Status' sections, because that's where I'm throwing the plot hooks :D

Government: King, who totally just went all Saruman and decided to start making xombi warriors
Culture: Oscar-Wilde-esque world of noble decadence and languidity. They are trying to be all edgy by using black magic.
Also: Would totally all become edgy sparkling vampires if they could.

Current Status

It was under the guidance of Rhys Tarmack, first King of Eshuna-Nud, that the city prospered and grew. His heir, Ephraim Tarmack, was even more beloved and celebrated. His eldest son and Heir, Prince Tristen, died tragically during a detch hunt three months ago. Not long after, before Prince Tristen was even buried, the King suddenly took ill and perished. His second and third son and daughter both seem to have disappeared; it was his 4th son, Prince Llewen, who took the throne. Though Prince Llewen himself is bookish, quiet, and not particularly well-liked (except by the commonbloods, but who cares about them), his advisor, Councillor Reon Gray, is extremely well-liked by the nobility for his charm, generosity, and influence.

As King Llewen took the throne, he outlawed slavery, repealled the ban on black sorcery, and began to talk of conquest in the name of Eshuna-Nud. No one knows how the new King and his followers made his hammerwight and deadlight allies, but its clear that these detch at least are serving him - or at least Chancellor Gray. The Chancellor and his closests followers have begun employing black sorcery and using their detch allies to create xombi, all in order to create an army for Eshuna-Nud. This is making most of the city states in the region antsy, specially Urdahane and Holy Marheam.

— Available background features

- Blood of Old Yan: same as Warrel Family Resistance (5 points, Nain Companies, page 22)

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