Clover Ridge Student Store

+Clover Ridge Student Store

The Clover Ridge Student Store, the biggest one, at least, takes up almost half of the first floor of the main hall. The inside is bright and spacious, almost always staffed by two members of the Quartermaster club in addition to a number of holo-merchants and stocking Pokebots. Though the Student Store doesn't rival big city shopping malls in terms of size or variety, it's easily the largest trainer-centric store on Asana. Products are arranged according to type, most of them available year-round while some cycle as seasonal or limited offers. All prices are given in Clover Points.


All basic restoratives can be found shelved near the front of the store, purchased individually. Bulk orders can be made with an attendant, usually reserved for club events.

Potion Restore 20 HP. 200
Super Potion Restore 35 HP. 380
Hyper Potion Restores 70 HP. 800
Bandages Speeds injury recovery. 300
Antidote Removes Poison. 200
Paralyze Heal Removes Paralysis. 200
Burn Heal Removes Burn. 200
Ice Heal Removes Frozen. 200
Awakening Removes Sleep. 200
Full Heal Removes all persistent statuses. 450
Revive Revives fainted Pokemon and sets HP to 20. 300
Full Restore Restores 80 HP and removes all statuses. 1450

X-Items and Vitamins

These items are made to order, the contents brewed and sealed into single use vials dispensed like a vending machine.

X Attack Raises a Pokemon's Attack by two stages. 350
X Defend Raises a Pokemon's Defense by two stages. 350
X Special Raises a Pokemon's Special Attack by two stages. 350
X Sp Def Raises a Pokemon's Special Defense by two stages. 350
X Speed Raises a Pokemon's Speed by two stages. 350
Dire Hit Increase Critical range of all moves by +2. 600
X Accuracy Increases Accuracy by +2. 600
Guard Spec Prevents a Pokemon's stages or accuracy from being reduced for 5 turns. 700
HP Up Raises the user's Base HP by 1. 4900
Protein Raises the user's Base Attack by 1. 4900
Iron Raises the user's Base Defense by 1. 4900
Calcium Raises the user's Base Special Attack by 1. 4900
Zinc Raises the user's Base Special Defense by 1. 4900
Carbos Raises the user's Base Speed by 1. 4900

Berries and Refreshments

Most berries are locally grown in greenhouses maintained jointly between the Quartermaster Club and the Botany Club. Tier one and two berries kept out in big bushels and tier three berries behind a holo-merchant counter.

A couple vending machines offer a few different brands of mechanically-similar refreshment items, including: Candy Bars, Leftovers, Enriched Water, Super Soda Pop, Sparkling Lemonade, and MooMoo Milk. The store usually has a rotating flavor selection of Berry Juice, priced as though it were Soda Pop.

All prices for these items are as listed in the handbook.


Mass-produced Pokeballs can be bought individually or in packs. Non-standard variants, including apricorn and other types of Pokeballs are available, but not all the time. Additionally, a number of special Pokeballs are only available to students with a certain number of badges or above. The following are available to all students:

Basic Ball -0 A standard catching device with no bonuses. 250
Great Ball -10 An improved capture rate over the Basic model. 400
Ultra Ball -15 The highest power standard device on the market. 800
Level Ball -0 If the target is half the level of your active Pokemon or lower, rate improves to -20. 800
Lure Ball -0 If the target was baited into the counter with bait or honey, rate improves to -20. 800
Moon Ball -0 If the target evolves with an evolutionary stone, rate improves to -20. 800
Friend Ball -5 A caught target starts with +1 Loyalty. 800
Love Ball -0 If the target is the same species line and opposite gender of active Pokemon, rate improves to -30. 800
Heavy Ball -0 Rate improves by -5 for each Weight Class the target is above 1. 800
Fast Ball -0 If the target has a movement capability above 7, rate improves to -20. 800
Quick Ball -20 Adds +5/+10/+20 to modifier each turn. September special. 800
Premier Ball -0 Given free to customers for every 1000 points they spend at once. -

Keepsakes and Evolutionary Items

Standard evolutionary stones are available at all times, though in relatively limited numbers. More unique keepsakes can be purchased through special order – please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery. 3000 points each.

TM and HM Counter

These small, strange discs are kept in a glass case at the check out counter under the watchful eye of an attendant. Once purchased, using a TM is as simple as loading it and a Pokemon's ball into a machine – nurse's stations can all be used for this and a few are free to use in the store itself. Dorm's usually have at least a TM reader per floor, too. After a TM has been successfully used, the disc degrades, keeping it from being used again. An HM can be used multiple times without suffering damage.

Like Pokeballs, some discs can only be purchased by having the correct number of badges and stock often rotates.

TM 01 Hone Claws 1200
TM 04 Calm Mind 1200
TM 08 Bulk Up 1200
TM 10 Hidden Power 1500 HM 10 Hidden Power 3500
TM 16 Light Screen September special 1500
TM 31 Brick Break September special 2400
TM 33 Reflect September special 1500
TM 45 Attract 1200
TM 54 False Swipe 1200 HM 54 False Swipe 3000
TM 70 Flash 1500
TM 75 Swords Dance 1200
TM 83 Work Up 1200
TM 94 Rock Smash 1500

Held Items

Clefairy Ears A cute headband that discourages Normal-types from attacking. Accessory. 2000
Contest Accessory Roll +2d6 during introduction phase. 1500
Elemental Gems Raises the Damage Base of an appropriate move by half. Consumed on use. Any variety. 2500
Everstone Prevents evolution when held. 1500
Expert Belt When dealing super effective damage, deal an additional 5 damage. 3500
Shell Bell Gain 1/8th max HP as Temporary HP when you deal damage. September special 3200
Stat Boosters Any variety. 4000
Type Booster Any variety. 1800
Type Brace Any variety. 2000
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