+1 STR
Martial artist advanced class.
Prerequisite: 19 STR, Martial Artist
The Clubber is a master of pokemon combat. However, he's not a specialist in pokemon fights. His specialty is instead using his pokemon as weapons and growing closer to their pokemon through blunt force trauma.


Base features:

Pokemon Of Choice league illegal
Effect: Choose two of your own pokemon. This feature acts as two separate instances of 'Weapon of Choice' using these pokemon as your weapons. You may consider this pokemon to be any melee-range weapon that is feasible. When using pokemon as weapons, your AC is 3, and you may the pokemon's STAB to the damage roll. Fainted pokemon may be used as weapons, but you may not add any damage bonus and accuracy reverts to 6. If you apply an elemental effect to your pokemon of choice attack that is not shared or resisted by your pokemon, it takes damage equal to the highest of your STR, CON, or DEX mod in damage. Your pokemon takes 2x STR, DEX, or CON mod if the type is super effective against them. Pokemon being used as weapons may not act or shift during the pokemon round. You may take this feature again for another two pokemon.

Type-strike TA - league illegal
Daily - Every 5 levels you may perform this feat another time per day.
Effect: When making an attack with a pokemon of choice, you may apply one of their typings to the damage as if you had used an elemental arms feature. Even if super effective, this does no damage to the pokemon of choice.


Good One Mister Fish! FA - league illegal
Effect: one encounter per day a pokemon you use as a pokemon of choice gains 2x the experience from combat, but pokemon that were not used as weapons cannot take a share of experience.

Fastball Special: league illegal
Prereq: A pokemon you are able to lift and throw easily.
Effect: Choose one pokemon of choice you are able to lift and throw. This pokemon of choice is now a ranged weapon of choice. The range of the attack is 30 plus your Strength modifier. The minimum range is now 4. You may also declare this weapon as Thrown, but the range becomes 1 unless acted on by other features.

Geronimo! TA - League illegal
Daily - every 5 levels
Prereq: Fastball special
Effect: Make an attack with a ranged Pokemon of Choice. If it connects, roll your pokemon of choice damage roll and your pokemon may instantly attempt an At-will attack without counting as your pokemon action for the round.

Used to it by now: S - League illegal
Prereq: one pokemon has been used as a pokemon of choice for at least a month
Effect: Pokemon used as weapons may apply 2 CS to their defense and Special Defense while being wielded as weapons, but those CS are not applied when they stop being wielded. These stages cannot be applied to the pokemon or trainer involved in Turning the Tables.

Homerun! FA - League Illegal
Daily - 5 levels
Prereqs: Melee type Pokemon of Choice.
Effect: Upon a successful attack with a melee pokemon of choice, you may activate this feature. Your pokemon takes damage equal to your str modifier, and may add their full attack or special attack stat on top of the damage that would be done normally. The opponent is then knocked back a number of meters equal to triple your STR modifier. Upon contacting a wall or other hard surface, the opponent takes an additional 1d10 damage.

Poke-parry FA - League Illegal
Prereqs: Melee type pokemon of choice
Trigger: You are attacked by a melee attack while wielding your Pokemon of Choice
Effect: If you are attacked by a melee attack, you may reduce the amount of damage you take by your Pokemon of choice's Defense, or Special Defense, depending on which is applicable to the nature of the attack. Upon a successful poke-parry, your pokemon takes one half of the damage without applying defenses.

One-two punch FA - League Illegal
Daily - 10 levels
Prereq: Melee pokemon of choice
Effect: Upon successfully connecting an attack with a melee pokemon of choice, you may launch another attack with the same pokemon again without needing or activating multitasking.

Poke-Respect: S - League Illegal
Prereq: A pokemon of choice has been used either since hatching, or for at least three in-game months.
Effect: This pokemon's loyalty may not be lowered by being used as a weapon.

Cross-up: S - League Illegal
Prereq: 6 Clubber features
Effect: A pokemon of choice may act on the same turn it was used as a Pokemon of Choice.

Turning The Tables: TA - League Illegal
Prereq: Used to It By Now, Poke-Respect, at least one pokemon that evolved while used as a Pokemon of Choice, and can now lift you, 26 STR
Effect: Pokemon that are able to lift you may pick you up and use you as a weapon. You are considered to be a Damage base 6 weapon of Choice when wielded by this pokemon. Declare on your turn whether you are letting a pokemon wield you. Your turn ends and on the speed initiative of the pokemon wielding you, it may launch an AC3 attack against an enemy. The pokemon applies their full Attack or Special attack stat to the attack, and applies any martial artist damage bonuses you posses, plus one half of your Strength modifier. Any features you have which may be used to modify or change an arms attack may be used by the pokemon wielding you. Upon a successful attack, you take damage equal to your pokemon's full attack or special attack stat, and must take the appropriate damage for any other effects which are used with you as a weapon. This damage cannot be reduced by DR. If you are unconscious, you may not be used as a weapon. This does not count as a pokemon move action, and you may order another pokemon to act alongside the pokemon wielding you.

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