Cole Rosenburgh

Trainer Info

Full Heal x2
Hyper Potion x3
Ultra Ball x2
TM Strength



Dewott; Lv. 30; Male; 68/68 HP — 25000/27500 XP
Nature: Jolly
Hyper Cutter
Hold: Shell Bell
Loyalty: 4

Stat Base Current
HP 8 13
ATK 8 14
DEF 6 11
SATK 6 6
SDEF 6 12
SPD 8 15


Sandslash; Lv. 25; Male; 61/61 HP — 18950/19000 XP
Nature: Jolly
Rough Skin
Loyalty: 3

Stat Base Current
HP 8 12
ATK 10 15
DEF 11 16
SATK 3 3
SDEF 6 11
SPD 9 14


Kirlia; Lv. 21; Female; 42/42 HP — 12990/13000 XP
Nature: Timid
Loyalty: 2

Stat Base Current
HP 4 8
ATK 2 2
DEF 4 8
SATK 7 11
SDEF 6 10
SPD 7 11


Combee Lv. 21 Male 33/33 HP 11500/13000
Nature: Desperate
Honey Gather
Loyalty: 3

Stat Base Current
HP 2 5
ATK 5 9
DEF 4 8
SATK 3 6
SDEF 4 7
SPD 7 10


Dratini; Lv. 21; Male; 44/44 HP — 11500/13000
Nature: Hardy
Shed Skin
Loyalty: 2

Stat Base Current
HP 5 8
ATK 4 8
DEF 5 8
SATK 5 8
SDEF 5 8
SPD 5 9


Croconaw; Lv. 18; Male; 48/48 HP — 6245/9000 XP (Pool XP: 277)
Nature: Null
Loyalty: 0 Heart: 15

Stat Base Current
HP 7 10
ATK 8 11
DEF 8 11
SATK 6 9
SDEF 6 8
SPD 6 9


Vigoroth; Lv. 21; Male; 48/48 HP — 11500/13000 XP
Nature: Adamant
Loyalty: 0

Stat Base Current
HP 8 12
ATK 10 14
DEF 8 11
SATK 4 4
SDEF 6 11
SPD 9 13


Yeah, I was born in Altho. At least my parents say I was. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to believe everything they tell me about my childhood. Parts of it are such a blur for me…especially since that's when my abilities started manifesting. I started being able to do things with my mind. As I got older, I got better at it, but I couldn't tell you what else happened back then, for some reason. It just blurred together, so my childhood couldn't have been that eventful. I do remember where I spent most, if not all of my childhood, though; Ivoryscape City. I couldn't forget that; not after meeting Professor Pine on my 13th birthday. He gave me the friend that I'd remember for a lifetime; that's still with me, in fact, Deius, my, at the time, Oshawott. My parents agreed that it would be a good idea for me to set out at that point; become a real trainer like I kept dreaming, see the world…before any of that could happen, though, I decided to make a trip to the Wanderer's office in the city. I signed up to be a Wanderer, yeah. Why? Because maybe I could find the real answers to just what I was if I answered the call. After all, I definitely wasn't normal.

I've been at this about a month since then, and so far, I haven't found very many answers. My abilities have gotten better, yes, and I even have another companion I can relate to regarding them; namely, my Ralts, Athena. I've got 2 Badges under my belt, with the help of the newest member of my team, Axon, the Sandshrew, and still no call. I'm beginning to wonder if the call will ever come, but I'm not giving up. Not until I find out just why I have these…extrasensory skills. The answers will come eventually. I'm sure of it.

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