Coquina Coal

Meet the Magical Girl

Name : Coquina Coal
Age : 16
Theme of Friendship : EXEC_METAFALICA/. #Nenesya extracting

Level 25 Stone Warrior/Soldier/Roughneck

A young girl from Lilycove City, the beautiful resort port on the eastern side of Hoenn. Looking at her now, one would never have guessed that this vibrant girl full of life was once bed-ridden for years in the hospital. Diagnosed with a debilitating heart condition with the grim prognosis that she wouldn't live to adulthood, her parents nevertheless kept her under the best of medical care and homeschooled her to the best of their ability. Partnered with her Shuckle, Jade, she was rarely lonely, and her room was often filled with laughter and cheer. One night, however, as her condition seemed to worsen, she was visited upon in her sleep by a mysterious, ghostly woman. She greeted this woman, who might have been some personage of Death, with an unfearing expression. The two spoke, about what only Coquina knows - but in the end a single question would be asked. "What would you protect, if given the chance?" Without an ounce of hesitation, she answered, "The smiles of everyone I meet." To this steadfast girl, resilient as stone, she would awaken the sleeping power within her, becoming the birth of the magical girl MOSAIC Diamant.

Her recovery was miraculous. Not only had she lived several years beyond anyone's expectations, she had made a complete and utter turnaround, becoming a very active and physically oriented girl, participating in her high school's gym team. As she always saw the beach from her hospital window but could never reach, she often spends her time now out there, combing for beautiful shells to add to her ever-increasing collection. This is also where she would meet Iona, a strange girl who she would help when they found a beached Wailord together. Soon, they had become fast friends. What kind of stories await Coquina, as well as her current and future friends? It's hard to say, but surely they'll meet them with smiles on their faces.


Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body: Average (2)
Acrobatics: Master (6)
Athletics: Master (6)
Combat: Master (6)
Intimidate: Expert (5)
Stealth: Pathetic (1)
Survival: Novice (3)

Mind: Average (1)
Guile: Pathetic (1)
Perception: Untrained (2)
Edu: Untrained (2)

Spirit: Average (2)
Charm: Untrained (2)
Command: Pathetic (1)
Focus: Untrained (2)
Intuition: Novice (3)

Combat Stats

Hit Points 138/138
HP 26
Attack 28 (42+5)
Defense 30
Sp. Attack 6
Sp. Defense 13
Speed 7

Injuries: None

Moves and Capabilities


Up to +10 damage from Run Up to Melee. +5 damage if using Falling Boulder. +5 damage if using Heartstone Wand.

Struggle (AW AC3, Normal DB4: 1d8+8+42+5 or 2d6+8+42+5, melee)
Rock Tomb (AW AC5 2d6+8/2d8+10+42+5, Ranged 6. Lowers target's speed 1 stage)
Wide Guard (Scene Burst 1 Interrupt, protect an Ally and anyone else in the burst from an attack)
Rock Slide (Scenex2 AC4 2d8+10/3d8+10+42+5 Ranged 5, blast 3. Flinches 17+)
Stealth Rock (Scene Place 4 Sneaky Pebbles side by side, they do 1/10th HP to anything that comes within 2. No more than one per target)
Stone Edge (EOT AC5 3d8+10/3d12+10+42+5 Ranged 8, Crits 17+)
Head Smash (Scene AC5 4d10+20/5d12+25+42+5 MELEE Pushes 2 meters, Recoil 1/3)
Leer (AW AC2 Lowers Defense 1 stage Cone 2)
Mean Look (Scene, ranged 6. Target is Slowed and Trapped for encounter)
Scary Face (EOT AC2 Ranged 4 Speed -2 stages)
Rock Smash (AW AC2 1d8+6+42+5 -1 Def 17+)
Diamond Storm (Scene AC5 3d8+10/3d12+10+42+5 Smite, raise Defense on 10+)

Capabilities: Overland 10, Underwater 5, High Jump 2, Long Jump 3, Power 7
Abilities: Run Up, Teamwork
Action Points: 10/10

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10

Level 1 Creation:

Level 2: Adept Combat, Novice Acrobatics, +HP
Level 3: Rock Power (Run Up, +2 Def), +HP
Level 4: Adept Intimidate, +HP
Level 5: Shards of Stone (Rock Slide, Stealth Rock, +2 Def), +HP
Level 6: Expert Combat, Adept Acrobatics, +HP
Level 7: Stone Cold Finish (Stone Edge, Head Smash, +2 Def), +HP
Level 8: Expert Intimidate, +HP
Level 9: Stone Stance Master (Two stances, +2 Def), +HP
Level 10: Adept Athletics, +HP
Level 11: Maneuver Training (1 AP Bonus to struggles, +Atk, +Def), +HP
Level 12: Master Combat, Expert Acrobatics, +S.Def
Level 13: Called Shot (Increase struggle ac by 2, does no damage and -1 cs to enemy, +Atk, +Def), +S.Def
Level 14: Basic Martial Arts, +S.Def
Level 15: Offensive Maneuver (1 AP Combat maneuvers deal damage, +Atk, +Def), +S.Def
Level 16: Expert Athletics, +Atk
Level 17: Basic Training (Teamwork, +Atk, +Def), +Atk
Level 18: Master Athletics, +Atk
Level 19: Pokesoldier (tutor Teamwork or Discipline, +Atk, +Def), +Atk
Level 20: Intimidating Presence, +Atk
Level 21: Roughneck (1 AP on struggle to use Intimidating Presence or roughneck move, +Any, +Def), +Atk
Level 22: Novice Intuition, +Atk
Level 23: Stare Down (Learn Mean Look and Scary Face, +Any, +Def), +Atk
Level 24: Master Acrobatics, +Atk
Level 25: Defender (1 AP - Intercept for ally, +Speed, +Def), +Atk
Level EX: Diamond Maiden [+Defense] [+Special Defense], Learns Diamond Storm
Level EX: Earthclad Transformation [+Defense] [+Special Defense] (Gain Magical Burst and Enchanting Transformation: Clay Glamours: Moonstone Ward (+2 saves) and Metamorphic Shroud (+2 evasion vs status))
Level EX: Eternal Partner (Def/S.Def) - Shuckle benefits from Clay Glamours and can communicate telepathically with Coquina! Also gets DIAMOND STORM.




Head Jade Tiara (15 damage reduction vs Critical Hits. Resist Headbutt and Zen Headbutt, can't be flinched by them)
Body Diamond Dress (10 Damage Reduction, default Speed Stage is -1)
Main Hand Heartstone Wand (+5 damage but take 8 each attack) OR Gemstone Cutter (Small Melee Weapon)
Off-Hand Beryl Bracelet (+5 Attack after combat stages)
Feet Ruby Slippers (+2 Athletics, +1 Overland Speed)
Accessory Emerald Amplifier (Attack Booster)



Overland 3
Swim 3
High Jump 1
Long Jump 0
Power 4
Intelligence 5

Jade: Female Shuckle Type: Rock/Bug Tutor Points: 0/9 (Advanced Connection, Accuracy Training (Stone Edge), Precise Threading, Capability Training (High Jump), Pokesoldier (Teamwork), Sticky Web Tutoring (Natural), Advanced Mobility (Swimming), Capability Training (Intelligence)
Level 40, 2230 EXP Held Item: Stone Plate (Chesto Berry) HP: 137/137 Injuries: 0
Ability Usage Special Effect
Shell Shield Scene - Free Connection: Withdraw. Use Withdraw as a Free Action interrupt.
Berry Storage Static Gains an extra item slot for a Berry. This berry can be used as normal, doesn't count towards snack limits, and can't be messed with by any external means like moves.
Sturdy Static Immune to instant KO. Immune to massive damage injuries. Set to 1 HP if KO'd from full HP.
- - -
Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points 2 +27 29
Attack 1 +0 1
Defense 25 +15 40
Special Attack 1 +0 1
Special Defense 23 +12 35
Speed 1 +0 1
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
2d6+1 1d6 1d6 3d6+1 2d6+1 3d6+1
Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect
Withdraw At Will None Water None Status Self Immunity to Crits and 15 damage reduction. End as shift.
Shell Smash Scene None Normal None Status Self +2 Attack, Special Attack, Speed. -1 Defense, Special Defense.
Power Trick Scene None Psychic None None Self Swap attack and defense.
Sticky Web EOT None Physical? None Hazard 6 8 meters of Sticky Web
Stone Edge At Will (PP Up) 4 Rock 3d12+10 Phys 6 Crit 17+
Gyro Ball Scenex2 2 Steel 2d6+8+attack+speeddifference Phys 6 Hurts fast things
Rest Scene None Psychic None Status Self Gain full HP and status. Falls asleep.
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