Cornelius Prospector


  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Male
  • Height/Weight: 5'8"/160
  • Hair Color: Bald (Shaved), Brown Goatee
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Build (Skinny, muscular, fat, etc): Skinny
  • Starter Pokemon: CRANIDOS
  • Physical description: A brown fedora (Indiana Jones style hat), brown multi-pocketed vest over a white (usually dirty) t-shirt, and pair of beat up jeans. He wears a pair of square frame glasses or a pair of prescription sun glasses. He always has his backpack on, filled with all his field research equipment.


The son of the famous Professor Prospector, Prospector has always been surrounded by the wonders of the natural world due to his mothers’ work. His mother is regarded as one of the top researchers in the field of pokemon fossil reanimation. She regards the study of these ancient life forms as a means to finding the origin of pokemon.

From a young age Prospector loved rooting around in the mud, looking for treasure. One day when he was 12 he found a strange stone, which his mother identified as a Skull Fossil. She took his treasure and reanimated it. The resulting CRANIDOS was going to be immediately examined and studied by her research team. It bleated in distress as they were manhandling it and Prospector could not watch it anymore. He ran into the researchers, knocking them to the ground. He got between them and the CRANIDOS. He then yelled at them and at his mother saying, “No!! You will not treat her like that. I found her and I will take care of her.” He stared down everyone in the room, including his mother.

His mother was taken aback. She had never seen her soon act like this. Her first instinct was to scold her son. But then she noticed the look in her sons’ eyes. There was a cold, unyielding fire in them and that was when she noticed the CRANIDOS cowering behind him. It was shivering, there was even a puddle of urine forming under it. She was dumbstruck, “When did it become common practice to scare young pokemon?” she thought. She stepped forward and hugged her son, saying, “Of course your right! You will take care her from now on. What’s her name dear?”

He turned from his mother, and confidently strode toward the female CRANIDOS with his hand extended outward. The CRAINIDOS sniffed his hand hesitantly and then started to lick it. Soon he was petting her affectionately and she was cooing in pleasure. “Hangaku, like the warrior princess of old,” he said. He took her to the bathroom to clean her up. His mother shook her head and whispered, “Why does it take the eyes of a child to truly see something as it truly is?”

From that point on Prospector studied everything he could on the ancient pokemon. He had the idea of establishing a reserve for these pokemon displaced in time. Somewhere where they could live a life as close to what they should have had. So now he sets out on a journey to collect money and pokemon to make his dream a reality. And by his side is Hangaku, his warrior princess.


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