Critical Hank
Campaign: Altho

Name:Henry Worthington
AKA: Critical Hank
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 260 lbs
Appearance: Big and buff and shit. Wears a costume.

Henry Worthington grew up as the youngest child in a family of wealthy researchers, and it was no secret that he was the obvious black sheep. His older brothers Simon and Thaddeus became a renowned Professor and Scientist, respectively. Henry, whose biology apparently skipped several generations and was three times the size of his brothers, never really "got" all that science mumbo jumbo. And he also hated how the rest of his family treated Pokemon like animals and tools. They were valiant, intelligent creatures! A real trainer would acknowledge their bravery and fight alongside them, instead of making them do all the work! The more he preached this, and the beefier he got, the more strained his relationship with the Worthingtons became. The only living being he knew that seemed to support his philosophy was Kayo, his beloved pet Torchic.

The day finally came when Mr. Worthington decided that if his 25 year old son wasn't going to become a doctor or something, then he was at least going to stop freeloading in his mansion. And so Henry was unceremoniously booted from Worthington Estate and cut off. As he and Kayo wandered the cities of Althos, he noticed how many people mistreated their Pokemon, and just now many evildoers there were in general. One day he finally made a tattered, tawdry looking costume and patrolled the streets of Ivoryscape City as the mysterious CRITICAL HANK. His Torchic, who had evolved into a Combusken at this point, fought alongside him as his trusty sidekick, One Hit Kayo.

Although well meaning, the two tended to cause more problems than solve them, and people who know of them either dislike them or don't take them very seriously. His failure record hasn't been 100% though, and the Ranger Corps awarded him with a styler for an instance of bravery that saved one of their officers.

It wasn't long before Critical Hank realized that pro bono superhero work doesn't really pay for meals or put a roof over his head, so he started getting day jobs in the city. He tried his best but was never very good at them, and after getting fired for the fifth time he finally stumbled upon a miracle. A way to fight the good fight again, and not starve in the process. He had found The Wanderers.

Also he's a huge fan of the Gym Leader, Sky Uppercut.

One Hit Kayo has been Critical Hank's best friend since childhood, and sidekick of choice. His personality is basically a mirror of Hank's: brave, loyal, overenthusiastic, and blissfully unaware of the consequences of his actions.

Species: Combusken
Lv. 24 (14250/15650) STAB: 4
Gender: Male
Loyalty: 4
Nature: Jolly (+SPD -S.ATK)
Ability: Moxie (Whenever Kayo's Move causes a target to faint, he may raise his ATK Combat Stage by 1)
Hold Item: Quick Claw (Once per day, Kayo has +5 SPD for rest of encounter)

Type: Fire/Fighting
2x: Water, Flying, Psychic, Ground
1/2x: Fire, Steel, Dark, Grass, Ice
1/4x: Bug

Height: 2'11'' (Small)
Weight: 43 lbs (2)
Capabilities: Overland 8 (13/18), Surface 1 (6/11), Jump 3, Power 4 (5/6), Intelligence 3, Firestarter
Firestarter: Can produce fire and control its intensity, from a puff the size of a lighter to a large burst that can engulf a tree.
All Capabilities With Numbers In Parentheses: The first number in parentheses is Kayo's Capability when he is Hank's Active Pokemon, the second is Kayo's Capability when Hank is applying the More Than Ever Feature to it.

HP: 54/54

Stat Base Added Total
HP 6 4 10
ATK 9 5 14
DEF 6 3 9
SATK 7 4 11
SDEF 6 2 8
SPD 8 5 13
Name Frequency Type AC Range Stat Dmg Other
Lv Scratch At-Will Normal 2 Melee ATK 2d6+14
Lv Growl At-Will Normal 2 Ranged None N/A Burst 5, lowers all Legal Targets' Attack 1 CS.
Lv Focus Energy At-Will Normal N/A Self None N/A Moves are Critical Hits on 17-20, High Crit moves get -3 to the Crit AC.
Lv Ember At-Will Fire 2 Ranged (8) S.ATK 2d6+11+4 Burns the Target on 18-20.
Lv Peck At-Will Flying 2 Melee ATK 2d6+14
Lv Double Kick EOT Fighting 3 Melee ATK 1d20+14+4 Scatter, hits twice. May still roll for second hit if first misses.
Lv Sand-Attack EOT Ground 2 Ranged (2) None N/A Column 1 meter wide; All Legal Targets must roll +1 on AC.
Egg Night Slash EOT Dark 2 Melee ATK 2d12+10+14 Critical Hit on 18-20.
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