Crystal Crusade

The year is 920 C.E. At long last, the people of Vana'diel have fully recovered from the struggles and hardships caused by the Crystal War. The beastmen on the continent have been quelled, the ancient plots of the Zilart laid to rest, and peace rings through the three nations of Vana'diel. It is time at last for us, as a united people, to investigate the northern continent, the home of the Gigas and the Orcish Empire. Even now, our troops have established a homebase on the eastern isles of the Gigas homeland, for us to expand and explore just what habitat bred such vile and hateful creatures.

You shall be part of this joint military effort. Your detachment hails from Jeuno, a neutral party throughout the land's countries and one with a very mixed population of races from all over the world. After your enlistment, you shall be scheduled for mission briefing, and after that embark on the long, cold journey to the northern lands, long forgotten and too long ignored.

This is the continent of Rhazowa. Our home base is at the base of the eastern island strand, however we have not yet explored the mainland beyond this point.



Character Race/Job Player Image
Alvis Mithra Thief Garlyle (image)
Gelato Nu Mou Black Mage Plutonis Here
Harphe Forlindel Hume Red Mage Anise
Mitzi Strauss Hume Time Mage castfromhp Link
Rosette Montiel Elvaan White Mage BB Here
Syl Hume Samurai Break Here

Notes and Stuff

What is this bullshit I don't even

Crafting Shit:

Cup Size Chart: [12:49:51] <zoofman> Dark <= Lightning < Earth = Mitzi < Water < Harphe <= Wind < Rosette < Fire = Syl < Ice < Light

Saheed's Wives:
Wife Description
Firesday Red headed, hot tempered, some sort of mage. Dangerously tsundere.
Earthsday ???
Watersday Brunette, was at the breakfast. Didn't really say anything.
Windsday Brunette, much more down to earth than most the others. Also a bartender and brewer by trade.
Iceday Brunette, cold and composed, somewhat manipulative. Wears glasses.
Lightningsday Zany, blonde youngest wife. Favorite hobbies include track and field, baking, shopping and trolling Alvis.
Lightsday The eldest wife, white haired. Tends to treat people with in a very motherly fashion.
Darksday Who?



Mission Description Reward
Plug the Damn Thing In! Beard Beard had a little introduction job in mind for you, to get an idea how this teleportation doohicky would even work. 1,000 gil each
The Perfect Storm This snow storm. Everyone knows it's not natural, and something's really creepy about it. So just what is the deal with it? 1 Tent, 3 Pheonix Downs, and each of you receive 2,000 gil along with 300 gil in potions/ether/status cures, distributed as you wish
A Berry Pressing Matter At odd hours of the night, off in the distance, people can see lights and odd sounds coming from the north of Xi'an. If you listen carefully, you can hear a chant that every child knows, for their mother used to scare them with tales of it…
The Sands of Time The Atlas you secured has a trade route heading dead west from Xi'an, into a desert. Wait, when was there a desert…
Gigas Sighted! Whether it was because of the storm, or something else, the Gigas were not seen upon arrival. This has now changed, as a warband has been spotted traversing up a river, toward both The Bastion and Xi'an, along with a few couriers of their own fleeing west. A new ally ???
The Stringwood Harphe's read about it and Kayleb saw it. Who knows what's up with it.
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