Crystals Of Light


Legend holds that many ages ago, there was a time when darkness and chaos ruled the land. From this darkness appeared four warriors, their names lost to history. They wielded crystals imbued with the power of the four elements, and banished the darkness, bringing light into the world. They became known as the Four Light Warriors, and this new world filled with light became known as the Crystal Realm. The crystals were scattered across the realm, and the warriors allowed themselves to fade away along with them. So goes the ancient legend old as time itself.


It has been 40 years since the the great conflict known as the Aeon War ended. The long and bloody war pitted the kingdoms of the Crystal Realm against each other, until King Cid led the Human Kingdom of Whitegate to put an end to the fighting, securing a peaceful alliance with the other nations, thus unifying the world. He became a widely respected leader, known for his courage, compassion, and wisdom. However, the era of peace in the Crystal Realm would not last long.

In the middle of Whitegate City, the Kingdom's Capital, stands its namesake. A large empty ivory gate-like structure surrounded by myth and legend. One year ago, a phenomena occurred which would change the entire world. In the center of the gate, a crack appeared in the very air itself. Like a rift in the fabric of reality. Not long after, people began to notice strange unknown beasts appearing. Some far more dangerous and vicious than the normal monsters of the realm. Far more dangerous were the so called "Beastmen" which appeared as well. These creatures are intelligent, organized, and deadly. Nobody has so far been able to understand or reason with them. Nobody has seen where these creatures come from, but everyone is almost that it has something to do with the rift in Whitegate. After a year of violent assaults by these beasts, tensions are rising, and some are starting to look upon the Whitegate Kingdom with suspicion and contempt.

In order repair the rift and end the flow of the beasts, King Cid of Whitegate has issued a call to adventurers from across the world to help end this problem. The lucky ones that succeed will be granted one "wish" for anything within the King's power to grant. Wealth, Power, Freedom, any of your wildest dreams can come true if you are chosen and successful. Applicants are put into randomized groups of four, and put through a selection process. After a month of nonstop applications, only a handful of groups have made it through, out of thousands. Their exact criteria is unknown, other than that the selection process is somewhat… unorthodox. Even famed professional adventurers have been turned away. However, one lucky group of four would get far enough to be granted a personal audience with the king. And thus our story begins…





Morty the Dragoon
Odes the Mage
Niki the Ranger
Flit the Gambler

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