Danielle DeLeon

Basic Info

Name : Danielle DeLeon
Age : 16
Height : 5'8
Weight : If you make a wish and blow hard, it might come true! Also, I'll fly.
Birthday: August 3rd

Virtue: Courageous
Vice: Arrogance

Gnosis: 1

Size: 5
Speed: 10
Defense: 4(+4=8)
Initiative: 5-4=1

Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Wound Penalties: Don exits.
Willpower: 8/8
Mana: 10/10


What kind of a description are people raring to put here? I guess I'll find out once people actually do it!

Character Theme: ???


Intelligence • • o o o
Wits • • o o o
Resolve • • • • o
Skills (-3 untrained)
Academics • o o o o
Computer • o o o o
Crafts • • o o o
Investigation o o o o o
Medicine • o o o o
Occult • o o o o
Politics o o o o o
Science • o o o o

Skill Specialties: Crafts (Gardening)


Strength • • • • o
Dexterity • o o o o
Stamina • • • • o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Athletics • • • o o
Brawl • o o o o
Drive • o o o o
Firearms o o o o o
Larceny o o o o o
Stealth o o o o o
Survival • • o o o
Weaponry • • • o o

Skill Specialties: Weaponry (Shields), Athletics (Marathoning)


Presence • o o o o
Manipulation • o o o o
Composure • • • • o
Skills (-1 untrained)
Animal Ken • o o o o
Empathy • o o o o
Expression o o o o o
Intimidation o o o o o
Persuasion o o o o o
Socialize • • • o o
Streetwise o o o o o
Subterfuge o o o o o

Skill Specialties:


Forces • • o o o
Life • • o o o
Prime • • o o o

Spell Rotes:
Rend the Weave (Counterspell Prime) Composure+Occult+Prime ••
Bones of Steel (Organic Resilience) Stamina+Athletics+Life+1 ••
Purge the Unbidden (Cleanse The Body) Stamina+Medicine+Life+1 •
All-Nighter (Forego Rest) Resolve+Crafts+Life •

Magical Order: Combat Mages (Athletics, Medicine, Intimidation)

Merits and Flaws

Trustworthy Face •
Iron Stamina •••
Enhanced Item •
Destiny •• (Bane: "Nothing to fear but Death.")
Patient •
Hardy •••



  • 'Kabe' (Large Shield +1 Size (4), +1 Durability (4?))

A shield that's…too big to lug around in between classes. It's not that she'd get tired, it's more like she'd have problems getting through the door…or explaining why she's lugging it around everywhere in the first place. Naturally, it's not on her person unless there's a proper moment for it!


  • Dandelion fluff

Character Backstory

The DeLeon family, they're rich and proud. Perhaps they're rich because they're proud (and not blindingly so), or maybe they're proud because they're rich (which tends to be blindingly so). One could assume that the earlier line of the family was rich because they were proud, and those that got inheritance were proud because they were rich, which doesn't bide well for their status as rich. Over time, they began to notice the up and down trend, and decided they weren't going to have any of it.

And as such, the generation that grew up with those that had inheritance and completely messed it up were told to listen to the ones that got it going in the first place. Being old, stubborn folk, they suggested the kind of things that old, stubborn folk would suggest. Don't get used to comfort and richness at a young age. If it is presented, dammit, ignore as much of it as you are able, and then make rude gestures at the idea by limiting yourself even MORE. Spending money on frivolous comforts like THEIR kids did are why you're kind of boned today. And when you're feeling comfortable dealing with a lack of comforts, find DIScomforts. Run a few laps before coming home from school. Do tomorrow's homework. Study for a few hours every day. Eat nothing BUT vegetables, or eat something healthy that you know you don't like. Turn off the air conditioning, it's not like your parents should have it. Work like you've never worked before, and being able to become successful once you've got an opening is but a stone's throw away. There were more than a few references to trees, starting off as weak saplings, constantly weathering the…weather, yet ending up as titanic trees!

Sure it was awful, but considering that they weren't the best off ever in the first place, what's a little more hurt. And as such, their wills toughened up. And thus, since for once their breath wasn't being wasted (and old people like to talk) they were taught more lessons. Always be on guard. You're looking to be successful here, there's always gonna be that one jerk that'll attempt to knock you over and take everything. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FATHER, BOY. And if you settle down and have children when everything's done, they might do the same thing your parents did. There are no breathers. While you're at it, you're old enough to make your own food. So, make your own food. Seeds, soil, and more hard work. Boom, fruit and vegetables. Now try to figure out how to do it during winter.

Of course, those kinds of lessons might give them the wrong idea. 'Be some kind of crazy hobo' was what was kind of coming through. Did they get successful by relying on themselves all the time? Not at all! Of course, they were cautious about who helped them, but branching out is a thing. If no one likes you, it's hard to get rich, and more people want to kill you if you somehow do. If you let the wrong people like you, the results are pretty much the same. Find great people (make sure they're great people), and stick with them to the bitter end. It tends to end up well for you.

Time passes. The ones that took the lessons to heart become successful (most of the time)! Then they had kids. This was a problem. For you see, the childbearers seeking to keep their good family name up were rich. They SAW that they might become their parents. Some of them freaked out a bit. Incidentally, this is the period in which Danielle DeLeon was born!

Her parents were of the sort that knew they had to put her through tough things. They did this. THEY DID THIS A LOT. One would call it traumatizing if she wasn't fuckin weird. She treated it as a game, and she started winning. She ran the laps while doing tomorrow's homework (with her backpack on), and then she finished her homework and studied while continuing to run the laps. Then she came home and ate the vegetables AND PROMPTLY WENT TO BED. It was awe-inspiring.


Claire's uncle married into the DeLeon family, lost the last name when he did that (mage families are weird). Claire happened to be the closest in age to Dani out of Claire's myriad siblings, so whenever Dani's family came to visit (usually for something business related) they'd end up sticking together. The family Claire was going to marry into was decided pretty early on (before she was sent off, even), so Claire was well aware that the family she was going into practiced the WAY OF THE BLADE and had already gotten to training with wooden swords at a young age so that she could be a good little bride, even if they were just toy blades and even if she had yet to have any formal training.

Seeing people do REALLY COOL THINGS with swords was what actually got Dani thinking about COMBAT, something she's clearly fit to do with how she's been pushing herself…but then thought about it a bit harder, and eventually came up with the silly idea of just using a shield. Of course, entertaining silly thoughts that would eat up one's time and do little else is called WASTING YOUR TIME.

So Claire had a SWORD (although it was mostly just a toy one) and she saw DANI had a SHIELD, and together they ended up training, Claire to get past the shield, Dani to block the blows. Claire was pretty cool with this, and Dani was pretty cool with this, but one day Dani got the BRILLIANT IDEA to HIT BACK with the shield, considering it's a nice way to make yourself get hit less, and Claire was totally unprepared for this, so she got knocked out on her ass and started crying up a storm. Little Claire was a bit of a crybaby. Dani was probably in a bit of a PANIC, I mean, she probably knew how to handle her own feelings, but not someone else's, yes? EVENTUALLY, Claire toughened up and faced Dani, and said something. "P-promise me you'll be my shield, if we ever have to fight for real, okay?"

To Dani, it seemed like a good idea at the time! Shield bashing. Striking the weapon! What could go wrong? Other people being less tolerant to pain than she is (one imagines this might have been experienced a few times, for Dani was likely still on the initial learning curve, while Claire was a bit ahead), recoil, missing the weapon for the most part, lack of warning…a few things, at least one of those did! Sure, the 'shields can totally hurt' was a success, but at what price did she have to learn such a thing? SOME MENTAL ANGUISH, THAT'S WHAT. That said, of course she apologized for suddenly getting bright ideas and executing them without warning, and vowed that she would be her shield when asked…so as long as Claire was her sword!

And of course Claire accepted! And of course the two of them began to train together, even as Claire began to actually get some formal lessons, which gave her another advantage, Dani managed to never get too outpaced and kept up with her cousin, and together they battled until the day Claire had to leave…at which point Claire told Dani that they would definitely meet again sometime! Who knows how long it would take, but they would! So of course, neither of them knew it would be at Bright Haven that they would meet once again…


The Roses of Eden

1st Attainment: Constant Pulse of the Living World

The original DeLeon was a veritable beast of a man. Blessed with magic, a honed body and a crafty mind, he created a zoo with mostly animals that he, himself, had captured. Not satisfied with this, he added exotic plants to his collection as well. One could say he had a good eye for life, and…well, they'd be right.

Pre-Requisites: Gnosis 1, Life 2 (primary), Crafts 2 or Crafts 1 with a Specialty in Gardening, Survival 1

This Attainment is always active and mimics the effects of both Pulse of the Living World and Analyze Life. The character thus always has an active Mage Sight, and can, with a reflexive Intelligence + Science or Animal Ken roll, know the age, sex, and species of a living thing. This also has the handy effect of detecting when something is not alive, which is useful for sniffing out undead creatures.

In addition, the mage is constantly tuned in to the minute shifts in the patterns of life around her. In game terms, this adds two dice to any reaction to surprise roll. If the character has the Danger Sense Merit, both of these bonuses apply.

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