Dareios Tzavaras

For: Zong

Meet the Templar

Name : Dareios Tzavaras
Age : 20
Height : 5'10"
Weight : 170 lbs

Level 5 Rune Master/Channeler/Disciple

Born in Grand Demal, Dareios is the second son of a house of minor nobles. From an early age, he was raised to follow the way of his house – famed soldiers in Demalian history. Earnest and eager, Dareios initially seemed perfectly suited to become one of the warrior nobles his line was so renowned for, despite a harsh temper. By the time Dareios was eight, however, rumors began to spread that he was touched and servants whispered stories that, more than once, he'd been found playing with strange Pokemon that fled when discovered.

Before long, arrangements were made, and Dareios was sent away, far across the ocean to Temple Island in Josae. Exiled from his homeland and his family, Dareios joined a small group of other children with untamed abilities. The first months were difficult, as Dareios was heartbroken by the rejection from his family, but he slowly recovered and tried to find new family among the others at the temple. He learned to live an ascetic life and to refined his connection to the alien Pokemon the monks called Unown.

As he matured, Dareios became a fixture of the Temple of Mew, helping to serve as a record keeper for many families across the Republic. Each season, he met with others tied to Unown, a group known as runemasters, using one of the old, abandoned temples on the island as their own. Though he had found peace in his new life, and many expected him to stay at the temple and ascend the ranks, fate had different plans. The Unown that accompanied his runemaster brethren grew agitated with their masters. When word of expedition to the untamed continent Zong arrived at the temple, Dareios heard the message from his Unown like a bell – he needed to be on that ship. Unsure of what he should expect, Dareios packed and departed the next morning under the pretense of a pilgrimage.


Skills and Stats

Skills and Attributes
Body: Good (+2)
Acrobatics: Novice (3)
Athletics: Untrained (2)
Combat: Adept (4)
Intimidate: Untrained (2)
Stealth: Pathetic (1)
Survival: Untrained (2)

Mind: Good (+2)
Guile: Untrained (2)
Perception: Untrained (2)
General Edu: Pathetic (1)
Medicine Edu: Untrained (2)
Occult Edu: Adept (4)
Pokemon Edu: Untrained (2)
Technology Edu: Untrained (2)

Spirit: Fair (+1)
Charm: Untrained (2)
Command: Untrained (2)
Focus: Pathetic (1)
Intuition: Novice (3)

Combat Stats

Hit Points 77/77
HP 19
Attack 10
Defense 6
Sp. Attack 6
Sp. Defense 7
Speed 15

Injuries: None

Moves and Capabilities

Struggle (AW AC4, Normal DB4: 1d8+5, melee)
Hidden Power (EOT AC2, Rock DB6: 2d6+8 burst 1)

Capabilities: Overland 5, Swim 2, Throw 6, Jump 0/1, Power 5, Gather
Abilities: Instinct
Action Points: 6/6

Growth Log

Current Exp Bank: 0/10
Background: Mystic Warrior - +Occult, +Combat, +Intuition / -Focus, -Gen Edu, -Stealth
Level 1: Combat Training, Basic Martial Arts, Mystic Senses / Rune Master [CLASS], Hidden Power, Channeler [CLASS]
Level 2: Adept Skills – Occult, Basic Skills - Acrobatics
Level 3: Disciple [CLASS] - Instinct
Level 4: Adept Skills - Combat
Level 5: Rewrite



Head n/a
Body n/a
Main Hand n/a
Off-Hand n/a
Feet n/a
Accessory n/a


Lettered Charm A charm in the shape of an r Unown. From Estone.


40 ZJ

Wrangling Rope A basic catching device. 7
Vulnerary A restorative that heals 20 HP. 2
Bandage An item which improves natural healing. 2
Baby Food Increases the exp gain of Lvl 15 or lower Pokemon by 20% for the day. 10


χ the Unown
Level 10: 90 EXP
Gender: Neuter
Type: Psychic
Nature: Proud (+1 HP / -2 Atk)
Held Item: None
Capabilities: Levitate 6, Swim 2, Jump 1/1, Power 1, Intelligence 5, Invisibility, Telekinetic, Underdog
Skills: Athl 1d6+2, Acro 2d6, Comb 2d6, Stea 3d6+1, Perc 5d6, Focu 3d6
Tutor Points: 3/3

Hit Points: 53/53 Inj: 0
HP 6 5 11
Attack 5 0 5
Defense 5 5 10
Special Attack 7 5 12
Special Defense 5 4 9
Speed 5 0 5
Ability Freq Effect
Levitate Static The user is immune to Ground moves and increases Levitate speed by +4.
Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect
Hidden Power EOT 2 Psychic DB8 - 2d8+10 Special Burst 1 -
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