Darius Lothair

Player: Kain
Size: Medium
Tracks: Bastion/Smiting
Name: Darius Lothair
Age: 28
Level: 5
Race: Human
Class: Paladin

Str: 16+2 (+4)
Dex: 12 (+1)
Con: 14 (+2)
Int: 10
Wis: 10
Cha: 20 (+5)

KOM: Str (+4)
KDM: Cha (+5)

BAB: +5 | +11/0/0/0

HP: 96/96 (10+5+1 * 5+1)

Defenses and DCs:

Initiative: 1

Fort: 9 (5+3+1)
Ref: 4 (2+1+1)
Will: 10 (5+4+1)

Damage Reduction: 1

AC: 23 (10 + 5 KDM + 5 BAB + 2 Magic Armor + 1 Racial)

Social Defenses:

Awareness: 15 (+4)
Bluff: 15
Diplomacy: 15
Intimidate: 20
Perception: 20

Maneuver: 15


Acrobatics: 1
Athletics: 4
Larceny: 1
Stealth: 1
Ride (Trained): 6
Vigor (Trained): 7
Arcana: 0
Engineering: 0
Geography: 0
History (Trained): 5
Medicine: 0
Nature: 0
Bluff: 5
Diplomacy (Trained): 11 (Human Bonus 1)
Intimidate: 5
Perception (Trained): 5 (+4)

Range, Speed, Vision

Melee: 15
Close: 35
Medium: 140
Long: 560
Extreme: 1400

Speed: 40

Movement Modes:

Weapon Attacks:

Star Dragon Sword, Greater Weapon. +2 to Attack Rolls. (Brutal 2 (+3 damage), Magnum (-3 DR or resistance to damage inflicted), Reacting) Sophisticated (+1 Weapon Property at Greater rank), Energized (+4 Force damage).

The Star Dragon Sword has its own action in combat each round; it shares an initiative value with its wielder, and may act at any point during it's wielder's turn. It may use its action to perform the combat applications of Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Perception, using its wielder's Charisma (Wisdom for Perception) modifier. The SDS uses your skill ranks and ability modifiers, as well as any skill bonuses you grant to others, but not any skill bonuses you get from sources that only affect you, like magic items or feats

Attack: 11 (5+4+2+0)
Damage: 1d6+4+2+5+3+4


Rune-Laden Half Plate - Lesser Traveler's Armor (2 item AC, Endure Elements, Swim movement, moving out of Difficult Terrain does not cost extra movement)


Emblem of Lothair - +2 item bonus to Strength. This amulet is a crest of his noble house and serves to reaffirm that he's not just fighting for Harmonia, but the honor of House Lothair.


1: Exit, Stage Left (1/Encounter, swap Swift for Move)
1: Optimistic Viscera (+1 HP/level, +1 feat bonus to saves)
3: Epic Flail (Gains [Reach], gain bonus of half opponent's deflection bonus when not using weapon as [Reach])


Judgement 1

If you possess the Bastion track, all allies within the area of your Bastion Aura gain the Knowing ability from this track. At the beginning of each [Encounter], you may choose an ability you possess that is a [Bastion] effect. Until the end of the [Encounter], all allies within the area of your Bastion Aura gain that ability.

1st Circle – Knowing (SU): You are aware, in the general sense, of the moral and ideological predilections of any sentient creature within a spread with a radius of 15 ft + 5 ft per Judgment circle you possess originating from you. This spread moves with you, is not a divination effect, and is always on. It does not automatically penetrate [Invisible], [Concealed], or Stealth, but if you can otherwise circumvent these effects, Knowing will function unimpeded. Likewise, you become aware in a limited sense of likely major moral consequences of your actions. This takes the form of prescient flashes of meaningless images, and while reliable, it is not deterministic. In cases where the creed’s meaning is unclear, you may get no forewarning. This grants a +4 bonus to Awareness and to Perception checks. This is a [Bastion] effect.

Judgement 2

2nd Circle – Mercy (SU): Once per [Encounter], as an immediate action or part of another immediate action, you may prevent up to three times your character level in damage that would be dealt to any ally within your Knowing. This can only be done as the damage is being dealt, but may be activated after you know exactly how much damage a given effect will deal. This is a [Bastion] effect.


Bastion 1

1st Circle – The Shield (SU): As a swift action, you may create a spread with a radius of 10 ft plus 5 ft per two character levels you possess originating from you called the Bastion Aura. This spread moves with you.

Whenever a spell of first circle or lower that has a duration targets you, if it is not a copy, you may project it. To project a spell, create a copy of that spell for each other ally within your Bastion Aura. That spell and each of those copies become bonded to one another and gain “When a [Dispelling] effect ends this spell, end all spells bonded to it,” that spell gains “When this spell ends, end all spells bonded to it,” and each of those copies gains “You gain this spell’s effect only while you are within the Bastion Aura of the ally who created this spell.” Then you cast each of those copies targeting a different one of those allies. This does not provoke attacks of opportunity and counts as casting those spells only for the purpose of those spells’ effects and abilities of this track. As a swift action, you may end this spread.

2nd Circle – The Gauntlet (SU): Whenever a spell of second circle of lower that has a duration targets you, if it is not a copy, you may project it.


Smiting 1

All bonuses from this track are fury bonuses, which stack with other fury bonuses from this track. At the beginning of your turn, you may choose not to benefit from fury bonuses to attack rolls, damage and save DCs until the beginning of your next turn. Attacks and abilities that benefit from a fury bonus to attack rolls, damage or save DCs cannot also deal damage with the [Precision] descriptor.

1st Circle – Skirmish (EX): When you miss on an attack roll against an opponent, add a +1 bonus to your attack rolls for the duration of the [Encounter]. This bonus stacks with itself up to the higher of 2 or your level.

2nd Circle – Conflict EX: Your attacks gain a bonus to damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

Background: Darius is a first class Harmonian - that is, a natural-born citizen, and member of the aristocracy. Lengthy blonde hair and an enormous beard, along with his stature, cause some people to liken him to a lion, and some might say he roars like one, too - His laughter is never far off when he's in conversation. He's disliked by many of the other Lothairs, staunch advocates of the Temple Faction, for his activism in the People's Party, and the rumors of his involvement with a young second-class woman within the Howling Voice Guild don't help matters any - despite the fact that he's served as a stalwart defender in the Holy Harmonian Army for years. Not feeling Darius was enough of a threat to have assassinated, but wanting to get 'the embarassment' out of the public eye for a bit, his uncle arranged to have Darius re-assigned to a squad of specialists where he could do some good for Harmonia without advancing the People's Party's agenda.

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