Dawn Stone Hills

Dawn Stone Hills is a pickup PMJ campaign set in a cozy post-apocalyptic world, with themes of exploration and rediscovery.

Links and Resources

Campaign Pitch and Info: Here

Town Building Rules: Here

Player Availability Doc: Here

World Building Sheet: Here

Character Roster

Character Creation:

  • Level 1
  • 1 Starter Pokemon; must evolve, don't pick Porygon or a pseudo or something. common sense!
  • Pick one starting item out of the following (WIP!): Quick Scarf, Thick Cloak, Fuzzy Charm, Nurse's Cap, Ivy Charm


Previous Maps

World Map


Area Guides

The Duskwood: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v5c7fFWLSk4rK8ELPuun7tfnujqjEG7wyhougA9sS_M
The Endless Tunnels: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rYxOdMDz_0oUuLclOJIE0aWxeT4_GkxFtuh9AdVlfFQ

Town Map


Town Stats

Abundance Name Description
Clean Water The Lotus People who came before us were master stonemasons who constructed a complex system of aqueducts and canals to distribute water throughout the area, which we've restored.
Cashmere We have a burgeoning population of unusual Skiddo and Gogoat covered in a thick, white cashmere wool.
Scarcity Name Description
Metal The Lotus People fell in war to the Orchid People from afar. In their desperation, they had strip-mined the surroundings dry, leaving us with little metal for engineering.
Spices and Flavorings Those damn birds returning from their winter migrations decimated our garden of flavorful herbs.
Mystery Description Progress
Mournful cries at night echo from the Duskwood, believed to be the call of the Greenwalker, a creature between man and Pokemon none yet
A woman riding a giant white Sawsbuck left us a pile of pristine books we can't read none yet

Construction Resources

Basic Upkeep: Dawn Stone Hills will generate 3x Basic Construction Resources and 1x Food Resources automatically during each downtime period.

Resource Type Quantity Description
Basic Construction Resources 2 Lumber, cut stone, other materials for the basic structure of a building
Advanced Construction Resources 1 Metal, plastic, other materials for building that require technology to create
Food Resources 2 Crop seeds, preserved foods, fertilizer, etc
Technology Resources 2 Salvageable electronics, machine parts, etc
Cultural Resources 4 Diaries from the old world, field reports from expeditions to cities, fiction works, music, etc
Special Resource Description
Cashmere Fine wool from an unusual breed of Skiddo
Dawn Stones What, you think this name came from nowhere?
Psychoactive Water Water infused with psychic energy, or perhaps with dusk stone residue
Medicinal Mushrooms Used to create antibiotics before the fall

Unassigned Pokemon List:

  • Shroomish 1x
  • Shuppet 2x

Buildings List

Name: Book Jail (Archives)
Type: Provisioning
Tier: 1
Knowledge Domains: Herbalism
Assigned Pokemon/NPCs:
Effect: Reroll one failed Challenge Roll related to a Knowledge Domain you choose when you use your Prep Action at this building.

Name: Medicinal Garden (Pharmacy)
Type: Provisioning
Tier: 1
Assigned Pokemon/NPCs:
Effect: Start the session with one additional Full Heal.

Name: The Rookery
Type: Institution
Tier: 1
Assigned Pokemon/NPCs:

The Last Expedition

  • Coraline the Facetious: A member of Rosalie's troupe; a fortune teller by trade.
  • Big Jim: A member of Rosalie's troupe; he's big.
  • Walter Rowan: Lugh's father, Wick's uncle, a big time tinkerer, surprisingly competent at electrical engineering.
  • Lana Rowan: Lugh's mother, Wick's aunt, enjoys gardening and weaving, spent a lot of time with the Dawn Stone Skiddo.
  • Grace Irving: Xander's older sister, a Priestess of an old nature religion that's come back into vogue. She's looking for a way to purify his Arm, and also to find old temples and holy sites. Despite being a holy woman, won't hesitate to get into fights or scuffles.
  • Mitsuki Fujikawa: Gin's older sister, an artisan who made all sorts of jewelry using the Dawn Stones around town. More proactive and curious than Gin though also more easily shaken and unsettled.


Previous Seasons/Years: Click Here

Current Season: Year 1 Summer

Session 1: https://pastebin.com/9cXxhUKB

Community Rewards: Discovered the Endless Tunnels as an exporation location, made friendly contact with the Grotto and its staff.

Session 2: https://pastebin.com/nEz1FkCM

Community Rewards:

Session 3: https://pastebin.com/67c50UAi

Community Rewards:

Session 4: https://pastebin.com/zuEAQVMk

Community Rewards:

Session 5: https://pastebin.com/q4qQFuLi

Community Rewards:

Session 6: https://pastebin.com/AVqPKzzW

Community Rewards: +1 Food Resources, +2 Memento (hard hat and wallet photo), Durant lichen that qualifies for Pharmacy improvements, +1 bulldozer cabin

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