Deck And Card Basics

Deck Basics

Card Types

  • Action Cards - You may use one of these per turn, but only on your turn. Alternatively, you may discard any card to make a basic attack. This counts as using an attack card for the turn.
  • Utility Cards - You may use any number of these per turn, or as instructed on card. These cards are useful for a variety of things.
  • Reaction Cards - You may use one of these per turn; yours or anyone else's. These cards are played in response to other events in the game, and come in two subtypes; interrupts and responses. Interrupts happen before the event that triggered the use of the action card, whilst response cards happen after.
  • Energy Cards - These cards come in five subtypes; Stamina, Arcane Energy, Spirit Energy, Dark Energy, and Prayer Energy. These cards are used to play and empower your other cards.

How Decks Work

  • Okay, first, there's five zones where your cards can be: in the Energy Pool, the Burn Pile, in the Discard Pile, in your Deck, and in your Hand.

- Your Hand

  • At the beginning of combat, you shuffle your deck and draw cards equal to your minimum card number.
  • At the beginning of each of your turns after the first, before you draw cards, you may discard any number of cards in your hand.
  • At the beginning of each of your turns, you draw cards up to your minimum card number. So if your minimum card number is 5, and you have 3 cards in your hand, you draw 2 cards.

- Your Persist Rating

  • Using your persist points (equal to your persist rating) lets you do three specific actions during combat. You may do any of the following;
  • Draw a card.
  • Discard your hand, then draw that many cards.
  • Put an energy card from your Burn Pile on top of your deck.

- Your Deck and Discard piles

  • Whenever 'discard' a card, it goes into your discard pile. Should you run out of cards in your deck when drawing, shuffle your discard pile, and put it into your deck.

The Energy Pool

  • Energy cards allow you to play some of your attack, utility, and action cards. Each of those cards has a certain energy cost that must in your energy pool before you can play them.
  • During each of your turns, you can put any energy cards in your hand down into your Energy Pool. Energy cards put down into your energy pool remain there until burnt or removed for another reason.
  • Beyond requiring a play cost, some attack, utility, or action cards require that you "burn" energy to play them. Others give you the option of "burning" energy to make the attack or skill more effective. Whenever you burn an energy card, you remove it from your Energy Pool and put it into your Burn Pile. Unlike your discard pile, your burn pile does not shuffle back into your deck.

Level Dependant Stuff


Level Max Deck Size Minimum Card Hand Max Card Copies
Level 1-5 20 2 + Misc 2
Level 6-10 25 3 + Misc 2
Level 11-15 30 3 + Misc 3
Level 16-20 35 4 + Misc 3
Level 21-25 40 4 + Misc 4
Level 26-30 45 5 + Misc 4
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