Delacroix Estate
Viktor Cornelius Delacroix né Folles
Analytic / Vicious
Olivie Marie Delacroix
Spiteful Intervention / Insomnia
Charles Alexander Delacroix
Regal Challenge / Rally

The only patriarch in the history of the Delacroix family to not be a Delacroix at all. Born as the second son to a very modest noble line in Coalbank, Viktor abandoned what little he could hope to inherit, took up the sword at the ripe age of 15, and set off to see the world. Years later, having had his fill of violence, sex, and adventure he decided to settle down in Kingswatch and caught the eye of a rich and air-headed heiress. In no particular order he stole her heart, her father's position at court, and any chance she might have had at a real and loving relationship. Though he nominally serves at court as a sword instructor, most of his duties essentially place him as the captain of the royal guard. Much to the actual captain's chagrin.

The much maligned 'failure' of the Delacroix family, though most of the criticism is her own. Trapped in a loveless marriage and powerless within her own family, Tristan's banishment was supposed to be her revenge, but her glee ended prematurely when the bastard decided to leave of his own volition. With yet another bitter failure to swallow, Olivie withdrew from court and her role as one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting in order to 'more adequately take care of household affairs'. Few have seen her leave the manor in recent years but the few servants who dare speak ill of her name outside of the estate say that although her beauty has begun to fade, there's still fire in her eyes.

Tristan's older half-brother by two years and the first in line to inherit the family estate. Though lacking in true combat instinct, Charles is no slouch in a fight courtesy of the years of hard work he's spent trying to impress their father. Quite unlike his Viktor, Charles is a much beloved figure at court with a knack for building friendships with very powerful men and women. In spite of his magnetic personality and inviting nature however, he and Tristan have never quite been able to get along, with both having something the other has always yearned for but never able to achieve. Neither truly hates the other but the resentment inherent to their respective positions runs deep.

Adelaide Victoire Delacroix
Pride / Winter's Kiss
Damien Evariste Delacroix
Sniper / Own Tempo
Lucia Aliyah Delacroix / Lucien Jordan Delacroix
Plus / Cute Charm / Minus

Adelaide is Tristan's half-sister and though you wouldn't get the impression of it looking at their icy interactions, the two were quite close in their youth due to the nearness of their respective birthdays. The pair quickly grew apart however, when it became apparent that their father heavily favored Tristan for succession. As the rift between Charles and Tristan grew, urged by her mother to stand by her nobleborn brother, she too began to alienate her erstwhile playmate. Despite taking to her father's sword lessons more adequately than most would have assumed, Adelaide scorns the 'barbarous' combat her father and siblings seem to relish in.

Tristan's younger half-brother by a year and lucky for it. With the pressures of succession firmly on the shoulders of his three eldest siblings, Damien has been free all his life to pursue his own interests. Though friendly and well-meaning by nature, he lacks the charisma and social awareness of his eldest sibling and as a result, sees very little of court if he can help it. Without much interest in either politics or dueling, Damien passes his days hunting in the forests or staying up late in the manor's library. Despite his parentage and his family's esteemed presence at court, Damien is and always has been a quiet sort, unconcerned with both the affairs of the world and the squabbling of his siblings.

The twins of the family and despite all appearances, Lucia is in fact the older of the two by a few minutes. Lucia and Lucien are the youngest of the Delacroix brood by far and as such, are largely kept sheltered from the very worst of the family's internal drama. With inheritance a very distant concern for them, the twins have had perhaps the most normal childhood of all their siblings. Although the two of them often act as though they are indeed two parts to a whole, signs of them growing apart in both thought and demeanor have begun to show themselves in more recent years. But even as Lucien drifts toward his books and Lucia her father's lessons, the two have remained each other's closest confidantes.

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