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Backstory on Raun

The Fall of Old Raun -

The Empire of Raun, based in the city of Raun Elat, was amongst the most powerful the world had ever seen. Its legions were reknown for their strength in combat and piety in Razde. The city of Raun Elat itself was a marvel; Raun Elat was a center of learning and the study of magic.

However, 300 years ago, Raun Elat was overcome by demons, and the horde quickly spread throughout the region, devastating many cities which were taken unaware. Even the cities that managed to resist fell victim to demonic plague. The Kingdom of Anwe Telas managed to resist by making a bond with a Great Demon, and becoming Tieflings.

Eventually, the Raunite Legions received word of this event, and returned home. They were able to fight back the demonic horde, and cleanse the region of their influence.

New Raun

It wasn't until 80 years ago from present day that Raun finally recovered its old glory. Though the Raun region remains bleak and haunted-looking and the city of Raun Elat has been forever abandoned, the new capitol - Raun Auros - is more populated than Raun Elat ever was. The Kingdom of Telas joined the Empire, and the Empire began to reclaim old colonies and form some new ones, as well.

Current Affairs

  • King Euron the Golden, Lord Protector of Raun Telas, First Peer to the Emperor, was killed by mysterious circumstances while leading a legion abroad in the Empreror's name. Prince Argus, his heir, disappeared. It was the second of his sons, Prince Aren, who took the throne instead. His very first action upon being crowned, was declaring secession from the Empire, and war if need be to maintain it.
  • Demons and undead are starting to become more common again, in the northern forests.
  • The Port City of Raun Rana is suffering an unusual number of dissapearances.
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