This journal, despite having blank pages, has a weathered look to it. Information about various Demons you've encountered will be recorded here by Cornell.

The Demons

Cornell's notes: "A frightening creature we encountered in Cheshire Forest, north of Crystal Grove. From the testimony gathered from Almathea Laurent and eye-witness reports, it seems to be some sort of Sindarin sentinel awakened as a Demon. Even long, long after its masters no longer walked this land, it still patrolled its old route and eliminated any 'trespassers'. The sole victim we've found so far is a sellsword of unknown identity whose body was reanimated briefly by the creature's influence. The ex-zombie is now being studied.

The demon was Rune-Bound by Katsuo, undergoing what seemed to be a regression to an earlier, uncorrupted state of its life. How curious. Is this a peculiarity of this particular type of golem?"


Other Phenomenon

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