Detective (PTU)

The Detective


Prerequisites: Novice Stealth, Novice Intuition
One time Use / 10
Target: Your Pokemon or Companion with Loyalty 3 or higher.
Effect: The target Pokemon gains the Investigator capability. A Pokemon with Investigator has its Intelligence increased by 1 or raised to 4, whichever is higher. This bonus stacks with any other Intelligence bonuses. In addition, Investigator grants the Tracker and Stealth capabilities.

Detective's Instincts
Prerequisites: Detective
Effect: Choose one from Frisk, Infiltrator, Intimidate, or Unnerve. You gain the chosen Ability. If another feature would grant you an ability you already have, you may instead gain a different ability from this list.

Law-Abiding Citizen
Prerequisites: Adept Stealth
Effect: You learn the moves Take Down and Foresight.

Stop Right There!
Prerequisites: Law-Abiding Citizen, Expert Stealth
2 AP - Swift Action
Trigger: You use Take Down
Effect: Take Down flinches on a roll of 17-20. If it doesn't flinch, the target still forfeits their next Standard or Shift action.

Social Maneuvering
Prerequisites: Detective, Adept Intuition
Effect: Whenever using Charm, Intimidate, or Guile to gain information or further an investigation, you may add half your Intuition rank as a bonus to your Skill Check (ex: with Master (Rank 6) Intuition, add a +3 bonus). Round down to a minimum of +1.

Transferred Instincts
Prerequisites: Detective's Instincts, Expert Intuition
1 AP - Swift Action
Target: Your Pokemon marked as Investigator
Effect: The target gains the ability you gained through Detective's Instincts for the remainder of the encounter. If they already know that ability, choose an ability from Detective's Instincts they don't have instead.

Deductive Reasoning
Prerequisites: 4 Detective Features
Weekly - Extended Action
Effect: You carefully consider what you know about your current case and where to go from here. Make an Intuition Check at DC 14. If successful, you glean a new piece information from what you already have - though being conjecture, it may not exactly hold up as true evidence!

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